Can Ferrets eat Dog Biscuits4 min read

You are the proud owner of a ferret, but you are wondering if your furry friend could eat dog biscuits? After all, what’s suitable for dogs should be good for ferrets, too, right? So why not give them something else to chew on besides their toys? Well, it depends!

Generally speaking, the answer to your question, if ferrets can eat dog biscuits, is NO! Ferrets should not eat dog biscuits! 

In this article, I’ll explain to you why dog food is not ok for your ferret to have (in most cases)

Why Can Ferrets Not Have Dog Food – Dog Biscuits? 

Ferrets are strict meat-eaters. Their body is made to thrive and survive on meat only! In fact, ferrets lack the enzymes that allow other animals to digest plant material. This means they cannot break down or absorb any nutrients from plants as we do. They need animal protein to live.

So when you feed your pet with dog food, he will get some vitamins and minerals from the ingredients listed on the label. But many (if not all dog foods) contain grains, fiber, and other plant material in more significant amounts.

These materials make up about 75% of the weight of these products. The rest consists mainly of proteins, fats, and preservatives.

The problem here is that while most of the product contains high-quality nutrition, there may also be large quantities of indigestible matter such as corn gluten meal, wheat bran, soybean hulls, etc., which pass through the digestive tract of your furry friend, without being digested.

This could lead to diarrhea, constipation, or in severe cases, to an internal blockage of the intestines! That would be terrible news – in many cases, surgery is the only solution. And you would have to act fast! An internal blockage can potentially be life-threatening. 

What Can I Feed my Ferret if I Run out of Food?

Meat is the answer here. Raw meat. If you run out of kibble or other commercial ferret foods, see if you have unseasoned and raw meat at home. Ferrets are not limited to any particular type of meat. Here are some examples of what you could feed your furry friend: 

  • rabbit
  • chicken wings
  • chicken breast
  • turkey
  • turkey necks
  • lamb
  • veal
  • beef
  • offal
  • liver
  • tuna (raw)
  • eggs (raw)
  • raw bones 
  • game birds
  • pigeon

The list could go on and on. Just make sure the meat is of good quality and fresh. 

How Much Meat Should My Pet Eat per Day?

It really depends on how much energy your ferret needs each day. A healthy adult male ferret usually eats around 7% of its own body weight in food every day. 

How often Should Ferrets Eat per Day? 

Again, this depends on the individual ferret’s activity level. Some ferrets are more active than others. Young ferrets will eat more often, and older ferrets less frequently. Generally, though, 5-7 times daily seems like enough. 

Can Ferrets Be Fed by Hand?

Yes, absolutely! Maybe not right off the bat, but once your ferret is used to you feeding him regularly, it won’t take long before he starts begging for his dinner.

Can Ferrets have Dog Bones?

If you are talking about those chew bones, I will not give my ferrets those. Rawhide is not suitable for ferrets (or dogs). All kinds of chemicals are used to make them. If you want to give your ferret a bone, give it a natural and meaty beef bone, for example. Make sure it is not too small (choking hazard)! 

What Happens if a Ferret eats Dog Food?

As mentioned above, if the dog food contains high amounts of fiber, grains, vegetables, and other fillers, your ferret could get sick. But don’t panic if your furry friend “steals” some dog food out of your canine’s bowl – It all depends on the amount eaten. 

Is there Meat in Dog Biscuits?

Probably not. It depends obviously on the brand. But as stated on the website, “The primary ingredients in a dog biscuit recipe are carbohydrates, proteins, fats and oils, and fiber.”

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And even the proteins added, could for the main parts, be plant-based! Ferrets don’t need plants or vegetables to live a healthy life! Dog biscuits are therefore not beneficial. 


Ferrets should always be fed their natural diet. Since ferrets are obligate carnivores (strict meat-eaters), their diet must consist of meat-based products. Dog Biscuits may or may not contain meat, but their main ingredients are carbohydrates. Those carbs (corn, wheat, rice, etc.) are bad for your furry friend! Ferrets can not digest fiber properly.

Eating those might result in digestive problems such as gas, bloating, vomiting, diarrhea, constipation, and even intestinal obstruction. In quintessence, Ferrets should not have Dog Biscuits!