Can my Ferret eat bananas?5 min read

Ferrets are adorable. They have a ton of energy, and if they get bored, they might start chewing on your furniture or hunting for something to play with. But what happens when ferrets eat bananas? Why are bananas bad for ferrets?

Ferret owners know that bananas are bad for their ferrets! Learn all about why bananas are nasty for your ferret!

The reason that bananas are bad for ferrets is that they can’t digest them. Ferrets have particular digestive systems, and while they can all kinds of meats without any problem, the same cannot be told about any fruits or grains!

Ferrets should never eat bananas. Bananas have a lot of sugar and carbohydrates, giving them stomach aches and/or serious health problems!

Ferrets are obligate carnivores: That means they must eat a meat-based diet that is high in fat. Ferrets have concise intestinal tracks, so they can’t digest anything other than meat without risking serious constipation or worse!

Bananas contain sugars, and those may cause health problems for ferrets as well. But the most serious issue with bananas will be that they can’t digest them!

What can I feed my Ferret?

You can give your ferret a meat-based diet made from proteins such as chicken, turkey, beef, or fish. You can also feed your ferret a raw diet with organs and bones for added nutrients!

Alternative to Meats?

An alternative is to feed your ferret high-calorie, meat-based cat food. Make sure that it doesn’t contain any grains or vegetables because ferrets can’t digest those! But that should only be a short-term fix.

Ferrets need to eat more than once every 24 hours. They have short digestive tracks, so in order t keep their energy level up – they need a regular supply of food.


If you don’t have time to provide this for them then they will go into kibbles. This is a dried food for ferrets, containing everything your ferret needs. YOu should buy quality food for your ferret.


Only give your ferret special ferret-proof treats. Avoid any hard or pointy treats as they could hurt your ferret.


Ferrets can eat eggs. Every once in a while, they can eat an egg. Raw or boiled eggs are best! Eggs are a great treat for your little friend. They should be boiled or raw, not hardboiled, though.


Can your ferret eat bread? No! DOnt give bread to your ferret. They can’t digest it and may get sick. Bread could give them a stomach ache, too.

But what about Vitamins?

Your ferret does not need any extra vitamins. They get all the vitamins they need from their food.


No nuts for ferrets. Nuts can cause many problems with your ferret’s digestive system, and they may not be able to digest them properly. Ferrets cannot have any nuts in their diet – they may cause many problems with your ferret.

Cook a Soup for your Ferret!

You can cook soup for your ferret. You will find a special recipe for ferrets here.

Speaking of getting sick

You should check with your vet regularly for any health problems that might occur. You should also take them to the vet if your ferret has been vomiting or seems really lethargic and depressed, as this can be a sign of something serious.

They love to play

Ferrets love to play. They pay with their toys but also with humans. They love to play in and out of water – they just need a little help getting wet, so be careful not to get them too wet too fast.

When playing with your ferret, try to mimic the movements they make. They will respond well and love you for it!

A Day in the Life of a Ferret: Breakfast Time

Breakfast time is a great treat for any ferret – as long as they’re not on a strict diet (ferrets can’t have anything that could be harmful). Remember to give them something crunchy.

It’s important to always keep an eye on what your ferret eats because some foods are toxic for them. A few examples are chocolate, avocado, raw potato peelings, raisins, onions and garlic which can cause diarrhea; grapes/raisin grape juice can upset their stomach.

Bananas are bad for ferrets because they can cause diarrhea, weight gain, and constipation. Your furry friend should avoid other items: grapes/raisin grape juice, corn cobs (which could have pieces of kernels), nuts or seeds with the shell on them, chocolate, avocado.

If you’re questioning an ingredient to feed your pet ferret, please look it up before giving it to them! You’ll save yourself a lot of time and hassle if you do so beforehand.

Ferrets also need plenty of water at all times – make sure their bowl is full to avoid any dehydration issues! Plus, check if they accidentally tipped their water bowl over – they’re super sneaky.

They love to play with paper, toilet rolls, and other cardboard items, so make sure you keep those out of reach! They also enjoy chewing on wires which could cause a fire hazard in your home.


It’s best not to give them any food we eat because humans have different digestive systems than ferrets. If your pet has an upset stomach or diarrhea, it is best to feed them boiled chicken for two days when the symptoms are gone, as this will help settle their tummy again!

You could pre-cook some special ferret soup and freeze it. This is a great way to ensure that you have food prepared for your pet when they are unwell.

If you do come across any questions about whether something is safe, please get in touch with us, and we’ll be more than happy to help!

Feed them some ferret soup – it’s loaded with all the nutrients they need regardless of what they might eat outside, will keep their immune system strong and healthy, and contain natural laxative properties, which could really save the day if things go wrong!

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