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Ferrets are active and intelligent, and they need a lot of protein. The reason for that is that they are obligate carnivores. That means they need to eat meat to survive. Ferrets have short digestive tracts, meaning they cannot eat certain plants that we would consider to be “good for us.” 

So, the answer to your question ferret can eat almonds is NO. Ferrets should not eat almonds. 

Why are Almonds Bad for Ferrets?

Almonds are bad for ferrets because they contain high levels of fiber. Yes, they do have fat and protein too, but they also contain a lot of fiber. 

What is fiber?

Fiber is what makes up the bulk of biomass in plants, and it also serves to support the integrity of the plant itself. Ferrets need to eat quality protein, and they cannot get that from almonds.

Can Ferrets eat whole Almonds?

As far as ferrets are concerned, they are strict carnivores. These animals can not digest carbohydrates and fiber because their digestive systems are not equipped with the necessary enzymes.

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It can be concluded that one handful of almonds (or one ounce) contains 2.5 grams of carbohydrates and 3.5 grams of fiber. Despite almonds having a high protein content, they will struggle to break down and absorb other nutrients.

In addition to not being able to digest almonds, there is a high risk of constipation, stomach pain, or even intestinal blockage when these nuts are consumed.

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Can Ferrets Drink Almond Milk? 

They should not drink almond milk for the same reasons as to why they can’t eat whole almonds. To improve its shelf life and consistency, it may also contain starches and thickeners. Which makes it even worse for a ferret to drink. 

Sugar is very bad for your furry friend – Try to avoid it at any time! 

Can ferrets eat almond butter or almond pastries?

No. Ferrets should not eat almond butter. Almond butter is nothing else but almonds thrown in a blender and some kind of oil added. The result is the same as for whole almonds. Ferrets can not digest the fiber in almond butter. 

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What do I do if my ferret accidentally eats almonds?

It depends on how many almonds your furry friend ate. We all know that ferrets are curious animals. And they will eat anything they can get their paws on.

If your pet has eaten one or two whole almonds, you probably should not worry too much. Check the litterbox and make sure that your ferret poops. If there is no poop for about 8 hours- then contact your vet.

If your ferret has eaten more almonds than that, you should get an appointment to see a vet as soon as possible!

What should my ferret eat Instead?

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Ferrets are meat-eaters. They need meat to live a long and healthy life. There are different ways to accomplish that. 


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Kibble is a dry food – There is a unique kibble for ferrets. It is free of fiber, starch, fillers and has a higher percentage of animal-based protein. 

It is probably the most convenient way to give your furry friend what he needs. But I would not recommend using kibble as the only food for your ferret. 

If you would like to give your ferret a more exciting choice in food but still provide for his nutritional needs, try buying some raw bones or liver from a local butcher.

Raw Diet

The idea behind the raw diet is that you provide all the nutrition your ferret needs by feeding raw food. It is my opinion that, in terms of nutritional balance, this is the best choice for a ferret.

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The raw diet can be supplemented with a good quality kibble. YOu could prepare some kibble and add pieces of chicken breast on top of it. The best way to help your ferret with its digestion is to feed it a mix of raw and kibble.

Some ferret owners go “all-in” and feed raw meat only. You can undoubtedly do that, and it will be beneficial for your furry friend as well.

My Opinion on Raw Diet

I think that a raw diet for ferrets is the best choice for a ferret owner. You can feed your pet what he needs without any vacuum packing or preservatives. 

Raw food has a lot of benefits for your furry friend, but it also has its downside. It is harder to store and prepare. But if you plan your ferrets’ diet a week ahead – then it is not that hard.

Why Raw Food for Ferrets?

There are many reasons to feed your ferret a raw diet. And the main one is the fact that ferrets are strict carnivores and need meat to be healthy. Also, it resembles a more “authentic” way of feeding.

Imagine your ferret roaming around in the wild – it would feed on animal meat only. 

Note: Our pet ferrets are domesticated. They are not wild animals anymore and would probably not survive in the wild. The only wild ferret is the Black-Footed Ferret. It lives in North America, and while it is genetically related to our pet ferrets – it is a species on its own. 


The article talks about if ferrets can eat almonds or drink almond milk. The answer is no. The digestive system of ferrets is not equipped to digest fiber. Eating fiber could cause all kinds of problems for your furry friend, such as an intestinal blockage. 

Ferrets are curious and love to try new stuff. So in case your ferret stole some almonds and ate them – watch out if the pooping business is still going as usual. If not – contact your vet!

Generally speaking, one or two almonds shouldn’t cause problems, but better to be aware than sorry.  

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