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Have you ever wondered if your furry friend can eat tomatoes? Ferrets can’t eat tomatoes because Ferrets are strict carnivores. That means their body is not meat to digest fruits or vegetables. They would actually get sick if fed tomatoes too often.

So the answer to the question “Can Ferrets Eat Tomatoes” is NO!

Why Should Ferrets Not Eat Tomatoes?

Ferrets should not eat tomatoes because they are obligate carnivores. This means that the only thing they should eat is meat.

However, tomatoes are fruits and, as such, can not digest properly in the stomach of a ferret. And could cause indigestion due to the high levels of sugar. A diet high in these items can lead to diabetes, insulinoma, or heart disease.

Ferrets cannot digest fiber

For this reason, they should not be fed fruits or vegetables because the fiber will get stuck in their system and cause serious problems.

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Why should Ferrets Not Eat Fruits?

Ferrets shouldn’t eat fruits because they are high in sugar. Ferrets are carnivores and, as such, should not eat any sugars. They should only eat meat: no grains, no vegetables, and no nuts.

Ferrets should not eat fruits because they don’t have the ability to digest them properly in the stomach.

And the sugar in fruits will make your ferret sick. Carbohydrates and sugar will cause a condition called insulinoma, which is a cancer of the pancreatic cells.

What is Insulinoma?

Insulinoma is a cancer of the pancreatic cells. They start spreading quickly and will infect other parts of the body. Even if treated and the tumors of the pancreas are removed, your ferret will sadly not be able to live a long life afterward. The life expectancy after treatment is around 500 days.

What should your Ferret Eat?

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As said above. Ferrets need meat to thrive. Basically, any quality meat source is good for your ferret. It must be fresh and raw.

Ferrets can eat:

  • chicken wings
  • chicken carcasses
  • turkey
  • turkey neck
  • chicken feet
  • lamb
  • beef
  • ground meat

What about Dry Food?

Ferrets can eat a special Ferret Kibble. This kibble is made of lamb, turkey, chicken. It never contains any wheat or grains, sugar or fillers!

This kibble is the best for ferrets. It will not cause digestive problems as fruits and vegetables do.

Is Dry Food Good for Ferrets?

Dry food should be good for your ferret because it contains a lot of vitamins and minerals. Plus, it is easy to store and travel with.

When you purchase a ferret from a pet store, it may be smaller in size. This is because the ferrets are bred to be sold as fast as attainable.

It is possible that when you buy a ferret from a pet store, its diet has been restricted to kibble. In that case, you need to introduce it to meat gradually. You can mix kibble with a little bit of meat – just in case your ferret was not introduced to meat yet!

What would a Ferret Eat in the Wild?

If ferrets lived in the wild, their diet would consist of different species of animals. But as it is, there is only the Black-Footed Ferret that lives in the wild. They are located in North America – and are a protected species.

In total only appx. 300 animals are left. Those wild ferrets live mainly of Prairie Dogs.

In New Zealand is another population of wild ferrets to found. But those were crossbred with polecats and are considered Hybrids. Settlers brought them to the island to help to keep mice and rat populations under control.

Nowadys, Ferrets are considered an unwanted species in New Zealand. As they roam free, they pose a large danger for the native animal species there.

Are Ferrets Legal to Own in the USA?

In some places in the USA, ferrets are illegal. If you live in the USA, you are required to obey ALL local laws. If you have a ferret in your home, your local laws should allow them.

Ferrets are illegal to own in California.

In California, a wild animal is defined as “any animal …which is not
normally domesticated in this state as determined by the fish and game commission. And punishable by up to six months confinement and a
$1000 fine.


You can’t legally own a ferret in California if you are not a licensed wildlife rehabilitator, licensed zookeeper, or a licensed research facility.

Other places where Ferrets Are Illegal


  • New York City
  • Washington, DC
  • Dallas, Texas
  • Columbia, Missouri


  • California
  • Hawaii

Always check your local laws before buying or adopting a ferret!


The ferret is a strict carnivore and does not have the digestive tract to digest vegetables or fruits properly. Ferrets should only eat meat, including chicken, turkey, lamb, beef, and ground meat.

In some places, ferrets are illegal to be kept. We recommend you always check your local laws before buying or adopting a ferret!

If you plan on getting a ferret, try to adopt one or buy it from a reputable breeder. Try to avoid buying a ferret from larger pet stores.

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