How to Deal with an Aggressive Ferret (Solved!)

Some common reasons why ferrets might be aggressive include playfighting, suffering from an injury, or because it’s unneutered. Before finding a way to deal with this behavior, you should first figure out why they’re acting this way.  Within this article we’ll detail the most common reason for aggressive ferrets, and what you can do to …

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Will Ferrets Kill Chickens? (And how to prevent it) 

Ferrets will actively kill chickens if given the opportunity and would show little mercy. They have sharp teeth capable of chewing through chicken coop fencing, and will find creative ways to get at chickens.  Even if ferrets don’t intend on killing chickens, they’ll roughly play with chickens causing death or severe industry. We’d recommend keeping …

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Is FerretVite Bad for Ferrets? (Risk Analysis) 

FerretVite, when combined with exercise and a healthy diet, may provide nutritional benefit to ferrets. There are a range of benefits from healthier fur to maintaining good bone structure.  FerretVite is particularly effective for recovering ferrets due to the high calorific nutritional benefits on offer. However, the high sugar content can cause serious problems if …

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Are Ferrets Good Pets for Apartments? (Solved)

Ferrets are the third most popular pets to own in the United States. Whilst ferrets naturally live outdoors, modern-day living doesn’t always allow for outdoor space for our pets.  Whilst you may think that ferrets need a lot of space to play, actually apartments make fantastic environments for keeping ferrets. Ferrets love socialising and will …

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Why is my Ferrets Poop Green?

a picture of a ferret with a darker background

Your ferrets’ poop can be an indicator of a number of health issues. “Normal” ferret poo is tubular in shape and tan-brown in color. But why is your ferrets´ poop green all of a sudden? This article will help you understand what’s going on with your pet so that you can take the necessary steps …

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Do Ferrets Need to Go to the Vet?

a ferret held by a female veterinarian in green clothes

Ferrets are gorgeous little furballs that love to play and cuddle. They can be very playful, but they also have a lot of energy, so it’s essential to get enough exercise. But what about the question of ferrets need to go to the vet?  Well, the answer is simple: Yes! Ferrets need to go to …

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Useful Abbreviations & Acronyms

a grey ferret eating out of its bowl on a red background

Have you ever read instructions or medical information and did not know what the abbreviations meant? So here we go:    Abbreviations Meanings Ab antibody ACE angiotensin-converting-enzyme ACL anterior cruciate ligament ACT activated clotting time ACTH adrenocorticotropic hormone ADH antidiuretic hormone ad lib as much as desired ag antigen AGID agar gel immunodiffusion AI artificial …

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Understanding the Ferret Lingo Terms

a ferret on a white background walking and looking to the left

Some Ferret Lingo terms and antics that are often used among ferret owners and what they mean. TERM MEANING Albino Solid white ferret with red eyes Alpha Ferret The dominant ferret of the house, leader of the pack Ankle/leg Biter Wanting attention, a treat or to be picked up Belly Button Well not quite, let’s …

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When and How to Sub-q Ferrets at Home

a small ferret sleeping with a blanket

Ferrets certainly know how to keep us on our toes, especially when they are ill. They are known not to display signs of illness at the onset, but rather as it progresses having a real impact on their health. This is why It is very important to take your ferret to the veterinarian as soon …

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Caring for the Elder Ferret

The old ferret eats dry food from its cup

As your ferret ages, their needs and activity level will begin to change. There is no magic number when your ferret will begin to slow down, just as in humans, each one is unique and has its own timetable. This is one main reason when considering surgery, physical age is not that important, but rather …

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