Are Ferrets Good Pets? Yes!5 min read

Ferrets are some of the most adorable creatures on the planet. They are also one of the best pets for a lot of people! If you are considering getting ferrets, please read this article to determine if they are good pets and what type of person should get them.

We will also go over how to care for them and what things you need in your house before bringing home an animal that is so different from our traditional furry friends, like cats or dogs.

Ferrets are the Best Pets!

Ferrets are wonderful pets. Ferrets are social animals that love to interact with humans and other pets. You should get ferrets as pairs because they could feel lonely otherwise, but one is also fine if you can’t manage two! They need a lot of attention, so their new owners must have the time to spend on them every day. Their cage should be cleaned daily too!

Ferrets love to play and explore new things every day. They are so curious and love to explore! Ferrets need a lot of mental stimulation, so they really enjoy it when their owners give them different types of toys that challenge them mentally.

Ferrets are great pets if you are looking for something small with lots of personality and energy!

This kind of Person is Good with Ferrets

  • Those who are looking for a small pet with lots of personality and energy
  • people without allergies to ferrets or their hair
  • homes that can afford the cost involved in caring for this type of animal (ferret toys, food, cages)
  • good at teaching ferrets tricks and commands like sit, stay or come here. This is because they have very high intelligence!

Ferrets are Expensive

Ferret owners should care about the costs for quality food and must avoid low-quality foods! Ferrets are obligate carnivores. That means that they ONLY eat meat. Yes! Meat only. And the best choice would be to feed them high-quality raw meat.

Ferret parents need to care about the quality of food they feed these animals because this influences how healthy your pet will be in general. Quality food is costly but worth it considering some low-quality foods have been found to contain dangerous chemicals or additives which can harm an animal’s health over time.

This type of diet may increase the likelihood that your little one develops diabetes, too, so choose wisely!

Ferret Toys

Your ferret needs toys. You could either buy them or try to make them yourself.

You might think that buying toys is the easiest option but actually making your own with things like toilet paper rolls, cardboard boxes, or old clothes are just as fun, and they also teach your kids to get creative.

If you buy ferret toys, make sure they are made out of wood instead of plastic because ferrets will often chew on these objects to sharpen their teeth which could lead to an intestinal blockage.

Plastic is not good for any pet, so it’s best left alone completely when choosing what type of toy to provide your little one with.

You Need a Cage (and more)

It would help if you had a proper cage for your ferrets. Ideally, something built, especially for ferrets. Ferrets love to sleep in a cozy hammock.

Speaking of the cage: make sure to clean the ferret cage regularly. Ferrets are susceptible to changes in their surroundings and may be stressed by a dirty cage.

If you don’t clean the ferret’s cage regularly, they might get sick, resulting in a vet bill that will cost more than an expensive ferret bedding set!


YOu can train your ferret to use the litterbox. So you need to get one of those too.

Digging Box

This is something your ferrets will love. It is in their genes to dig and to go underground. After all, they were used for hunting rabbits.

Ferrets Smell Musky

And … don´t forget about the smell. Yes. Ferrets have an extraordinary smell to them. Musky, I would say. If you have not owned ferrets before – make sure to visit someone that does have ferrets. See (smell) for yourself!

Some people can not stand the odor – others hardly notice it. Most ferrets sold in the US have their anal glands removed. Those are responsible for the smell. Not entirely, as ferrets also have glands in their skin.


Do not bath your ferret too often! Maybe you are thinking the more I bath it, the lesser it smells? WRONG! The opposite will happen. The glands in their skin will be stimulated to produce even more musky oils!

The most common ferret bath is to wipe them down with a wet towel or sponge after playing outside (so that no dirt and dust gets in their coat).

Ferrets are spotless animals! They groom themselves constantly – so you can really get away without baths all too often. A couple of times a year should be sufficient for your furry friend.

They also tend to chew on anything from furniture legs to shoes … but it´s not like they are trying to destroy these things! Ferrets love chewing because it feels good on their teeth.


Ferrets make good pets if you have enough space in your home to keep them happy. They love to play, so they need a large room to run around without getting bored or hurt themselves.

Ferrets are also social animals who need the company of other ferrets and humans on occasions as well! Also, Ferrets are more expensive than dogs or cats, for example.

Make sure to check your finances before adopting a ferret – It would break your heart to find out you couldn´t afford it. The average lifespan is seven years, but some can live up to 12-14 years!

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