Can Ferrets Die From Loneliness?5 min read

Ferrets are very social animals. They enjoy the company of others and will get lonely if they don’t have any other ferrets to interact with. This is why it’s typically recommended that you have at least two ferrets living together in the same cage.

It may seem like this would be enough, but it’s important to understand that when one ferret is out of sight or asleep, they can still sense another one nearby and will feel more comfortable as a result.

The best way to tell if a ferret is lonely or not, in my opinion, is by observing their behavior. If they’re running back and forth along the cage bar trying to catch your attention – that may be an indication of loneliness.

Sad Ferrets

Another sign can be when one ferret stares at another for extended periods of time without any movement from either party. This might look like two people staring into each other’s eyes instead of talking which could indicate loneliness.

It’s important to note that sometimes there isn’t always anything you can do about this issue because some individual ferrets don’t really care much for others anyway. As long as they have plenty of interaction with humans daily and things to play and explore, they are fine.

Domestic Ferrets

The only time you may need to take action is when they are getting aggressive with each other. If that’s the case, then perhaps it might be best for them to live in separate cages, or one of their daily play sessions should involve a friend. But that is very uncommon in ferrets.

Ferrets didn´t show any territorial behavior against each other even when they reached sexual maturity! And ferrets don´t rely on a hierarchy when living together with other ferrets. They are not like a pack of wolves that has a leader.

Did you know:
Female ferrets stay in heat until they are mated. You should seek veterinary care and consultation as soon as you have adopted your new furry friend. This is important because ferrets need to get rabies shots and other vaccines to prevent viral diseases.

What can you do to prevent Loneliness in Ferrets?

  • Provide an environment where they can explore and play.
  • Be sure to give them interactive time with humans daily
  • Make sure their cage is large enough for plenty of exploration opportunities.
  • Ferrets enjoy having one or two friends around too. So if you have another ferret at home, that would be perfect!
  • If you don’t have any other ferrets, consider adopting a second one.

The first thing is to provide them with an environment where they can explore and play – for example, making sure there is plenty of room in their cage or, if not, then get another.

It would help if you also spent plenty of interactive time with your ferrets as they enjoy this. And don’t forget to give them one or two friends around too! If you do not have any other ferrets, consider adopting a second one.

Good Toys to Keep your Ferret Busy

They are also big fans of anything that they can explore, like hammocks and other high-up places to investigate. Ferrets love the challenge of trying to get treats out from inside a toy or puzzle feeder too!

The best toys for ferrets are tubes and tunnels, which allow them to squeeze through and explore their environment.

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Ferrets also enjoy just exploring around your home – so make sure there is plenty of room up high where they can play safely – as well as investigating any new additions you might have made since their last visit, such as furniture or underneath tables, etc.

If this sounds fun, consider getting some obstacles, such as ramps and bridges with different heights on them, for more excitement when playing together.

Ferrets can be given a new toy every day, so they will always have something to keep them entertained!

For those who want an easy way to provide entertainment for their pet at home, then it is possible to get some obstacles too, such as ramps with different heights on them for extra fun when playing. Take some extra hours out of your day – Your ferret will thank you for it.

Ferret ​toys should have not only different textures but also different shapes to prevent boredom.

The life Expectancy of your Ferret

If your pet ferret is in good health, its life span should be around seven to nine years. Your ferret’s diet has a big impact on their overall health status.

Food for Ferrets

Ferrets are obligate carnivores. That means that they only eat meat: no berries, no fruits or grains, or any milk products. Make sure you purchase quality ferret food!

All they need, they can get from fresh meat. You could also feed them special ferret kibbles.

Ferret Diseases

Adult ferrets can suffer from several diseases. Lymphoma, insulinoma, hyperestrogenism, distemper, and diabetes are some of the most common ones.

Others such as adrenal disease or an infection of their adrenal glands could also occur. Go and see your vet as soon as you notice any changes in behavior, loss of appetite, or any other signs of illness.

Ferret Independence

If you are busy and don’t have time to give your ferret the attention it needs, then a ferret might not be right for you.

Most importantly, though left alone too often or with minimal social contact-ferrets can develop emotional conditions!

Ferrets bought from pet stores tend not to live as long as ferrets bought from a reputable breeder. It´s all about genetics.

Breeders will consider the genes of their ferrets, as they should have good knowledge about what kind of health problems can occur in any particular line.

However, not all breeders are trustworthy, and you should never buy from someone who is just trying to make money without caring for the welfare and happiness of their animals.

If your ferret lives with other pets that it gets along well with, such as cats or dogs, then there´s no need to worry about them being lonely. Try to get ferrets as pairs. They are social animals that love to cuddle and enjoy the company of others.

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