324 Funny Ferret Names3 min read

So you finally made up your mind and want to adopt a ferret! Great – Ferrets are adorable, playful, and highly energetic. What name should you give your new ferret? It can be difficult to find a name that’s appropriate for your ferret.

There are plenty of names out there that would suit just the right ferret! So if you’ve been looking for names and wondering what the best lineup is, read on!

Alferd, Anchovy, Anchoa, Bobby Begoode, Bubbles, Whiteout, Buttercup, Buttons-n-Bootsley, Bunneh, Caper, Minnie, D’Artagnan, Dollface. Dexter, Dusty, Dukie, El-Fuzzo, Coo-Coo, Felicity, Frisco Pants, Giggles, Nutmeg, Nicky, Ollie-Popsicle. Prince Charming, Prillz, Queenie Pretty, Punky Paws. Spike, Stephen, Stuart Little, Tiptoe, Tango, Toey, Tramp, Tootsie, Twinkle, Twinkles, Tatty, Twiggy, Jimbo, Jiggles, Jaws, Jazz-Bumpus, Jackie Chan, Giggles, Angel Kisses, Anna Banana, Archie, Arnie, Alfie, Merlin, Mr. Muffykins, Ace, Shrimp, Tinkerbell, C-Matilda, Cinnabun, Coconut, Cocoa Puff, Colin, Caillou. Fuzztail, Fuzzles, Furlough, Furlow. Furlo, Furleigh, Ferlach, Apricot, Cornfield, Bessie, Topsy Turvy, Cuddles, Rascal. Fuzzy Wuzzy,  Jerry Muskrat. Pupa Kitten, Froggy Woggy, Fruitloop. Squeaky, Chopper, Arty, Bucky, Buttons. Butterscotch, Boogah, Boogaloo, Freakshow. Mango Tango. Hottentot. Chipper Chutney, Marmalade, Momo, Meep, Squeeze. Meatball, Munchie, Winkser, Snausages. Fluffy Buttocks. Fwonkolas, Fworries, Fluffo, Wuffles, Toto, Pipiwoo, Tooter, Kipper. Fluffernutter, Fluffernob. Frumpy, Pudding, Pudding Pop. Fuzznugget, Fuzzles, Sweet Pea, Figaro, Tazmanian Devil. Skippy Squealer,  Coppertone, Copper-Top, Copperhead, Hard Head, Headstrong. Fuzzball, Ferdy Jr., Faerie. Parsnip, Fuzzball. Lumpy, Lippy, One-Eyed Willy. Sprite, Bouncy Wugglewumps, Bouncer, Aphrodite, Bulleye, Zsa-Zsa. Greedy, Double Dipped. Spud, Peanut, Giggles, Mavis, Ferdi, Razzleberry, Pokey Doubloon, Fluffernutter, Sausagemeat, Emil, Teddy, Peppermint Patty, Pawsit, Fuzzy Valentine, Fuzzi-Tate, Ferdy, Ferdi, Fizzy. Bugsy, Punkin, Lumpy, Eddie, Peanut Butter. Ferretone. Orson Pope. Zorro, Superman, Spiderman, Vader, Baron, Prince, Emperor, Roger Wilco, Wigglesworth. Fuzzy-Louey-Binkie, Binkie. Pimples. Cheeky, Piggy, Piglet, Pork Chop, Sir Fuzzypants, Sir EatAlot, Sir Swabber, Pinky, Peekaboo, Fuzzy Woof, Worries, Stinkers, Dorklepuss, Furry Paws, Donut, Mango, Raisin, Apple Pie, Killer, Munchy, Snooger Booger, Mr. Snuffleupagus, Whiskers, Tubby, Fuzzyface, Zooty, Tiggy, Bopper, Squeak, Fairy , Snaaasper, Frumpy, Skippy, Chickshoo, Mr. Snuffle, Bruiser Cruncher, Foo-Foo, Wilbert, Chummy, Tum-Tum, Snorington, Aleister, Rumpelstiltskin, Whiskervine, Scales, Cleptomaniac, Scamper, Kippy, Snugglephool, Snuffle, Hole-hunt, Sneaky, Crinkleroot, Sneakers, Fuzzy-face, Binky, Duck, Eggnog, Pawsicles, Pawsicle, Little Foot, Fuzzball, Terrycloth, Puffinser, Fuzzy Pups, FuzzyPup, Fuzzy-Fur, FuzzyPaws, FuzzyWugs, Fuzzers, Fuzzafoo, Fuzzy-Wuzzy, Biznatch, FuzzyG, FuzzyWookie, FuzzyPug, Frisky, Hugh Heffner, Tinkle, Binky, FuzzyMcSkittles, Fuzzypawz, Fuzzytubby, Scooby, Fuzzy, Fuzz Jr. Fuzzy and the Count, Fuzzle, FuzzyBass, FuzzyBeast, Fuzzypants, FuzzyBear, Ferdolph, ‘Curly’, Heidi, Greta, Freya, Thor, Odin, Sleipnir, Remy, Chu-Chu, Iffy,Tiggles, Tigger, Tiger, Biscuit, Cuddles, Gumdrop, Waffles. Tigger, Fuzz-Face, Mungojerrie, Growltiger, Mistoffeles, Rumpus Cat, Tumblebrutus, Professor Waffle, Waffle Jr., Waffels, Librarian, Snugglepup, Snugglepants, Ruffles, Kitty Biscuit, Munchkin, Chauncey, Kitty, Polly, Purry, Purreaux, Kewpie, Mr. Junior, Kewpie Doll, Hauskatz, Monk, JaLoo, Lucius, Malfoy, Pretzel, Cheezy, Pillow, Walter, Frank, Mr. White, Neo, Angela, Steffi, Fungus, Meatballs, Angus, Ace, Gilbert, Squeak, Chibi, Bao, Felix, Fido, Flatulenburg, Mungojerrie, Duo, Tinkle, Binki, Yummi, Snugglecat, Fuzzymess, Snugglebutt, Sir Holey, Macbeth, Bongo, Gremlin, Flibbertigibbet, Flobbertigibbet, Cheesy, Flibber, Flibberti, Cheezits, Petey, Gizmo, MacGruber, Ginormous, Cuddles, Tinsel, Putdy, Puddy, Pud, Puddy Paws, Mousie, Bonny, BonBon, Canoma, Fluff, Chef Fluffy, Flugglewig, Herman, Alfred, Dookie, Yolk, Knut, Mutt, Flixie, Ginger, Puddles, Crumbs, Fails, Lyle, Fwuffy, Wumpus, Fluffykins, Big Fat Ori, Longo, Pele, Tipsy, Squeak, Patches, Kitsune, Mawzley, Fluffette, Potatoe, Albus, Pip, Perrin, Max, Cloud, Shadow, Beans, Spot, Spagetthi, Subway…

So I think you can tell that you have plenty of choices when naming your new ferret! Whatever ferret name you choose for your ferret, make sure it fits its personality. There’s no harm in thinking about it and discussing it with your family even.

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