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Ferrest are obligate carnivoress. That means they eat meat only. No vegetables, no fruits, bread, nuts, and so on. To provide a ferret with the nutrition it needs, you can rely on commercial ferret foods, such as kibble, or you could feed more naturally.

Many ferret owners have endorsed the so-called raw diet who have been trying to feed their beloved animals’ raw meat, bones, and organs.

So the answer to your question can ferret eat liver, is YES! Ferrets can eat liver – Mine prefer chicken liver.

We will discuss some of the raw diet benefits for your ferret, so keep reading to get more information.

The Raw Diet for Ferrets

Ferrets fed a raw diet live longer, healthier, and have a better chance of survival than those on any other diet. Ferrets can arrive at most of their nutrition on their own when fed a raw diet.

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Each ferret indeed has its own preferences and can be picky, but those who stick to a raw diet tend to be healthier than those who don’t.

Some ferrets will not eat certain parts or organs, so you may have to experiment with your pet until it gets used to that.

Ferret Nutrition Guide – What to Feed Them?

Ferrets need to eat fresh meat. You can feed them chicken, turkey, rabbit (any variety), beef (preferably from cows), venison (deer meat), or any other type of meat you want. They also need to eat bone marrow and organs.

Meats that are suitable for ferrets

  • chicken
  • chicken wings
  • turkey
  • turkey necks
  • bones
  • rabbit
  • organs (liver)
  • game birds (duck)
  • beef
  • whole prey (feeder mice)
  • venison
  • tuna (sometimes)
  • eggs (sometimes)

The general rule is they can eat anything that comes from an animal.

Some people also believe that feeding a raw diet to ferrets will make them fat and unhealthy; however, this is not true. On top of that, raw meat is the best source of protein for ferrets.

It will also keep them filled up for a more extended period. After you begin feeding raw to your ferret, you may skip a meal or two.

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Benefits of Feeding Liver to your Ferret

The liver contains an immense amount of vitamins and minerals and all the essential fatty acids a ferret needs. Chicken liver is particularly important as it is also an excellent source of iron and zinc.

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The protein found in the liver supports the development of lean muscles and a healthy hair coat. However, some ferrets do not like the taste of liver or are scared to eat it.

If you have a picky ferret, you might have to try different forms such as raw or cooked until they enjoy it.

Here are the nutrients found in liver:

  • Vitamin B12
  • Vitamin A
  • Riboflavin (B2)
  • Folate (B9)
  • Iron
  • Copper
  • Choline

As you can see liver is rich in many nutrients. If you feed your ferret a diet of mostly kibble, it can be hard to get them all of these nutrients, but providing them a few organ portions of meat a week or so will suffice.

In addition to these vitamins, they will also get the amino acids taurine and cysteine (both in abundance), as well as phosphorous and choline. Choline is an essential component in their diet that they do not usually get enough if they are solely fed kibble.

Frankenprey Diet

A variety of meats in front of a white background

“Frankenprey” is a made-up word for the Prey Model Diet (PMD). When it comes to raw feeding, my ferret owners are very hesitant. They think it’s too complicated, hard to do, and so on. But in truth, it is not that complicated.

Meals can be prepared in advance each week/month. Just prepare everything in small containers, freeze them and defrost when applicable.

The Frankenprey Diet is a way to feed you ferret a diet that comes as close to natural as possible.

The whole idea behind it is that you take different meats and try to resemble what an entire prey animal would consist of.

The overall ratio is 80/10/10 – 80% meat, 10% bonus, and 10% organs. Whereas half of the organs should be liver!

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In other words: A raw food diet for your ferret that’s very similar to its natural prey diet! This works best when started early – before your ferret turns 5-6 months.

By that time, they will be imprinted to the foods they like, and you’ll have a more challenging time introducing raw meat later on.

Order Frankenprey Online

You could also just order raw organs, meat, and bones from places like They are located in Michigan but deliver via FedEx to all 48 continental states.

Imprinted to Food

If you have not introduced a new food into your ferret’s diet while young, there is a good chance that it does not want it. By the age of 5-6 months, ferrets are imprinted on the food they eat.

Many stores that sell ferrets very often refrain from feeding raw meat or organs because it’s too complicated for them. Instead, they feed kibble (dry food).

It provides all the nutrition a ferret needs – but here is an interesting fact: ferrets from retail pet stores have shorter live spans than actual breeders that feed raw meat and organs.

That’s why feeding a mixture of foods, kibble, raw meat, and bones will provide the best possible nutrition for ferrets and consequently make for a longer and healthier life.


The article discusses how you can feed raw liver o ferrets. The answer is yes. Feeding the liver is actually very good for your ferrets’ health as it contains many vitamins and nutrition. To make it easier on you, you could prepare your ferrets’ raw meals in advance and freeze them.

Ferrets are strict meat-eaters. Providing them with a meat-based diet is vital. And if you can, try to feed them raw meat as well. While kibble is good – wouldn’t you want to offer your furry friend some variety in its diet?

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