5 Best CHEAP Ferret Cages 2022 – Reviews & Top Picks    8 min read

When looking at ferret cages, there are many features and accessories to consider. Each one will come at a cost and the cages can get quite expensive. 

This can be an issue if you’re on a budget. You want the best for your ferret, but you also don’t want to break the bank.

Summary of the Best Cheap Ferret Cage:  

Here’s a list of 5 affordable ferret cages. For the best bang for your buck, consider getting the Prevue Hendryx Feisty Ferret Home. They’re very spacious and even come with extra storage space. It’s an excellent choice if you have more than one ferret.

Top 5 Affordable Ferret Cages

1. Prevue Hendryx Feisty Ferret Home with Stand

  • Length: 31 in.
  • Width: 20 in.
  • Height: 54 in.
  • Multi-levels: 4 levels
  • Capacity: 19.4 cu. ft.
  • Litter pan: Removable

Every ferret owner knows that ferrets like to play around and explore. The Prevue Hendryx Feisty Ferret Home is the perfect place for that. 

This cage is one of the largest on our list. Most ferrets need about 2.5 cubic inches to run around comfortably. The Hendryx Fiesty has 19.4 cubic inches. That means you can have multiple ferrets playing in the same space.

The Hendryx Fiesty is also multi-layered. It has 2 platforms and 3 ramps that are plastic and removable. You could even use the platforms to turn the large cage into two smaller ones. 

To make sure your ferret stays put, the cage is chew-proof. On top of that, there is a built-in shelf at the bottom of the cage. You can use the shelf to store toys or treats.

Even though the cage is quite large, it’s easy to move. The cage has four wheels to make it easier to move around to clean.

At the bottom of the cage, there’s also a removable litter pan. In theory, it works, but not always. Because of the platforms, not all debris will fall onto the tray. Cleaning the cage can be tricky and time-consuming.


  • Large space for ferrets to play freely
  • Extra storage space for toys
  • Two entrances give you full access to the cage
  • Durable and chew-proof


  • Can be difficult to clean
  • The wire exterior can hurt your ferret’s feet

2. Kaytee Multi-Level Ferret Home

  • Length: 30 in.
  • Width: 18 in.
  • Height: 30 in.
  • Multi-levels: 4 levels
  • Capacity: 2.5 cu. ft.
  • Litter pan: Removable

If you’re new to being a ferret parent, the Kaytee Multi-Level Ferret Home is a great starter cage. It has enough space to fit a fully grown ferret. Your ferret should have plenty of space to run around and stretch its legs.

Inside the cage, there are 3 platforms and 3 ramps. The platforms are removable and have a wavy design. A wavy design can help your ferret grip the platforms. It’s also much softer on their feet.

This indoor ferret habitat also comes with built-in food trays. The trays are easy to fill up but secure enough to make sure your ferret doesn’t tip it over.

When it comes to the litter pan, the cage has a removable tray at the bottom. But that’s not all. The ferret home comes with a deep base. This should prevent your ferret from making a mess outside the cage.

Still, one of the biggest issues with this cage is access. The cage entrances are large enough for your ferret to get in and out. But you may find it hard to reach into the cage.

It can be difficult to reach all parts of the cage. This can be a big problem if you have a messy ferret. Especially since you’ll have to remove the ferret from the cage to clean it.


  • Has many levels for the ferret to play on
  • Deep base to avoid messes
  • The design provides a grip for your ferret
  • Easy to assemble


  • Can only fit one ferret
  • Can be tricky to clean

3. Topeakmart Rolling Ferret Cage

  • Length: 24.02 in.
  • Width: 16.73 in.
  • Height: 33.66 in.
  • Multi-levels: 2 levels
  • Capacity: 7.8 cu. ft.
  • Litter pan: Removable

The Topeakmart Rolling Ferret Cage is an excellent cage for lazy ferrets. All ferrets need exercise to stay healthy. But not all of them need a huge playground.

This cage is large enough for your ferret to move around freely. The cage comes with a base level and a platform connected by a ramp. You can remove the platform to make a little more room for your furry friend.

Most of the surfaces in the cage are rust-resistant and non-toxic. This will mean that your cage can last longer, and if your ferret chews on the bars, it’s ok.

