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You may be wondering, though, can ferrets eat beef jerky? That all depends on what type of beef jerky it is, as there are different varieties available. Ferrets should not eat seasoned beef jerky or beef jerky that has been soaked in a marinade.

Some types of beef jerky that are safe for ferrets to eat include simple plain beef jerky or unsalted beef sticks.

So the answer to the question “Can Ferrets Eat Beef Jerky” is yes – as long as you take extra precautions and buy only plain beef jerky or unsalted beef sticks.

Can ferrets eat dehydrated meat?

Yes, ferrets can eat dehydrated meat. However, it is best to feed your ferret only a small bit of dry beef every other day.

There are different commercial treats available that are freeze-dried or dehydrated meat. They contain no by-products, artificial colors, flavors, or preservatives and are totally fine to give to your ferret.

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Can Ferrets eat Slim Jims?

I do not know! Obligate Carnivores should not eat fruits, grains, carbohydrates, or sugars. Eating certain foods might result in gastrointestinal disease, hyperglycemia, and malnutrition in your pet.

Familiarize yourself with the ingredients in any meal you might consider feeding your ferret!

So far, I have not given Slim Jims to our ferrets. So I can’t tell you if they are good or not. I’d really be grateful if you could answer this question yourself and tell me in the comment section (so that we can share it with everyone).

Please be sure to inspect the list of ingredients before giving your ferret any human foods. Some jerky products that have preservatives are toxic for ferrets. Make sure you check the ingredients before feeding them to your pet.

No seasoning, sugar, starch, additives, flavors – whatsoever – should be on the ingredients list.

Ferrets should not eat products with additives or preservatives—just plain meat.

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What your Ferrets Diet should look like

Ferrets are strict meat-eaters, so your ferret’s diet should contain mostly protein and fat. Protein and fat are what ferrets need to develop and maintain muscle.

A good-quality ferret food that contains at least 30 percent protein and 10 percent fat should be fed to your ferret daily. If you want to supplement your ferret’s diet with treats, make sure that they are freeze-dried or dehydrated meat.

If you choose to feed your ferrets commercial treats, select those treat items with the highest amount of protein.

It is said that the best diet for your ferret should include raw meat. Here are some examples of what you could feed

  • chicken breast
  • chicken wings
  • turkey and turkey necks
  • beef
  • liver
  • chicken feet
  • game birds
  • pork
  • bones
  • some fish

Can ferrets eat raw chicken livers?

Yes. Ferrets can eat organs such as chicken liver. Organs are incredibly nutritious for your ferret, which is why we recommend that you feed them to your ferret every now and then.

Chicken livers are not only easy to feed but are also easy on your ferret’s stomach. A good source of vitamins and fatty acids, chicken liver, is a great treat to give your ferret once in a while.

It is best to slice the liver into small pieces and feed it raw to your ferrets. As with all raw meats, ensure that they are fresh and of good quality.

Dried Ferret Kibble

Kibble is another excellent way to provide a wide variety of vitamins and minerals to your ferret.

Dried kibble contains different varieties of meat specially selected for ferrets, like turkey, chicken, rabbit, beef, and fish. The kibbles in this category are freeze-dried to preserve the freshness or provide you with a source of nutrition for years.

These kibbles are very easy to digest by your ferret and can be fed without any trouble or concerns. Plus, they have a long shelf life and are easier available.

If you decide that kibble is the primary food source for your ferret, ensure to add some raw meat every now and then. It is the best way to provide them with a healthy diet.

How Much Should Ferrets Eat?

Ferrets have a high metabolic rate and a short digestive tract. This indicates that they process food quickly and need to eat small meals throughout the day.

Ideally, ferrets will eat 6-8 times per day. On average, the adult ferret eats between 5% and 7% of its body weight per day. As their metabolism is speedy, they may need to eat more often.

It is a good idea to “free feed” dry ferret food when you are not at home and can’t monitor your ferret’s intake. You can leave a bowl of dry food out for your ferret but make sure that the bowl is not too big so that your ferret doesn’t overeat.

Cat Food

Wet canned cat food is another treat your ferret can enjoy. Most ferrets find this food delicious and love to eat it.

Not all cat foods are good for your furry friend. Read the ingredients list and make sure that the ingredients added are suitable for your ferret.

Many other commercial cat foods are excellent treats to give your ferret and help you keep your furry friend healthy. Don’t be afraid to experiment with different cat foods and see which type your ferret likes best.

Either way, you will be able to feed your ferret a healthy diet with an assortment of different treats and cat food that you can pull off the shelf when needed.

Again, wet canned cat food should be given in small doses only as an occasional treat.


Can ferrets eat beef jerky? The answer to this question is yes, they can. As long as you take extra precautions and get some plain beef jerky or unsalted dry beef sticks. No seasoning or additives should be added.

Ferrets are strict meat-eaters, so their diet should consist mainly of protein and fat. Protein and fat are what ferrets need to develop and maintain muscle.

A good-quality food that contains at least 30% protein and 10% fat should be fed to your ferret daily. If you want to supplement your ferrets diet with treats, make sure the treats are either freeze-dried or dehydrated meat.

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