Can Ferrets Eat Grapes?5 min read

It can be very tempting for ferret owners to give their pet ferrets other types of food. The thought that they might enjoy things like grapes or strawberries is enticing, but it could lead to life-threatening problems in reality.

Ferrets are strict meat-eaters and should only consume animal protein. Grapes also contain sugar which can cause insulinoma – a pancreatic beta cell tumor in ferrets.

So the answer to the question can ferret eat grapes, is NO!

But Why Should my Ferret not Have Grapes?

Grapes can lead to insulinoma in ferrets. This is a type of pancreatic beta-cell tumor, and it’s something that you want your ferret to avoid at all costs!

They normally develop because there’s too much sugar circulating in the animal’s body which means their pancreas must produce extra insulin levels for them – sometimes on an ongoing basis.

Because insulinomas can be hard to detect until these tumors grow big enough, many veterinarians recommend routinely checking blood glucose levels.

Ferrets are strict meat-eaters

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Their digestive systems are not made to digest and handle anything but meat. Grapes include sugar which is very dangerous for your ferret to consume. Sugar can lead to insulinoma in ferrets – a pancreatic beta cell tumor.

This type of tumor will usually grow quickly, making it difficult to treat it effectively. Most ferrets die within 500 days after treatment…

Sugar is Bad for your Ferret

Any sugar is bad for your ferret. That´s why basically any fruits are off-limits. The most popular fruits they should avoid are grapes, raisins, cranberries, oranges (peels), apples (cores), and bananas.

read.. why to avoid raisins

But the list goes on. Just don´t give ANY fruits to your furry friend! Not if you want them to have a long and healthy life.

But why Does my Ferret Need Meat?

Your ferret is an obligate carnivore. That means that his organism is made to live off meat. Ferrets originated from polecats and were (probably) originally first bred in Northern Europe.

They are hunters and belong to the family of mustelids such as weasels, badgers, and otters.

Their digestive system is not made to digest anything but meat – which means that they have a different digestive chemistry than humans or dogs do.

Ferret food usually consists of raw chicken breasts cut into small pieces. That’s what you should also feed your little fluffy friend if he happens to go near the fruit bowl again in the hope of some delicious treats.

a ferret in front of his bowl with meat

Foods that are save for your ferret:

  • chicken breast
  • chicken wings
  • beef
  • lamb
  • fish (occasionally)
  • eggs
  • ferret kibble

Basically, any quality meat is fine. No season, not boiled or cooked—just raw meat.

If you want to mimic an even more “natural” way of feeding your ferret, you could get some mice.

It might sound not kind, but it’s really ok. You can buy them at the pet store. If not a regular one, then look for one that sells snakes.

Introduce your Ferret to Different Food

We recommend introducing new food slowly, but you can throw in a little new food every day. Ferrets are usually hungry and willing to try anything they can get their paws on!

Good To Know: Food that your ferret wasn´t introduced to at a young age, they most likely will not eat right away! Ferrets are imprinted on what foods they like and which they don’t like around the age of four months!

This is especially true if your ferret did grow up only eating kibble! It will take a while before your ferret decides it likes or dislikes new food.

The best thing to do is introduce a little bit of the new food while still feeding your ferrets their normal dry kibble, giving them time to get used to it!

You could start by adding small pieces of chicken breast atop their kibble. Maybe even add a little water to produce a somewhat moister food experience.

ferrets feeding on kibbles in their cage

Be Patient: Your Ferret Will Get Used To New Food Eventually!

Introducing different types and flavors of foods can also help with any dietary problems that may arise in the future (the same goes for introducing different brands).

Just make sure that if your ferret starts acting funny after eating something (like having diarrhea), then he might have an allergy to it or just doesn’t like it.

You don’t want him wasting away for days because his stomach hurts from trying out some new delicacy!


Grapes are very dangerous for ferrets because they contain sugar and can lead to insulinoma – a pancreatic tumor that can cause death if untreated. And even if treated, it will shorten the life expectancy of your ferret massively!

Ferrets have carnivorous digestive systems, so they digest meat well but cannot process sugars in fruits or vegetables such as apples, oranges, berries, and so on. Also, they should not (never) eat any grains such as rice, corn, and kinds of wheat.

If you’re considering including your ferret in a diet, then the only option would be to provide them with raw meat. You can feed him beef or chicken as long as it is high-quality and fresh.

If you are unsure what to feed your furry friend, ask your veterinarian about a diet plan.

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