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Have you ever wondered what a ferret dig box is? Do you know why it’s important for your pet to have one? Ferrets are natural burrowers, and they love to play in the dirt. Humans often find this behavior gross, but it is completely normal for the ferret.

In fact, if your pet does not have an appropriate place to dig outside of their cage or run area, they will take out their pent-up energy on things inside the house!

Here are our top recommended ferret dig boxes:

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A ferret dig box can be a great way to deal with this issue – read on to learn more about how these boxes work and why they’re so important!

What Is a Ferret Dig Box

The typical ferret dig box is a large, shallow container with shredded newspaper, crinkled-up paper, leaves you raked outside, ping pong balls, and so on inside.

You want it to be deep and big enough for your ferret to dig around and play in. It should also be solid enough, so it doesn’t collapse.

The ferret can dig in the box to their heart’s content without making too much of an impact on your home!

The best way for you as the owner is to make sure that it has enough room so they don’t feel cramped or uncomfortable when digging around – this will help them.

You could also use actual dirt from the outside – your ferret will love it – you sure won’t. It’s a mess!

Alternatives to the Classic Ferret Dig Box

A good alternative to the classic ferret dig box is to use a large, shallow container with shredded newspaper or leaves inside.

Ferret Play Box

Some people use a play box instead of a dig box. It is larger and deeper.

Your ferret could combine digging and tunneling. You can also add ping pong balls for some extra fun.

Make sure not to use the same materials to fill the dig box you are using in the litterbox (like a shredded newspaper).

Your ferret will get confused and may mistake the dig box for the litter box…

DIY Dig Box or Play Box

You could always use a large, sturdy cardboard box and cut a hole in the side for your ferret to enter. Another alternative could be a plastic trash can, laundry basket, or even a large plastic storage container.

You can also use old towels, blankets, and pillows to make the inside of your dig box more comfortable for them!

Just be sure not to put any loose fabric in there because they could get tangled upon it while playing around with their toys…or worse yet, eat some pieces that are leftover from when you washed those items (yikes!).

The box should be about two feet deep, with shredded newspaper or leaves inside (or use ping pong balls). Use a material you do NOT use in your ferrets litter box …

Make sure that the materials the boxes are made of are not toxic to your ferret. The same goes for the filling.

Choose something unharmful such as dried beans, rice, or pasta. Your furry friend will most likely.

Best Materials for your Ferret Dig Box

The materials you use in the ferret dig box should be chemical-free and safe for your ferret.

Cardboard boxes (cut them into the right size) – this is a good material because it’s cheap, easy to find, and can be recycled.

It also has no chemicals or toxins that could harm your pet if they happen to swallow some of its contents by accident; however, cardboard does not offer much stability. Some people use plastic boxes, laundry baskets, trash cans, and so on instead.

There are a different options for filling materials, most of which have their pros and cons.

  • Kids’ Play Sand is pre-washed and sanitary and inexpensive, but it can be dusty (dusty) or get trapped in eye/nose/ear openings making it very messy.
  • Packing peanuts, on the other hand, make less mess at times they’re not too expensive when you buy them from places like Target where food-grade packaging peanuts cost about $7 per 500 lbs bag. But these may also cause problems with ferrets who enjoy eating this material even though there are cornstarch-based packing peanut varieties that dissolve in liquid available online through Drs Foster Smith website if your pet loves to munch!
  • Wood Pellets. They are inexpensive and won´t make too much of a mess.
  • Pasta. It is inexpensive, and its texture may help taking old fur off of your ferret. Ferrets love the sound of the moving pasta. The downside is that some ferrets like to eat pasta 🙂 And since pasta might have sharp edges to them, there is always the danger of an injury.
  • Shredded Paper. Inexpensive and should not make a mess. Be aware of paper cuts.
  • Potting Soil. There is always the thing that your ferret may mistake its dig box for its litter box (and vice versa) – this can become messy very quick
  • Jigsaw Puzzle pieces. Inexpensive when bought at a thrift store). Makes an interesting sound when moving, but again your ferret might be one of those that like to eat this material …
  • Rice. Inexpensive. But rice will swell in your ferret’s stomach when swallowed
  • Dried Beans. Not really that expensive. The only downside is that beans are heavy (you want to be able to move the box around, right?)
  • Plastic Balls. Could get expensive (well, kinda) You could use something like ping pong balls, or the ones you find in kids’ stores…

Ready-Made Ferret Play Boxes

If you don’t want to make your own ferret dig box, some ready-made ones are available. They can be found on Amazon and other online retailers for a few dollars depending on their size (smaller boxes will cost less).

The downside is that they’re not as customizable or sturdy, but if all else fails, this might work!

Our Recommended Ferret Dig Box

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What about Tunnel Accessories

ferret entering a tunnel to play

Ferrets not only like to dig but also like to explore. If you want your ferret dig box to be more than just a simple box, consider adding tunnel accessories like ramps and tubes for them!

They’ll love it even if they don’t use these things as much because of how fun exploring is

Benefits of a Ferret Dig Box

The benefits are that your ferret won´t be digging up your carpet or furniture.

The other benefit is that they can’t get into any trouble when the dig box has been put away, so if there’s anything dangerous nearby, this would protect him from getting hurt (or worse).


Ferret dig boxes are a great way to keep your ferrets entertained and out of trouble. They’re also really easy for you, the owner! You could make your own ferret dig box, or you could buy one. The ferrets will love it either way!

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