Do Ferrets Need to Go to the Vet?4 min read

Ferrets are gorgeous little furballs that love to play and cuddle. They can be very playful, but they also have a lot of energy, so it’s essential to get enough exercise. But what about the question of ferrets need to go to the vet? 

Well, the answer is simple: Yes! Ferrets need to go to the vet. They need regular checkups just like any other pet does.

And there are some things you should know before going to your local veterinarian.

Do Ferrets need Vet Visits?

Easy. Yes, ferrets need vet visits. Why? Well, ferrets need their yearly vaccinations as well as annual health checks. This includes checking their teeth, eyes, ears, heart rate, weight, body temperature, blood pressure, breathing patterns, etc. It’s not only good practice, but it will help keep your ferret healthy.

What Vaccines do Ferrets Need? 

Like dogs and cats, ferrets need vaccinations too. A fecal parasite test, an examination, and booster shots are also required every year. Ferrets over 3 or 4 need a complete geriatric profile.

It’s usual for ferrets to get vaccinated at 8, 12, and 16 weeks to prevent canine distemper. Ferrets can also get rabies vaccinated. Despite this, some veterinarians don’t vaccinate ferrets for rabies because of local municipal laws about ferret bites.

An older ferret with an unknown vaccine history could be recommended for a distemper booster shot by your vet.

How often Should a Ferret go to the vet?

Within 48 hours of purchase, you should take your ferret to a vet who treats these unique pets for the first time. You’ll discuss ferret diet, housing, and toys during this visit. We’ll set up a vaccination plan, look for worms or other intestinal parasites, and start the ferret on heartworm prevention. 

After this first visit, ferrets require yearly examinations, including vaccination boosters. If you notice anything unusual with your ferret, make sure he gets checked out by his doctor immediately.

Can you Take a Ferret to a Normal Vet?

Usually, any veterinarian is a great place to bring your ferret in for routine care. However, many vets won’t accept ferrets unless they’re sick. So, if you want to see a regular vet, ask around locally. Some people may recommend a veterinary clinic where they work. Or maybe someone has experience bringing their ferret into another vet. 

How much is the First Vet Visit for a Ferret?

Well, vet costs can vary but expect to pay $100 to $200 per ferret. After all, you need rabies and canine distemper vac. The costs for spaying or neutering, on average, are an additional $50 to $100, and a descenting surgery is an additional $100 to $200… 

Ferrets are not cheap animals to keep. They require special treatment and extra care. MAke up your mind if you can afford a ferret before adopting or buying one! (read.. ferret costs).

How much does a Vet Visit cost for a Ferret?

ferret held by vet with blue gloves, medicine dripping into its ear

This depends on what you are there for. If it’s the yearly checkup and vaccination – calculate between $100 and $200 per year. 

How Long do Ferrets Live as Pets?

The average lifespan of your furry friend is 5-10 years. This heavily depends on where you got your ferret from. Ferrets from reputable breeders tend to live a healthier and longer life than those bought from places like Tesco.

Are Ferrets Expensive to Keep?

Ferrets require more attention than most other small mammals. But that doesn’t mean you have to spend thousands of dollars keeping them. Food, toys, and visits to the veterinarian will add around $500 per year. 

You might be able to spend less, but as mentioned above, it really depends on how well cared for your pet was when purchased.

What Kind of Vet Care do Ferrets Need?

Yearly checkups, yearly shots to prevent canine distemper and rabies – and any necessary surgeries! Many ferrets develop something called Insulinomas. That is basically tumors growing inside the pancreas, which causes blood sugar levels to become too high or low. These tumors usually need to be surgically removed or treated by a strict diet change.

Do I Need A Veterinarian For My Ferret?

Yes, absolutely! Your ferret needs regular health checks and vaccinations. 

Do Ferrets Really Need Shots?

Yes! It should be mandatory for ferrets to get their annual vaccinations. These include Rabies Vaccine, Canine Distemper Vaccine Heartworm Prevention Vaccines against Parvovirus and Leptospirosis. YOu may wonder how important is it to take your ferret to the vet, is it essential to their health, or can they live without the vaccinations and distempers?

So, the short answer is yes! 


Do ferrets need to go to the vet? Yes, because they need vaccines and medical treatments. How much is the first visit for a ferret? About 100$-$200$. How long do ferrets live as pets? 5-10 years. Are ferrets expensive to keep? Yes, kinda, plan about 500$/year. What kind of vet care do ferrets need? Regular checkups, yearly shots, etc.