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Ferrets are lovely little furry creatures, but they have quite the appetite. Maybe you are asking yourself what foods ferrets can eat? Ferrets are strict meat-eaters, which means their diet must be based on meat, high in proteins and low in carbohydrates. They are allowed to eat chicken, beef, fish, and eggs – but not vegetables or fruit!

So the answer to your question “Can Ferrets eat Potaos” is NO! Ferrets should never eat potatoes.

Potatoes are high in carbohydrates, which is not good for ferrets. It may lead to diabetes in the long run. That is why you should never feed your ferret potatoes.

Here are some interesting facts about ferrets and potatoes

Because they are strict carnivores, they cannot eat anything that is of plant origin. Foods that are fine for your ferret to eat include eggs and meats.

Vegetables are an absolute no-no to a ferret. Potato, spinach, carrots, pea shoots are considered a vegetable and therefore unsafe for a ferret’s diet.

Chicken is acceptable for your ferret to eat. However, keep in mind that ferrets are typically scavengers and will not hesitate to eat their owner’s food if they see it first.

So be careful that your ferret does not steal any foods or snacks from you. Ferrets should only be fed the highest quality diet, which is a raw diet.

A raw diet is what helps to keep a ferret healthy and strong, as well as keeping their digestive system in good health. And with a raw diet, I mean raw meat!

Remember, they are obligate carnivores! You can feed meaty bones; those are always good to give your ferret.

They need lots of calcium to keep their bones strong. Chicken necks, turkey necks, chicken wings, beef, ground beef,…

Actually, any kind of quality meat is good for them!

Cooked meat should be very limited in ferrets’ diet. Usually, only a few pieces per week are recommended for most healthy ferrets. You can also feed your ferret a homemade soup.

This comes very handily if your ferret is sick and cannot eat canned or dry food.

Be very careful if your ferret has appetite issues, though. You could make him sick by feeding him too much.

If you think your ferret is having problems with eating food, refer to a vet right away! It could be a sign of a block in their intestines.

Can Ferrets Eat Potatoes?

Potatoes, as a vegetable, are considered unsafe for a ferret’s diet!

Plants, in general, are not safe for your furry friend, as they contain carbohydrates, which are usually bad for ferrets.

Just as vegetables should be avoided, so should fruits. Raw fruit and vegetable matter should never be fed to your ferret.

Why Should I not Give Vegetables or Fruits to My Ferret?

As said above. Ferrets are obligate carnivores. This means they must eat meat to develop and maintain their physical health.

They cannot safely tolerate a diet containing plant-origin foods, so vegetables, fruits, grains, and other carbohydrate-based foods should be avoided.

Ferrets are very prone to digestive upsets when confronted with carbohydrates or sugars.

These carbohydrates can cause diarrhea and may result in weight loss without any apparent cause.

Sugar will make them sick. They develop a condition called insulinoma, which manifests in tumors in their pancreas! Sadly this will eventually lead to their death. Even when fortunate enough to survive over 500 days

Ferrets have a short and simple digestive tract to help them absorb nutrients fast. This means they are unable to process most plant material, which could be detrimental to their health.

And it also means that they need food several times per day! A ferret’s typical daily intake is estimated to be about 5-7% of its body weight.

Ferrets need high amounts of protein in their diet. High-protein foods include lean ham, chicken breasts, beef liver, egg.

You should feed your ferrets a 32 – 38% protein diet and 15 – 20% fat. Ferrets need to have these percentages in their diet if they want to grow up healthy and strong.

They also need calcium as they are prone to developing bone diseases such as osteoporosis if they do not have enough calcium in their diet.

History Of Ferrets

Ferrets are an animal that has been domesticated for 2000 years but has been known as since the pre-Roman era.

Ferrets originated from Northern Europe and were used as hunting companions for the nobility.

Fur traders or hunters would most likely have found them after a hunt and found they helped keep vermin under control, especially rats.

The use of ferrets for hunting rabbits has been around since the 1800s. And even today, there are places where it is allowed to hunt rabbits with ferrets.


Ferrets are becoming quite popular as pets in America again. They’ve been popular pets before, but because of their hunting instincts and the rabies scare, many people were afraid of keeping them as pets.

The rabies scare is not such a big deal anymore, and they are now commonly kept as family pets and are also used to control pests such as mice or rats.

Most people choose a ferret as their pet without knowing a lot about the animal’s specific needs.


Ferrets have been domesticated for around 2000 years and are commonly kept as family pets due to their hunting instincts.

Although they require a lot of protein in their diet, it can be hard to know what foods are safe for them.

If your pet ferret is not acting like himself or seems sick, consult a vet right away! It could be a sign of an illness or digestive problems.

This is a warning message that should be taken seriously by all ferret owners.
Ferrets need meat and special dry food for them to live a healthy life.

Vegetables and fruits are not suitable for them!

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