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If you own a ferret, you may have noticed that whenever possible, your little furry friends try to steal food from you. They love stealing food from people’s hands, opening drawers, cabinets, and even the refrigerator.

Despite their affinity for such things, ferrets are, in fact, strict meat-eaters.

But what about potato chips? Is it ok for them to have potato chips? Here is your answer, NO ferrets should not eat potato chips.

Why Are Potato Chips Bad for Ferrets?

There are several reasons for that. First of all, potato chips are made from potatoes. And ferrets are strict meat-eaters. So, there’s no way ferrets can eat potato chips without severe damage to their health!

Potatoes are rich in starch and carbohydrates and have very little nutritional value. Potato chips also contain salt and oil that could cause severe digestive problems in ferrets.

The digestive tracks of ferrets are not able to process such things!

Many ferrets have died due to the ingestion of foods that were bad for them. So, here is a warning.

DO NOT feed potato chips to ferrets! Several alternatives are much healthier and preferable.

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Alternatives to Potato Chips for Ferrets:

The best alternatives to potato chips include would be a meat-based product. Beef Jerky, for example, if it is just plain dried meat, without any additives or seasoning, would be an excellent treat for your ferret.

If you decide to give your ferret any of these treats, check the labels and make sure that they are only meat.

Some manufacturers add sugar or salt to their products which could kill a ferret! So be careful! And don’t give your ferrets any type of salted or sugary snacks.

Foods That Are Perfect For Ferrets

As you already know, ferrets are obligate carnivores – strict meat-eaters. So the perfect food for ferrets is straightforward. It is just meat, plain and simple.

Here are some excellent foods (meat) for ferrets:

  • Chicken: Chicken legs, chicken breast, and whole chicken are excellent choices for ferrets.
  • Eggs: Every once in a while, your ferret can have an egg. It could be boiled, raw, …
  • Turkey: Turkey necks and wings are also excellent treats for ferrets. Be sure that they are completely plain and without any additives.
  • Rabbit: Ferrets tend to love rabbit meat! It has a very strong taste which makes it irresistible for most ferrets. Rabbit legs or pieces of rabbits are great treats.
  • Beef: Beef neck bones and some chunks of beef will be great for your ferrets.
  • Fish: Fish is not a necessity for ferrets. But it is worth mentioning that ferrets can eat fish and will probably enjoy it as well.
  • Game Bird: Little pieces of game bird meat are excellent treats.
  • Duck: Duck slices, duck breast, and duck leg are some tasty treats for ferrets.
  • Lamb: Backstrap and loin chops are a great treat for your ferrets.
  • Organs: Ferrets love liver. You could give them chicken liver, for example.
  • Bones: Bones are good for your ferret too, make sure they are not cooked, though!

But many commercial products are designed for ferret diets. There are several brands of ferret food on the market.

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Kibble for Your Ferret

Kibble is a great way to give your ferrets their daily ration of nutrients. It is easy to transport and store as well. There are many kibbles on the market for ferrets to choose from.

Canned Wet Food

Again, there are many canned ferret foods on the market. You can use them as a special treat for your furry friend.

Cat Food For Ferrets

There are some wet cat foods available that are ok to give to your ferret. That is because cats, just as ferrets, can not produce Taurin by themselves, so they have to consume meat for their dietary needs.

When you purchase wet cat food for your ferret, make sure to check the ingredients for any starch, fillers, sugars, or other artificial sweeteners.

There shouldn’t be any of this. Some cat foods don’t even have the meat anymore! If this happens, do not buy it!

Dog Food For Ferrets

Dog food is usually not suitable for ferrets. Most of them have too many grains, which are not ideal for ferrets’ digestive systems. However, some dog treats might be ok – make sure to reread the ingredient list.

Ferret Treats

Ferret treats are a must for your cute pet! They give them the extra energy when they are playing or just taking a rest from their extreme energy level in some cases.

Ferrets might be great hunters, but their gums are sensitive, and their mouth tissues are delicate. Their mouths are also not as big as you may think. Stay clear of dry and hard squares or triangles.

What Else to Make Ferrets Happy?

In addition to the proper diet, there are also several things that you can do for the healthy and long life of your ferret friend.

Ferrets are social animals and thrive when they live with other ferrets, another ferret, or sometimes a cat. They love to play, so provide them with plenty of toys.

If you own a single ferret, it is extra essential to ensure that it gets all of the attention and time that it needs. Plan some play-time daily.

It is better to own two or more ferrets for your pet’s social and psychological well-being.


Ferrets are strict meat-eaters. That’s why their diet should consist of meat only. As you can tell by that, potatoes are not suitable for ferrets!

So, please DO NOT feed them to your furry friend. If you are still not sure about the proper diet for your ferret, make sure to read some more articles on our website.

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