Can Ferrets Have Apple Cider Vinegar?4 min read

This simple question has captured the imaginations of thousands of people over the years. And it’s not just because it sounds like a fun way to try different things, but also because there is a general assumption that ferrets can’t have apple cider vinegar — and yet, some people swear by its benefits. Let’s take a closer look at this topic.

Before we get started. I would not advise that your furry friend should have apple cider vinegar. So my answer to this question is no.

A Short Intro To Ferrets

The word “ferret” comes from the Latin word Mustela putorius furo – which means little thieve. They were first bred in Northern Europe more than 2000 years ago and were used for rodent control. Ferrets are small mammals that have long and flexible bodies. This allows them to enter rabbit burrows more easily – up to this day, ferrets are using for hunting rabbits.

Ferrets can have many different personalities and looks, which makes them a popular pick for exotic pets. They are highly playful animals that love to play tricks and make new friends. And they’re pretty easy to look after!

Ferrets are not wild animals but have been bred by humans. The only wild ferrets are the Black-Footed-Ferrets in Northern America. A pet ferret that would escape into the wild most likely would not survive.

Ferrets can make great pets. They are playful and affectionate and enjoy human company and the company of other ferrets and pets. With proper care, they can live up to 10 years and longer.

Ferrets and their Natural Diet

The natural diet of ferrets consists of animal meat, such as small rodents like rats and mice. Ferrets are a carnivore and need meat to survive. Most ferret owners know that their pets can be picky eaters. Owners need to understand the dietary needs of their pets to avoid starvation, discomfort, and even illness.

The ideal diet consists of animal-based proteins and fat. Ferrets eat around 5-7% of their body weight in food – daily. These numbers vary depending on age, activity level, and during pregnancy.

A Healthy Ratio

A ferret’s diet should be 32 – 38% protein and 15 – 20% fat. The best way to achieve this ratio is by feeding raw meat and animal products. Those could be

  • beef
  • chicken wings
  • chicken breast
  • raw bones
  • eggs
  • lamb
  • rabbit
  • liver
  • offal
  • veal
  • pigeon
  • turkey (and turkey necks)
  • game birds
  • ground beef
  • feeder mice/chicks

Ferrets are not limited to the meat mentioned above. Any quality meat that is not spoiled can be added to their diet. Feeding your ferret raw meat is the most ideal diet for them. Meat should be fresh and of good quality.

How Often Do Ferrets Eat

Ferrets need a regular supply of food. This is because they are very active animals that burn a lot of energy chasing stuff around and playing games. They also have high metabolism rates which require them to eat often. What goes in, comes out fast again.

In order to fulfill their caloric demands, they need around 5-8 meals per day. When it comes to young ferrets, you will need to provide more meals a day. Kibble is a good way to provide food for the times when you can not be around.

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When you are buying kibble, make sure it is a product, specifically made for ferrets. Low in fiber and high in protein! Ferrets can not properly digest fiber/plant material. So if you are unsure, read the ingredients list. Aim at a maximum of 5% of fiber. Do you see corn or wheat? No? Great, your ferret can eat that.

What Is Apple Cider Vinegar?

Apple cider vinegar is made from fermented apple juice and is of thick consistency. The fact that it is made from apple juice makes it milder than other vinegar. It has a pH level of about 3-4, which means it’s acidic, but still known for its acidity defense mechanism. It can be used on cuts, bruises, minor burns, acne flare-ups, and minor digestive problems.

Does Apple Cider Vinegar have any Benefits for Ferrets

Apple Cider Vinegar is, as far as we know, safe for humans. However, it’s not recommended for ferrets because it’s not easy to digest and can cause tummy upset and pain. I know that many sources state that vinegar in small amounts is beneficial for ferrets. I do not believe in the effects of fermented acidity of apples could have on ferrets.

Ferrets are strict meat-eaters. Why would you give them fruits or products made of fruits? I strongly advise you to always talk to your vet if you plan to feed your ferret anything other but meat-based products!

Apple Cider Vinegar to Clean The Cage


In conclusion, we do not recommend giving a ferret apple cider vinegar because it could cause tummy upsets and pain. Ferrets are strict meat-eaters, so they should not be given anything other than meat-based products. That’s about the same as if you would start feeding lion apples, right? Always talk to your vet if you plan to provide your furry friend something other but meat-based products!

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