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Ferrets are mammals that come from the family Mustelidae. Ferrets are strict carnivores that typically eat a mixture of meats. Ferrets cannot digest certain foods, such as noodles. Noodles can cause intestinal blockage, constipation, and stomach ulcers when eaten by ferrets.

So the answer to the question, “Can Ferrets Eat Noodles,” is – NO. Ferrets should not eat noodles.

Why Can Ferret Not Eat Noodles?

Noodles are high in carbohydrates and fiber, which ferrets cannot digest. Their digestive system is made to process animal-based protein such as meat, fish, eggs. This means that noodles are more likely to block or damage their digestive system if eaten.

While milk is also an animal product, ferrets should not eat any dairy products either.

Can Ferrets Eat Pasta?

No. Pasta, in essence, is the same as noodles. Some noodles may be made with eggs, some without. But all have in common that their main ingredient is wheat. And all have carbs which ferrets should not have.

This is why it is not safe for your Ferret to eat noodles. As mentioned above, the fibers and carbohydrates in noodles can cause intestinal blockage in ferrets, constipation, and stomach problems.

Can Ferrets eat Vegetables?

No. Ferrets should not eat vegetables. As with noodles, the protein they need is animal-based. Vegetables are not included in meat protein. Plus, they contain carbohydrates as well. Ferrets do not need carbs or fiber in their diet, so these should be avoided.

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Can Ferrets Eat Fruit?

No. Fruit contains sugar which ferrets should not have in their diets. Sugar is very unhealthy for your Ferret. It could lead to diabetes and eventually to cancer in the pancreatic cells!

What should your Ferret eat Instead?

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Ferrets are obligate carnivores, which means they need meat for their nutrition. You should feed your Ferret only meat. Sometimes an egg and maybe every once in a while some tuna.

Meats that are good for your Ferret are

  • beef
  • chicken wings
  • chicken
  • turkey neck
  • lamb
  • beef ribs
  • beef liver
  • beef kidneys
  • beef tongue
  • pork loin
  • bones (raw)
  • kibble (for ferrets)

Basically, meat is the best thing for your Ferret to eat.

There are also a few other things that you can give to your Ferret just for fun, as long as they are not harmful.

Kibble for Ferrets

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There are special ferret foods out there. In case you do not feel like the idea of storing feeder mice in your fridge, there is always kibble for your Ferret.

Kibble is a special food that you can buy at the pet shop, manufactured especially for ferrets. While they are not the best thing for your Ferret, they are convenient.

Kibble is not the only option there is out there, but it is a good stepping stone. It is probably the best option for new owners.

Dry, frozen meat is another thing you can feed your Ferret. The most suitable variety would have rabbit meat or chicken. Ensure that the percentage of fiber is not higher than 3-4%, and the protein should be 50%. Also, make sure that taurine is showing up on the ingredients list too.

You can read more about the best commercial ferret foods here.

Frankenprey Diet

Frankenprey is a raw feeding technique that mimics the prey that ferrets would eat in the wild, usually birds, rodents, insects, and small mammals.

Combining parts of prey, rather than feeding a whole game to your Ferret, frankenprey creates a balanced meal.

The Frankenprey food formula recommends that 80 percent of the diet be meat, 10 percent bone, and no more than 5% kidney and 5% liver.

If you’re not keen to store feeder mice in your fridge, then the Frankenprey diet is the alternative for you.

You can read more about what is a Frankenprey Diet for ferrets here:


Just as cats, ferrets need taurine as they can not produce it on their own. Taurine is essential for their well-being. You find taurine only in meat!

Kitten food?

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One more thing that you can feed your Ferret is kitten food. Well – you can provide your ferret kitten food to supplement its feeding, but you should also be feeding ferrets their own food.

Ensure the ingredients list is clear of starch, sugar, grains, vegetables, corn, wheat, or fillers. When your Ferret is sick and needs a little motivation to eat, kitten food can be a good choice.

It never to replace your furry friend’s ferret diet but can act as a supplement to it.

How Often Should You Feed Your Ferret?

That depends on the age of the Ferret. But generally speaking, ferrets eat several meals across the day. 8-10 small meals are not uncommon.

How much you should feed your Ferret depends on their individual needs. A ferret eats 5-7% of its body weight daily. Ferrets will need larger quantities during gestation and reproduction or when they are still growing.


This article talks about how ferrets should not eat Pasta or noodles. Noodles are the wrong choice of food for your Ferret. Noodles will make your Ferret sick and, in the long run, lead to life-altering problems.

Ferrets should not eat fruits or vegetables either. Ferrets should eat meat. The best meat for your Ferret would be rabbit and/or chicken.

And you should feed your Ferret several meals per day of exclusive meat. Kitten food can be a supplement to your Ferret’s diet but always check the ingredients list.

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