Can Ferrets Swim?5 min read

Can ferrets swim? Ferrets are inquisitive animals, and they love exploring the world around them. They also tend to enjoy playing with water more than most other animals that we know of.

Most ferrets can swim, but they are not necessarily known for being the best swimmers. They can swim on their own and often take a dip in the water if available to them!

They will swim around with their front paws tucked underneath them, poking the tip of their nose out of the water and paddling with their hind feet. With a tail that acts as an oar. It’s almost like they are otters!

Do Ferret Like Water?

Most ferrets are usually ok with water, but some are not. Ferrets that don’t like the wet stuff will usually try to avoid it at all costs and may even shake off after a bath!

Water can be very entertaining to them, but it’s important to keep in mind that ferrets can only swim for a short time before they start sinking.

Ferret owners should be careful when letting their pet near water, as some may not like the feeling of being wet and will try anything possible (even jumping out) to get away from any form or liquid!

Do Ferrets like Baths?

There is no easy answer as some do and others don´t. They usually don´t need a bath unless they get into something that smells bad or gets dirty from playing outside, hunting prey like mice (yum!), rolling in the dirt, etc…

Please place them in a tub or sink with a few inches of water and use your hand to rub them down gently.

Is it ok to Let my Ferret Swim in a Bathtub?

Yes, it’s ok to let your ferret swim in a bathtub. Just make sure the water is not too deep and that you’re there with them supervising!

If you are uncomfortable with your ferret swimming in a bathtub, you can also use the sink or fill up an old kiddy pool with water. Most ferrets love to swim, and they are great at it!

What to Look after when Bathing your Ferret in the Bathtub

Make sure not to leave your ferret unattended. Avoid bubbles, shampoo, and other products that may irritate your ferret´s skin.

Do not use a hairdryer to blow air on them, as this can cause heat stroke or hypothermia if they are too close for an extended period of time!

Can you get Ferrets Wet?

Well, you can, but it’s not recommended to bathe your ferret too often. Their skin may become dry and itchy if you do.

Are Ferrets Good Swimmers?

That depends on your ferret. Some are excellent swimmers, and others are not. If your ferret doesn´t like water or swimming, that’s completely ok and nothing to worry about.

Can my Ferret Swim in a Swimming Pool?

Well, basically, they could. But it would be best if you did not allow your ferret to swim in a swimming pool. This is because they can’t get out of the water, and there’s no way for them to climb up on something if needed!

Additionally, the chlorine in swimming pools can be toxic to ferrets.

If you want your pet’s skin and coat healthy, it is best not to let them swim too often.

If they do happen to get into a pool or bathtub with water that chemicals have treated, then rinse off their fur as soon as possible afterward, so there isn’t any residue.

Can I let my Ferret Swim in the Ocean?

Yes, you can. But there are some things to keep in mind before doing so: The saltwater is not good for their skin and coat

They cannot get out of the ocean if they need help or want a break from swimming! So make sure that someone will be nearby at any time when you are taking your ferret to the beach.

When you are at the beach, make sure that you have a towel to dry off your ferret and keep them warm.

Also, it is best not to let them swim for too long in the ocean because they can get tired or dehydrated from swimming so much!

If this happens, then take him out of the water immediately. When you are at the beach, keep a leash on your ferret at all times!

Can Swimming be Dangerous for your Ferret?

Your ferret should not be left unattended at any time. No matter if it’s your bathtub, the sink, a pool, or the ocean!

They may become careless around the water, and they can get into trouble. If your ferret is not a strong swimmer, it may be best to avoid the ocean and stick with pools or your bathtub instead.

A good trick is to use a clean litter box instead and fill it with water. This will allow your ferret to swim without any risk of being in danger!

What is the best Way to Clean your Ferret?

The best way to clean your ferret is by using a damp cloth or towel, wiping them down with soap (if necessary) then rinsing the dirt off of their coat before patting him/her gently until they are completely dried!


Ferrets can swim naturally. Some are good swimmers. Others are not. If your ferret is not a strong swimmer, it may be best to avoid the ocean and stick with pools or bathtubs instead.

A good trick for allowing them to enjoy the water without any risk of danger is to fill a clean (unused) litterbox with water and let them play in it.

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