There are two entrances into the cage, one on the top and another on the side. Both entrances together give you access to the entire cage, making cleaning easier.

If you’re don’t use the cage all the time, the Topeakmart cage might be perfect. It’s lightweight and foldable. 

As for accessories, the Topeakmart cage comes with fabric ramps and a hammock. The fabric ramps make moving around the cage much easier for your ferret. And the hammock is a cute place for them to rest.

Still, one of the major issues with this cage is moving it around. This cage does come with 4 wheels, but they can get stuck and break easily.


  • Foldable to make storage easier
  • Includes a hammock for your ferret to rest
  • Fabric ramps to give your ferret extra grip
  • You have full access to the entire cage


  • Wheels aren’t the best quality
  • Assembly can take a long time

4. Yaheetech 6-Tier Rolling Ferret Cage

  • Length: 25.2 in.
  • Width: 17.2 in.
  • Height: 51.65 in.
  • Multi-levels: 6 levels
  • Capacity: 13 cu. ft.
  • Litter pan: Removable

The Yaheetech 6-Tier Rolling Ferret Cage is an amazing playground for your ferret. This cage features metal wires that are non-toxic and incredibly durable.

This cage is a little on the larger side. To make moving easier, this cage comes with 4 wheels that turn 360°. 

There are 6 tiers in this cage, all connected by ramps. This can provide an excellent place for your ferret to exercise.

All the tiers are removable. So, not only can you change the layout of the cage, but it’ll also make cleaning easier.

Other than the cage, you get a few fun accessories. You get a food bowl, water bottle, and extra ramps. 

The Yaheetech cage can technically fit more than one ferret. But, it can get a little cramped. You can use this cage for one or two ferrets. Any more and your ferrets may fight a lot for space.

To access the cage, there are 3 doors stacked on each other. This way, you can reach all the levels of the cage without having to disassemble.

Speaking of assembly, this cage can be difficult to put together. The instructions are a little vague and there are many parts to the cage.

This cage also comes with a removable litter tray. But, since the tray is shallow, it can get really messy around the cage.

Aside from the tray being shallow, it’s also a little small for the space. The tray doesn’t fit perfectly into its frame. There are tiny gaps all the way around. Your ferret can get stuck in these gaps if it’s not careful.


  • The doors let you access the whole cage
  • Durable design can last years
  • Can fit more than one ferret
  • Platform positions are customizable inside the cage


  • Your ferret can get stuck in small gaps
  • Hard to assemble

5. Ferplast Two-Story Tower Ferret Cage

  • Length: 29.5 in.
  • Width: 31.5 in.
  • Height: 63.4 in.
  • Multi-levels: 5 levels
  • Capacity: 34 cu. ft.
  • Litter pan: Removable

If you have an incredibly active ferret, this might be the cage for you. The Ferplast Two-Story Tower Ferret Cage is amazing for pet exercise. 

Inside the cage, you’ll find three movable platforms and an extra two stationary ones. The basic structure of the cage is wire mesh, and it has a plastic frame.

To make sure your ferret is secure, the main entrance is at the top of the cage. To lock the entrance, you can use the two plastic clips that are chew-proof. There are two small openings on the side for your ferret to enter.

The Ferplast Tower also comes with many accessories. It comes with a hammock, a ladder, and a food bowl. But the main attraction of this cage is the plastic tubing. The tube provides a place for the ferret to hide and they’re a lot of fun.

But, one of the major issues with the accessories is placement. Some of the attachments are less sturdy than others. So, if your ferret can get rough with its toys, this cage may not be the best for you.

As you can imagine, cleaning this cage won’t be easy. Having only one large entry point being on the top makes it hard for you to reach into the cage. To get around this issue, the bottom of the cage is removable.


  • Plenty of space for your ferret to play
  • Can fit more than one ferret
  • This cage comes with many accessories
  • Comes with optional wheels to make moving the cage easier


  • Assembly can be tricky
  • Limited access to the cage

Wrapping Up

Being on a budget doesn’t mean your ferret should suffer. On our list, we have a few great cage options. So, your pet can be healthy and you can avoid breaking the bank.