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Can ferrets eat tuna? This is a question that many potential pet owners are asking themselves. Some people would say that it’s perfectly safe to feed your ferret canned tuna, but others disagree.

In this article, we will take an in-depth look at the pros and cons of feeding your ferret tuna so you can make an informed decision about whether or not it is appropriate for your furry friend.

For humans, tuna is a fish regarded to be highly healthy. That because it is rich in omega-3 fatty acids, contains essential nutrients such as magnesium, potassium, iron, and several vitamins.

I bet you love to give your pets new food, whether it’s for a well-balanced diet with lots of nutrients or just to spice up their meals.

But what about Ferrets? Is it beneficial for them too?

What Does A Typical Ferret Diet Look like?

Ferrets are obligate carnivores, which means that they need to eat meat.

They have a speedy metabolism and therefore require high protein levels in their diet for energy production and other essential nutrients such as calcium or vitamin D (which is only found naturally from animal sources).

Raw meat (chicken, beef) or cooked ground turkey/beef with bone in.

The bones provide calcium and other minerals as well the cartilage provides glucosamine which is essential for joint health; raw chicken necks are also a good choice.

Ferrets need nothing else but meat – Don’t feed them vegetables or fruits!

Can Ferrets Eat Fresh Tuna?

Ferrets can eat fresh tuna. Fresh fish has high water content and will cause your ferret to have loose stool or diarrhea if they consume too much of the product in one sitting – But it is ok to give your ferret fresh tuna once in a while.

So is tuna a safe treat or even meal for your ferret?

Yes. Ferrets are allowed to eat tuna. In addition to their normal meals – it´s definitely not going to be a replacement, but tuna is a fish regarded to be highly healthy!

Smelly Side Effects

And one more thing to keep in mind. If you feed your ferret with fish – be prepared for their odor to intensive!

Why do ferrets stink is another question but closely related – Most of their odor comes from their anal glands.

Some ferrets sold at pet stores in the U.S. have their anal glands surgically removed. Despite that, ferrets have a musky smell to them coming from the other scent glands located in their skin.

If your pet eats fish-based foods then a strong odor will result.

Make sure to clean your ferrets’ cage regularly, also change their beddings at least every four days. Don´t forget about their litter boxes, toys, and so on.

Can Ferrets Eat Canned Tuna?

a fork and a can of tuna

No. Don´t feed them canned tuna. In most cases, salt and seasoning are added for preservation. These ingredients are not healthy for ferrets.

What are the best protein options for ferrets?

  • Chicken
  • Turkey
  • Lamb

These meats have a lower salt content than tuna, which is healthier in most cases as well!

Is Tuna bad for ferrets?

No. Raw tuna is ok. However, it is not recommended to feed them canned tuna because of the high salt content and preservatives added for preservation purposes which are unhealthy in most cases

Still, always start with a small serving to see if your pet reacts to it unfavorably!

Do ferrets like Tuna?

Ferrets are very picky when it comes to their food. Chances are that your ferret won´t even like the tuna you are offering.

Ferret´s favorite food might be different from yours though so don’t get discouraged if your pet doesn’t like what you offer them to eat.

I know you’re excited about the brand new food, but it can also lead to some unpleasant side effects. If this happens, go ahead and ask your vet for advice on what’s best for your pet!


Can ferrets eat tuna? The answer is yes, as long as it is raw, fresh tuna. But it’s not a good idea to feed them with canned tuna! Also, you better allow them this treat only once in a while. Tuna should not replace your ferret regular diet.

Ferret´s favorite food might be different from yours, though, so don’t get discouraged if your pet doesn’t like what you offer them.

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