Can You Afford a Ferret? These Things Will Make Things Expensive5 min read

Whether or not you can afford a ferret is something that you should ask yourself before getting one. Ferrets are adorable and social animals, but they have some special needs, making them expensive to keep.

In this article, we will talk about the cost of owning a ferret in detail so that you know what to expect from your new furry friend!

Ferrets need a lot of care, not only in the form of veterinary visits and food.

They also require a cage for them to live in and toys that will keep them entertained. We’ll tell you how much these things cost so that you can plan accordingly!

Ferret Cage

When it comes to ferret cages, they are one of the most expensive parts of owning a ferret.

You don’t want just any old wire crate, though, because your ferret might chew through it or get hurt on sharp edges, which could lead to infection.

Ferrets also like climbing up walls and exploring their surroundings- this is why it’s important to have enough space for them inside their cage. Many cages have different levels and ramps.

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Ferrets love to sleep in a hammock, and if you have different levels, you could have a litterbox on the lowest level, meaning their sleeping is nicely separated.

A good ferret cage will last much longer than the cheap wire one you might find on sale at your local pet shop.

This is because it’s made of durable and strong materials like metal which can’t be chewed through by teeth or claws.

Ferret Litter Box

Yes. You can train your ferret to use a litterbox, just like a cat.

As long as you provide your ferret with a litterbox and give them ample opportunity to use it, they will eventually learn.

It can take some time for the animal to get used to their surroundings before learning this basic need of going in one place instead of everywhere.

It is not only less smelly but also cleaner for you and your ferret.

Fun Fact:
Ferrets are the second-most popular pet in America, and their numbers only seem to be on the rise.

Ferret Dig Box

What is a ferret dig box? Dig boxes are containers with materials that your pet ferret can dig in.

Why? Digging helps a ferret be happy because it is natural for them to dig.

Ferrets need exercise, and digging boxes help them get it! The best thing about dig boxes is that they’re inexpensive and give your pet hours of fun playtime.

You could easily make one yourself! Here are some examples:

A Dig Box will make owning a Ferret much easier because it gives them plenty of time to do something natural while staying out from underfoot.

Ferret Toys

Ferrets need toys. They are natural hunters, and their favorite toy is usually a small mouse or other critters that they can catch, bring back to the nest.

Most ferret owners buy expensive toys for their ferrets. While you certainly can – it is not necessary to do so! You could initially buy various toys and keep a few of them hidden until your ferret is used to the other ones.

Ferrets are agile, curious creatures that love to explore! They will need toys throughout their lives as they grow older for sure (you can’t stop them from playing!).

That being said, some of their favorite toys might not last long because they may chew through them or rip off pieces of them with ease.

The best way to keep your pet entertained is by giving it lots of different kinds of safe toys (like fuzzy mice).

Ferret Diet

Ferrets are obligate carnivores. That means that they must eat meat to survive.

This is one of the more expensive aspects of ferrets because commercial pet food may include various foods such as rice and vegetables.

So what you need is food that is ferret-approved! Ferrets need extra taurine-rich protein for healthy eyesight and heart function, so it’s best to pair their diet up with fresh, raw meat and some animal organs, and bones too.

May ferret owners feed a combination of fresh meats and dry food. You do need a special kibble – ferrets should not eat dog food or most of the cat foods available.

In general, it’s advisable to stick with more natural food options which may be cheaper than processed ones in the long run anyway.

Ferret Carrier

You need a proper pet carrier for your ferret. A safe place where you could put your furry friends when you’re visiting the vet, for example.

The carrier needs to be well ventilated and should be robust enough to withstand your ferrets’ digging attempts.

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Sadly many ferrets develop some illness during their lives. It is important to plan for that eventuality.

Not only will you need a vet who is willing to treat ferrets as well, but also one close by. Ferrets need to be vaccinated annually for rabies and canine distemper.


Ferrets are adorable creatures. But there are costs involved in owning a ferret. There are a lot of things to consider everything from food to vet visits and vaccinations.

The yearly costs for owning a pet ferret should be calculated at $250 – $500.

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