Can Ferrets Eat Peanuts or Peanut Butter?4 min read

Ferrets are obligate carnivores meaning that they can only eat meat. Ferrets should never be fed any plant-based foods, including peanuts and peanut butter. It is also important to feed your ferret a variety of meats to get all the nutrients they need.

Ferrets should not eat high sugar foods because this can lead to health problems such as diabetes or obesity.

We all love ferrets. And because we love them, we tend to forget what is good and bad for them. Peanut Butter or Peanuts are really BAD for your Ferret! So no matter what anyone tells you, it’s just a bad idea to feed your ferret peanut butter because their digestive system is too different from ours!

They can’t eat it because they are obligate carnivores. They need meat to live and thrive! Which meats are the best for your ferret:

What is the perfect Ferret diet?

Meat! Chicken is a good meat choice because it has healthy protein and fats and is high in amino acids. Also, be sure to feed them whole chicken wings or necks for extra calcium!

Chicken bones can provide calcium which helps keep teeth from becoming brittle, while rawhide chews promote dental hygiene and reduce plaque buildup.

Ferret food should contain at least 34% of protein and 20% fats. Animal fats, that is. This has to do with your ferret’s genetics. They are descendants of the weasel family and must eat meat to survive.

If your ferret is young, it’s a good idea to give him/her vitamin supplements as well. If they are an adult, then he/she will be able to manage without any supplementation.

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It’s just that kittens need more vitamins than adults because their bodies are developing faster (and if they lack these nutrients when growing up, they might develop worse health problems).

Did you know:
Sugar is bad for ferrets! Yes indeed! Sugar can cause tooth decay in ferrets which lead to expensive veterinary bills later on down the line, as well as

Offering various meat sources can help your ferret get the necessary nutrients they need and avoid food sensitivities! Remember, meat is an important part of their diet.

Ferrets have different nutritional needs than humans do because, unlike us, they’re obligate carnivores (cannot eat anything other than meat)

What should you feed your Ferret:

And a constant supply of freshwater. This is essential! Ferrets can’t tell you if they’re thirsty, so it’s your responsibility to make sure the bowl is always full of fresh cool water! Never leave them without access to clean drinking water.

Basically, you could give your ferret everything it might catch in nature. Rabbits and other rodents, birds… you name it.

Did you know that until this day, ferrets are used for hunting rabbits?

In England, it is called “ferreting.” You find a rabbit hole and put a ferret in it to drive the rabbits out of their hiding spot. You can read more about it in another blog post we published.

It is illegal for people who have not licensed gamekeepers or registered pest control officers to possess a ferret for hunting purposes.

Why Should You Avoid Carbohydrates?

Ferrets cannot digest foods that are loaded with complex carbohydrates. This is because they are carnivores and strict carnivores at that. Their digestive tract can not deal with other foods besides meat or animal-based proteins.

Can Ferrets eat Fruits?

No, ferrets cannot eat fruits. They can’t even digest them properly, so don’t give your ferret any fruit products, or they might get sick.

What Should You Feed Your Pet Ferret instead of Peanuts?

One way to reward your pet without feeding it something that will harm its health is by giving him/her chicken wings or necks as an occasional treat. Ferrets love good raw meat.

Can I give my Ferret Dairy Products?

No, ferrets can’t have dairy products. Ferrets need to eat meat or animal-based proteins to digest properly, so anything that has dairy is not an option. Ahh, and don´t give your ferret any milk either! They can not digest it properly!


Ferrets can not eat peanut butter or peanuts. They should be fed meat, chicken, and animal-based proteins instead. Please do not give them any dairy products either because they can’t digest them properly.

Ferrets cannot eat these foods as they are carnivores with a strict diet of meat and animal-based proteins. You should avoid giving your pet all other types of food besides those listed above in this blog post!

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