Can Ferrets Eat Marshmallows?5 min read

The answer to the question of whether ferrets can eat marshmallows is NO! This is because ferrets are carnivores, and their diet should consist primarily of meat, animal fat, or oils. Vegetables, fruit, and dairy products are not good for them!

You may have seen videos on social media that show ferrets eating all sorts of things like marshmallows, but this is not what they would be consuming in their natural habitat.

That’s why it is a big no-no when feeding your ferret any human treats. Marshmallows contain sugar, which ferrets do not process well due to the lack of amylase enzyme bodies in their stomachs which break down sugars into glucose to digest it by the body.

Luckily there are plenty of other foods out there that you can offer your pet without concern!

Ferrets Are Carnivores

By definition, ferrets are obligate carnivores, which means they are strict carnivores (meat-eaters).

This means: If you ever wanted to see an animal that is a true carnivore – take a look at your furry friend.

A ferret’s natural prey includes small mammals such as mice and rats. Still, they can also get by fine off sources like rabbits, poultry (chicken/turkey), beef, etc., without any issue whatsoever.

I recommend feeding your pet exclusively the type of animal he/she would naturally hunt for its own

Ferret Diet 

Ferrets should avoid vegetables for their health. Feeding ferrets complex carbohydrates are not recommended.

In ferrets, nutrients are not efficiently absorbed because of their short intestinal tracts. As obligate carnivores, ferrets cannot process anything but meat.

It is the protein in ferrets that drives them, not fruit and vegetables.

Fiber can be rather toxic to ferrets. Fruit can bring him illness and even lead to cancer. Ferrets lack the enzymes and organs necessary to digest fiber. 

Foods To Avoid

Do not feed your ferret with sugar -not even minimal amounts of sugar!

That’s why Marshmallows are a big NO!

It might lead to illness or even cancer. If you want to feed your pet ferret something as a treat, prepare some fresh meat such as a raw chicken wing or turkey neck.

Other Meats you Can Feed your Ferret

There are many types of meat that can be fed to ferrets. If you want to feed your pet some fresh food, try a raw chicken wing or turkey neck, for example.

  • raw meat
  • cooked meat (not the bones!)
  • organ meats
  • batch of meat 
  • minced meat

An easy way for any person who owns a ferret is by feeding them canned cat food mixed with water as a treat.

It will help give their diet variety while also being nutritionally sound if done correctly. Keep in mind, though, that cat food can only be a supplement and never replace a true ferret diet!

Snacks are Great for Your Ferret

Snacks as a special treat could be eggs, for example. Ferrets will eat raw or boiled eggs! And once they are used to them, they will love it.

Another treat every once in a while could be tuna or salmon, as long it is fresh and not from a can. But don’t overdo it: Your furry friend may smell a little fishy if you feed too much salmon or tuna.

That is because the glands in their skin constantly produce an oily substance to keep their fur in good shape. And the fish you feed may contribute to a certain smell those substances will inherit.

That means if you feed your pet too many marshmallows over time, then they will die off.

Good To Know: Ferrets are carnivores and need to eat meat regularly. If they don’t get enough protein in their diet, they will become lethargic and sick. To keep your pet happy and healthy, you must feed them what nature intended: raw meats!

ferrets feeding on kibbles in their cage

Ferret and Food Allergies

Ferrets are carnivores, so they need to consume meat. When you introduce a new food item into your pet’s diet, watch out for allergic reactions like vomiting and diarrhea.

If you’re still unsure what foods ferrets can and cannot eat – ask your vet! They’ll know what is best based on the animal’s age and health condition.

As always, make sure that any potential treats or snacks do not contain sugar due to the risk of diabetes in ferret populations – which will lead back to death from too many marshmallows over time!

Wheat, corn, oats, rice, or another grain or fruit present a gastrointestinal obstruction, and the pancreas can produce too much insulin, which could lead to hypoglycemia.

The ferret’s system cannot handle what it was not intended for – so don’t feed them marshmallows!

WIll Ferrets Eat Only The Food They Ate As Kits?

Short answer: Yes! Or let´s say it gets more challenging to introduce them to foods they do not know – It is manageable but will take quite some effort 🙂

If you want to prevent your ferret from being fussy about its food, expose him/her to several types of food varieties and raw meaty bones from an early age.


Marshmallows are bad for the ferret’s digestive system. The ferret´s system cannot handle what it was not intended for, so don’t feed them marshmallows.

If you adopt your ferret young, ensure to feed a variety of ferret-proof foods. Once 4 months or older, ferrets develop a dietary preference. The stuff they have not eaten until that age will give them a hard time adapting to later in life.

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