Can Ferrets Eat Garbanzo Beans?5 min read

Ferrets are lovely animals gaining popularity as pets, but before you adopt one, there are a few things to know. One of the most exciting facts about ferrets is that they are strict meat-eaters.

We’ve put together this article to answer the very intriguing question: Can Ferrets Eat Garbanzo Beans?

First off, here is your answer: No! Ferrets can not eat Garbanzo Beans!

Read on to learn if beans can or cannot be eaten by your ferret, and also get some great tips on what else you should feed them with.

But why is that so? Well, as mentioned above, ferrets are obligate carnivores. That means that they can only eat meat.

Technically, they “can” (and will) eat a lot of stuff, but they should not eat beans!

Why Are Beans Bad for My Ferret?

It’s a bad idea to give your ferret beans because it can cause digestive upset and even be toxic for them. Ferrets have a digestive system that is designed to process meat. No vegetables, no fruits, and certainly no sugars!

So, beans (including Garbanzo Beans) are the worst food for your ferret.

What should you feed your ferret?

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The short answer is meat. Meat is the one thing that ferrets can eat and digest. The best way to feed your ferret is by offering him/her raw meaty bones (beef, chicken, etc.)

Ferrets are very picky eaters. They are imprinted on their food at the age of approx. 5 months. That is why it is essential to introduce them to a variety of foods at a young age. Kits will eat almost everything you place in front of them.

As soon as they are weaned, you can start introducing the first solid foods. Take some kibble and add water to it to make it a mushier consistency – put small pieces of chicken breast on top of it.

It helps if their mother also eats raw meat – kits learn and copy their mothers eating habits.

Raw Diet

The best and healthiest way to feed a ferret is a raw diet. All sorts of meats are available for your ferret to eat, from chicken to deer.

You can either mix up the meat or give your ferret a large bone that it can slowly nibble on. They will be very busy chewing, and it will keep them entertained for hours!

A list of food you can give your ferret:

  • beef
  • lamb
  • chicken
  • chicken wings
  • organs
  • bones
  • eggs (sometimes)
  • turkey
  • ground beef (pure)
  • tuna (sometimes)

Ferrets need a diet that consists of at least 30% protein. It is also crucial that they get enough fat (20%), so when you feed them raw meat, it could be liver (which is very high in fat) or something fatty (like beef rib).

You can also provide them some eggs which are very rich in protein.

Kibble for Ferrets

Ferrets can live perfectly on dry food. Unique ferret-approved kibble contains all that your furry friend needs! And in fact, most ferrets you buy from pet stores grew up being imprinted to kibble.

It will take you some time to get your friend to get used to eating raw meat. Remember what I said above? Ferrets are imprinted to their foods at a pretty young age. It is possible to teach an older ferret that meat is actually something nice. But it will be a lot harder.

If your ferret eats primarily dry food, you may want to add a little bit of wet food to his diet.

Wet Food for Ferrets

Some brands offer dedicated canned ferret food. You could alternatively use some wet foods designed for cats.

If you choose to use wet cat food, make sure the ingredients are well-balanced and won’t include corn, soy, wheat, grains, fillers, sugar, and so on. If you feed wet cat food, keep in mind that it can only be seen as a special treat – Cat food is not an adequate replacement for a proper ferret-proof diet!

On a side note: Ferrets can not handle milk or dairy products! Ferrets lack the enzyme required to digest lactose! Please don’t give them cheese or milk. They could die!

What about Supplements for Ferrets?

Are supplements necessary? No – If you feed a raw diet, your ferret should get all the vitamins and minerals it needs. The same goes for kibble that is ferret-approved.

If I recommend a supplement, I will go with a bit of fish oil from time to time. Fish oil is simply a form of omega 3 fatty acids.

In case you are unsure about supplements, please contact your vet!


In conclusion, this article has been designed to help you answer the question: Can Ferrets Eat Garbanzo Beans?

The decision is that they cannot eat beans. We have also highlighted the importance of providing them with a diet that consists of raw meat.

Unique kibble for ferrets is also available on the market. This can be seen as an excellent option for your pet – plus, it is easy to store. However, we advise that you do some research to find a proper one.

Ferrets are very picky eaters, and it is crucial to teach them what foods they can or cannot have. Keep in mind that commercial kibble, which is perfectly fine to feed our cat or dog, may not be optimal for your ferret! Always read the ingredients list.

If you feel that your furry friend needs something else, contact your vet! If you have any questions or comments, please leave them below.

I hope you enjoyed this article, and good luck with your little ferret!

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