5 Methods To Make Your Ferret Calm Down Almost Instantly6 min read

Ferrets are energy animals that are awesome pets since they are energetic and fun to be with. Due to their hyperactive nature, ferrets can be dynamic and excited. 

Generally, they sleep for about 18 hours a day, but when they wake up they can be too spirited, causing a nuisance. Their intensity sometimes gets them into trouble. 

Is your pet energetic? Here are a few tips and methods to calm your Ferret almost immediately. Let’s dive in!

Form a Bond with your Ferret

If you want to establish a bond with your Ferret, you have to get to know them. Talk to them and train them. Be gentle and use gestures to indicate displeasure when your ferrets misbehave. 

If they misbehave, let them relax in their cage, or carrier for a short time. This is one way to let them know that they misbehaved.

Let them dissipate their energy by engaging in games and gimmicks. 

When you set up a play area or space indoor or outside, it will stir up their running and climbing skills. It’s easier to calm your pet when they’re excited about playing. 

Never become angry or aggressive with them, as this can scare them.

Place toys in a pet carrier

The toys should be free of edible parts. Let your Ferret play in an enclosed space. Paper boxes such as cardboard can be used as play areas for easy entry and exit.

Even if it’s just for an hour or two, allow them to explore.

Hold your Ferret

Hold your pet with your hands near the upper part of the body. Please don’t hold them by the tail, as this can lead to injury. Caress and rub your pet’s head, belly, and neck with your hands.

Learn to speak softly to your Ferret since this helps to bond between you and your pet. Inculcate the habit of greeting your pet often, maybe in the morning or at night.


You can train your pet to play in tunnels and climb upstairs by using clickers and treats. The clicker makes a clicking sound, which makes training easy. 

When your pet behaves well, use the clicker to indicate they’ve been well behaved and reward them with some treats. 

Ultimately, your pet will get used to that clicking sound and will associate it with good behavior.

Play Chase 

Since ferrets enjoy running around, encourage the act by allowing them to play chase in a confined area so they don’t escape. Running is a form of exercise that will enhance hunting skills in ferrets.

If your pet is nipping at you, throw a blanket on the floor and run. Your pet will chase that instead.

Make a constant habit of offering your pet treats. Ensure you give them treats when they’re on their best behavior. You can provide them commercial treats or duck soup as special treats.

Give them some Pampering and Belly Rubs

Though ferrets enjoy petting, it’s usually on their terms. Unlike dogs, cats, and guinea pigs, you can’t just pick up your furry and begin petting them instantly. 

Ensure they’re in the mood to be pampered. It’s easier to control an aggressive ferret once you’ve created a bond with them. To pet your Ferret, hold them close to your chest and caress their back to calm them. 

Give them some belly rubs as well. While handling them, you can take a walk around the house or play some soothing music to calm their nerves.

Walk your Furry Friend

Walks help distract your feisty pet. This allows them to use up their energy on other things. Guess you don’t want your Ferret running and pacing around the house. Changing the environment and a walk in the park boost the mental and physical well-being of your pet. 

Get your ferret to walk on a leash. Use a harness to hold the leash in place. Harnesses are available online or at the nearest pet store.

Let them first learn how to walk on a leash indoors before taking them out for a walk. Ensure the harness is firm, so it doesn’t slip off your pet. 

The harness shouldn’t be too tight either, as it can injure them. When taking them out for a walk, don’t allow other animals to go too close to them.

Provide them with Toys to Chew on

Is your pet restless? You might want to consider getting them toys to chew on. Guess you don’t want them to destroy your sofa or belongings. 

The chewing action calms them down while focusing their attention on the toys. Ensure the toys won’t choke your pet, get destroyed, or get trapped in between their claws or teeth. 

Toys made of latex, cardboard, foam, or wood chips should not be offered to your Ferret as play toys. 

To keep them engaged, change the toys often. Check the nearest pet store for toys or look them up online.


There are times your Ferret might want to act irrationally by biting or nipping. Call them to order by scruffing them by the neck with a resounding “no.” 

Once or twice is all they need to change their actions. You can also shake them slightly to make them more responsible.

Nonetheless, don’t beat them or correct them in a harsh tone. That will just make them feel irritated, angry, and might bite. 

Is your Ferret still Young? Do they seem Aggressive? 

You can adopt the recessed method, which parents often use to scold their kids. Put your pet in the carrier for a while to make them calm down.

This act is carried out to reset their mood. You can decide to engage them in activities or place them in different parts of the cage in the absence of a pet carrier.

Sometimes your Ferret may be bored or lonely hence the aggressive nature. You can play with them, cuddle them or stroke their furs. Could you find out the reason behind their acts? 

They might be threatened by a fellow pet, hungry, thirsty, or sick. In severe cases, you should consult your vet. 

The aggressive nature of your pet may be a result of abuse. Is your pet adopted? You might need to contact the adoption company for their health history. You never can tell they may have underlying genetic defects.

Suppose you’re thinking of keeping a pet ferret. In that case, you’ll need to consider your lifestyle, environment, and ability to study their traits.

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