Are Ferrets Mean?5 min read

Ferrets are such adorable creatures! They love to play and be around other animals or humans. They’re not mean at all; they actually enjoy the company. Ferrets are good pets because of their playful nature, they don’t make much noise, and they keep themselves clean.

You may wonder, “are ferrets mean?” The answer is a definite no!

Ferrets are adorable creatures that love company and actually nice animals. They love to play and be around other animals or human beings, so they’re never mean in the slightest.

Ferret owners will agree when I say that my ferret is a great pet because he’s playful yet affectionate at the same time – always eager to cuddle.

Ferrets Love to Cuddle

The best thing about ferrets is that they love to cuddle! Ferrets are very playful creatures, so when you get one, be prepared for endless amounts of laughter and fun with your pet at home.

One major debate has been whether or not ferrets are mean animals since their sharp teeth frighten many humans who aren’t used to seeing them in person.

And yes, indeed, ferrets were domesticated thousands of years ago to aid us, humans, when hunting rabbits or other rodents.

So they are, by definition, hunters. But it is very uncommon for a ferret to be mean.

Ferrets are Quiet

Ferrets are vocalizing, but most of the time, they are not noisy.

Ferrets have a variety of sounds to communicate with humans, such as growls and chirps.

They also make soft hisses when they feel threatened or scared – but will usually stop if you pick up the ferret and hold it close.

When they “coo” while playing with their favorite toy, that’s an adorable little squeak!

Ferrets don’t really bark or howl as other small animals do, so there is no need for expensive soundproofing in your home; give them something fun to play with nearby instead!

Ferrets Don´t want to be alone.

They don’t want to be alone. They are very social, and if you can, don´t get them as a single ferret. If they have another companion in the cage with them, they will do much better than themselves.

Ferrets also love attention from their human companions, which means that petting or playing with them every day will go a long way towards making your ferret happy and contented.

A great thing about these animals is that they never bite hard, and they won’t scratch humans unless provoked severely; it’s all part of what makes them so adorable.

The Ferret Nibble

Whenever the ferret demands your attention while you are occupied, it is common to nibble at your feet or ankles – tiny nips or gentle play-biting are normal for ferrets.

They Are Meat Eaters

Ferrets may not be the best pets for people who are vegetarians or vegans because they’re meat-eaters. They are obligate carnivores – fruits, grains, and sugars are actually dangerous for their health!

But this does not make them mean animals at all.

Good food for your ferrets is all kinds of quality meats. This could be

  • chicken (including wings)
  • turkey/turkey necks
  • beef
  • any ground meat
  • game animals
  • inner and organs
  • bones
  • pigeons
  • rabbit
  • lamb

Ferrets are Cute!

Their sweet faces and intelligent eyes are just a few of the reasons why ferrets are adorable.

They have great personalities and love to play with their owners, strangers – or any other animal they might find interesting. Ferret lovers often say that these animals can make you smile no matter what your mood!

Ferrets Are Small and Clean

They don’t need much space; you could easily keep one in a studio apartment by providing it with a cage.

It’s good to know that ferrets are clean creatures. They actually groom themselves and produce a natural oil that keeps their skin healthy! This means you won’t have to worry about all the extra work associated with keeping your animal nice and tidy.

Ferret owners often say it takes them around five minutes per day to care for their furry friends – if they’re not too busy playing, of course!

But beware! Ferrets have a very exclusive smell to them! Some people absolutely hate the smell of a ferret. Ferrets smell musky. Before getting yourself a ferret, make sure you’re not allergic to them or don’t mind the smell!

Ferrets and Other Pets

Ferrets are good with other animals as long as they grow up together from an early age! But you still need to supervise play sessions until you know that they get along well together.

Smaller animals like rabbits, guinea pigs, and hamsters will need to stay away from ferrets. Ferrets were originally bred to hunt rodents. Instincts may kick in, and this would not end well for your rabbit or hamster ….

You’ll also want to keep birds out of the way so that your ferret doesn’t try to eat them!


So, are Ferrets mean? No, ferrets are not mean. They’re more affectionate and nice than most other animals. But you’ll need to keep them away from smaller pets that they could try to hunt down!

Ferrets have a bad reputation for being smelly, but this is simply because of their natural musky scent, which some people don’t mind at all while others find repulsive.

Before getting yourself, a ferret makes sure you’re not allergic to the smell and that ferrets are legal in your jurisdiction.

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