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Hamburgers are a popular food around the world. But one question that comes up is can ferrets eat hamburger meat? Ferrets are strict carnivores, which means they only eat meat.

Fresh and raw Hamburger meat is ok for them to eat. But frozen and processed hamburger meats will often have other ingredients in them that aren’t safe for ferrets to eat. Plus, they are prone to bacterial infection.

If you feed hamburger meat, then get fresh-made unseasoned meat at your butcher or grocery store and feed it as soon as possible after buying/producing it.

What Hamburger Meat can my Ferret Eat?

The meat should be unseasoned and ideally fed very early after buying/producing it. It is important to pay attention to the ingredient list on hamburger meats, as some have other ingredients that are not good for ferrets.

If you’re looking for a quick way of getting fresh hamburger meat, then buy your own mincer or grinder and grind up your own beef at home!

Always make sure when feeding hamburgers that they don’t have any seasoning or preservatives added.

What Hamburger Meat should I not Feed my Ferret?

Do not feed hamburger meat that contains preservatives or seasonings. Other than that, you could use any meat. You want to feed your ferret.

What makes Hamburger Meat so Dangerous?

Beef can be contaminated with E Coli (a bacteria), which is dangerous because it causes illness in humans and animals alike. It’s important to make sure beef was not exposed to warmth for too long.

If you want fresh hamburger meat but don’t have a mincer yourself, then go ahead and buy one! They’ll mince up the beef there right away, making it much easier.

What other Meats can Ferrets Eat?

a ferret in front of his bowl with meat

Due to their short intestinal tracts and reduced absorption of nutrients, ferrets need a high fat and protein diet. This diet is easy for their bodies to digest, and they are a good source of energy.

Basically, ferrets can eat almost any meat. It has to be fresh and unseasoned.

  • Turkey
  • Chicken
  • Beef
  • Lamp
  • Pork
  • Organs
  • Game Animal (watch out for parasites)
  • Tuna (only very seldomly)

In addition, ferrets (who are obligate carnivores) need to consume enough calcium each day. It is ok to let them eat a chicken wing. They´ll crack the bones and eat them.

Tip: Generally speaking, hamburger meat is ok for them to eat. But it would help if you steered away from frozen and prepacked or processed hamburger meat.

What are the benefits of feeding my Ferret with Fresh Meat?

Feeding your ferret’s fresh meat will help you avoid some trips to the vet because they’ll have more energy from consuming fresh food.

They’ll eat less frequently, too, as fresh meat has a longer-lasting effect than dry food.

Ferrets who have access to fresh meat are less likely to get sick than those that don’t, which will save you money in the long run.

Feeding your ferret a balanced diet of fresh meat is great for their health and keeps them happy!

How much Raw Meat should I Feed my Ferret?

It’s hard to say how much meat you should feed your ferret as it varies from one ferret’s size, age, and breed.

But generally, ferrets need 5-7% of their body weight daily. This, for the most part, could be raw meat.

The raw diet should include meat, bones, and organs. This is commonly referred to as 80/10/10 or 80 percent meat, 10 percent bones, and 10 percent organs.

This ratio resembles what a whole animal (80% flesh and 10% skeleton, and 10% internal organs) is made of.

So, most simply, ferrets could be fed whole prey animals to ensure they get the right balance.

My Ferret Won´t Eat Meat, what can I do?

Sometimes they might need a few days before getting used to new food. For instance, some fresh meat may have an unfamiliar smell or texture for them. Just keep trying, and your ferret should eventually get used to the change in diet.

Start with raw Chicken Breasts.

We found this to be a good starting point. You can also look for other fresh meats, but we recommend starting with chicken.

Can My Ferret Eat Bones?

Bones will provide minerals like calcium which is really important for healthy teeth and bone growth.

You could feed chicken wings or turkey necks. Or, if you are comfortable with it, feed whole mice. You can buy those in reptile stores.

Some ferrets can be picky, but it’s important not to give up!

TIP: Start by adding some fresh meat onto dry food with water as a sauce –mixing it up slowly will make it easier for them to adapt over time! Ferrets have an innate sense of what they’re used to.

Ferrets are conditioned to the kind of foods they eat by a young age. Make sure to feed your ferret a balanced diet early on so that they get used to different foods: Kibble, meat, eggs, and every once in a while a little tuna.

They learn at a young age what Foods are Good.

A ferret that isn’t imprinted on raw meat from a young age will take a long time to understand that anything outside of a pelleted biscuit/kibble is food.


As ferrets are obligate carnivores, they feed on meat only. Avoid any fruits and fillers to make your ferret’s diet balanced.

You can feed raw hamburger meat. But it would be best if you made it yourself. If you happen to buy meat, look out for seasoning or other additives!

Ferrets are conditioned to the kind of foods they eat by a young age. Make sure to feed your ferret a balanced diet early on so that they get used to different foods: Kibble, meat, eggs, and every once in a while a little tuna.

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