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The best bedding for ferrets is something I will be talking about in this article. I will cover the different types of bedding that you can use in your ferret’s cage.

I’ll also discuss how to choose a good one and address some common questions about what they like or don’t.

What Kind Of Bedding Do Ferrets Need?

If you own a cage with a wired floor, ramps, and so on, you must definitely put something on the bottom. Ferrets have sensible feet and will hurt themselves on the wire.

Here are our top picks of the best bedding for ferrets:

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Common Problems With Ferret Beddings

Usually, bedding is an organic material you would find at the bottom of a small animal cage, such as hamsters or rabbits. It is often some organic material such as wood pellets, for example.

Ferret cages have different levels. Whereas the groundfloor comes with a low bottom part.

Most ferret owners quickly find out that this kind of bedding is no match for their ferret’s curiosity. With a little digging and some ripping, your pet will scatter all of the bedding you have put down within minutes or even seconds!

You will find bedding all over the floor when your ferret moves around the cage!

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Beddings That are Harmful For Your Ferret

Some beddings are toxic for your ferret, no matter how much you try to prevent it. These include pine, cedar, and aspen shavins; rabbit pellets made of alfalfa hay or oat straw instead of paper-based litter like Yesterdays.

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When deciding on what kind of bedding (or any at all) you are going to use, consider your ferrets health.

There’s nothing worse than finding out that your ferret has had a major allergic reaction to the bedding you have used for them.

Ferrets Could Confuse Bedding with Litter

Bedding is similar to litter. Now – if you put your ferrets litterbox ontop of a bedding layer, they might confuse the two and urinate and poop on the bedding, rather than in their litterbox. If you have more ferrets living with one another – this can lead to some serious problems! They´ll step into it and spread it all over the cage …

Health Issues & Respiratory Problems Due Wood-Based Beddings

Although cedar wood chips may provide a natural means of insect and odor control, “natural” does not always mean safe.

These same chemicals can also damage the respiratory tract, causing chronic respiratory disease and asthma. Some studies have found an association between exposure to some wood dust and oral cancers.

The primary irritant in cedar is plicatic acid. Plicatic acid has been shown to cause an array of pathological changes consistent with inflammatory and allergic reactions.

The use of cedar in bedding has been linked with many different health problems!

Wood Pellets

Wood pellets will turn into dust, which in turn can be inhaled or ingested and irritate the respiratory tract.

One study found that wood dust exceeding the guidelines led to a significant increase in asthma and chronic obstructive pulmonary disease.

Wood pellets can have many of same chemical properties as cedar, and in most cases are not meant for use in a ferret cage.

How to Choose a Good Bedding for your Ferret

Choosing bedding can be a daunting task. There are so many options out there and some might not even work for your pet!

The type of bedding you should use will depend on your pet’s specific needs. Choosing the right kind is key to a happy home!

Paper Bedding

One bedding highly approved by ferret owners is paper bedding.

Ferret Cage Liners

This is basically a durable fabric that you put on the floor, ramps, etc. It should ba a washable and durable fabric. If you own a cage that is of a popular brand – chances are that liners are also available.

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Other than that you could buy universal ones or sew them yourselves. No matter how you decide make an informed decision! Consider all potential risks before making a purchase.

Linoleum Bedding

Several products are designed specifically for ferret cage linings, such as Linoleum tiles that you can buy from local retailers or online.

What Do Ferrets Like To Sleep On?

Ferrets like to sleep on or in something that is soft and warm. The best bedding for your pet might be right there at home! Check with these before you buy anything.

Hammocks and Blankets

Beddings are for the floor whereas hammocks and blankets are for the top – the place your ferret sleeps. They can be made out of fleece, terrycloth or other fabrics. Ferrets like it nice, cozy and love to snuggle themselves in it.

Does My Ferret Need Bedding in Its Cage?

Well. No. At least not in the traditional sense. That is, if you are using the cage primarily for a sleeping place as opposed to a play area, then your ferret does not need traditional bedding in its home environment.

Although they may like having something soft under their paws from time to time when digging around inside its house…


This article is a good start to finding the right bedding for ferrets. Keep in mind that they’re unique creatures, so you’ll have plenty of time and opportunity as their owner to figure out what your ferret likes – don’t rush it!

Also, there’s no exact answer on what type will work best because every animal has its own preferences, but this post should give an idea of what to look after and what to be aware of.

Some beddings are harmful to your ferrets health and can cause respiratory problems, make sure you do your research on this as well.

Lastly it’s important to remember that ferrets don’t need any more bedding than they would in their natural habitat – I’m not saying go without anything at all but if you have a digging box and a cozy hammock – chances are you don’t need any extra bedding.

The most important thing is to make sure that your ferret has a place they can call their own and feel safe!

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