Can Ferrets Eat Fruits and Vegetables?4 min read

Ferrets are carnivores, which means they only eat meat. They don’t digest food containing complex carbohydrates and can be harmed by eating them.

When it comes to feeding your ferret a healthy diet, you should stick with high-quality meat products that contain a high amount of protein and fat so that they will stay safe and healthy.

Ferrets need an all-meat diet because their digestive system is not designed like ours; humans are omnivores meaning we have the ability to break down both plant materials as well as animals.

Our carnivorous friends cannot do this at such levels to sustain themselves on plants alone without risking serious health problems over time due mainly from deficiencies caused when essential nutrients aren’t available through natural sources found within flesh foods (meat).

Ferrets also require calories more often than other pets since these little guys are very active, and their metabolism burns calories faster.

To avoid any potential health issues, it’s best to feed your ferret only high-quality meats that contain lots of protein or fat for them instead!

If you have questions about what foods are safe and healthy and unsure what to feed them, then consult the veterinarian first.

You don´t want to risk harming their little digestive system, which is much more sensitive than ours (since they don’t produce enzymes as we do), so be sure to keep this fact at heart when considering adding new things into his diet.

Your ferret’s diet needs to be carefully considered. An improper balance of high-carb vegetables might lead them down a path towards insulinoma, a rare type of beta-cell cancer in their pancreas.

The protein found in veggies can’t be breaking down by the ferrets. Excessive consumption leads to other diseases such as bladder stones, gastroenteritis, inability to reproduce or grow kits, and skin ulcerations.

Urinary Tract Infection and Stones in Ferrets

If you feed poor-quality adult cat or dog food (avoid dog food at all costs!) to your ferret, they are at risk for developing urinary tract stones.

The compound Calcium oxalate of these stones is mostly found in raw leaves and fleshy fruits, vegetables, and grains.

If left untreated, these can be very painful to a ferret’s bladder and dangerous if not treated immediately.

Feeding your Ferret Fruits could lead to Oral and Intestinal Problems.

Fruits are high in sugar and can lead to oral or intestinal problems. Ferrets have a very short gastrointestinal tract, which means that any food they eat is not digested properly before it reaches the colon, where bacteria break down whatever remains of their meal into gas, causing diarrhea and other issues like constipation.

It makes no difference if the fruits are fresh or dried. Don´t feed your ferret with fruits!!

Peas are another thing you should not feed your ferret. Studies have shown that peas could cause blatter stones in ferrets.

Things you could notice when Feeding the wrong Food to your Ferret

There are many benefits to feeding a carnivorous diet, and it is not advisable for someone to change their ferret’s dietary preferences. You may notice the following:

  • Trouble in breathing
  • Clutching at their mouth
  • Drooling
  • Significant Weight loss
  • Loss of fur
  • Teeth grinding
  • Staring or dazed look
  • Seizure or convulsion
  • Excessive scratching their skin
  • Having a hard time to piddle
  • Exessive peeing
  • Excessive drinking
  • No poop or piddle is seen in the litter box
  • Poop changes. Seedy poop is a sign of digesting problems

What are the Best Treats for a Picky Ferret?

There are a couple of different options when it comes to ferret treats. You can use items you probably already have in your fridge as treats, such as eggs or cooked meat (but of course, unseasoned).

Organ meats, for example, liver, also make great treats your ferret will love. Make sure to cook the liver and let it cool down before giving it to your ferret.

read.. Bobs Chicken Gravy

Ferrets have sensitive gums and mouth tissues. It would be best if you stayed clear of hard and dry treats.

Brands that Offer Ferret Treats

Kaytee, Wysong, Stewart, N-Bone, and Marshall are some brands that offer treats, especially for ferrets.

To make sure that your ferret is getting the best diet possible, you should always read through what’s in their food.

The ingredients list goes from the highest quantity of each ingredient down, and as such, it can be a good indicator of how nutritious some foods may or may not be. For instance, if chicken or lamb are listed first on an ingredient list, this would most likely indicate a higher quality of food.

You indeed have to spend a little more on ferret food, but it is worth the expense. The protein content and fat levels are recommended (high protein content, approximately 32% to 36%, fat content should be a minimum of 18%).

Avoid plant based protein!

Doing so will help your pet stay healthier with less stomach trouble. But as people get into natural foods closer to their pets’ diet, they’re realizing how important this really is!


Ferrets should have an all-meat diet. Don´t feed your ferret fruits or vegetables! They can not properly digest it and it may severely harm them.

Ferret food is more expensive than dog or cat foods, but it’s worth the expense because of its high protein content and fat levels (32% to 36%, 18%). Avoid plant-based proteins.

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