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While ferrets do make for an excellent companion pet, you have to be aware of the fact that these pets have different personalities and behaviors. Nevertheless, for many years, they have been domesticated. We will discuss few simple ways in which you can bond with ferrets.

Here are some strategies for bonding;

Be Patient with them.

a ferret sitting in front of a person and looking up to them

Regardless of whether your ferret is an adult or a puppy, you need to give them some time to get used to a new place and to get to know you.

You might want them close to you right away, but it is important to read the signs that they are sending.

They need to discover their new home and establish faith in their new human beings. When you see them confidently roaming about, not hiding, this is the first sign that you can slowly get to know each other.


When your ferret gives you the right signals, you’ll start to develop a good relationship. You’ll talk to it while you feed it and praise it when it does something right.

If you use a clicker, you can mark your ferret for the right behavior and then immediately reward it by giving it a piece of cooked meat. After a while, the ferret can associate a clicker sound with success.

Use a soft tone of voice and expression like “good boy/girl.” Don’t make an angry or loud noise to your ferret, even though it’s misbehaving, as this will just break down your relationship. Your ferret will be scared of you.

If they get used to your voice, you can begin bringing your hand to your farrets face in order to sniff, so that they will become familiar with your scent. Ferrets have excellent senses since they can detect water, which is why blind ferrets can find water.

It’s a brilliant idea to add each member one by one because that way you aren’t overloading your ferret.

Pet and Feed Your Ferret

Petting your ferret, and then treating it with care in a friendly manner, is crucial to establishing a bond. Ferrets (like every other animal) love it when you treat them well. When they’re eating, snuggle with them and examine their reaction (read… basic-ferret-training-tips).

If they pull away, they aren’t yet ready. Try to hold your ferret in your hand when you are relaxed with each other.

Be aware that young ferrets often nip and mistake your fingers for food. That’s why it’s so important to teach the correct behavior from a young age, and socialize it with humans and other pets at home.

Ferrets have a fast digestive system, so they’re always hungry. That´s why eating is a good time to bond and prepare.

Show them Love and Affection.

a woman holding a ferret o her arms

If you treat your ferret with patience and compassion they will feel that. If you don’t, they’ll feel frustrated and be afraid of you and pull away.

If you wish to bond with your ferret, the more love you offer, the faster it will warm up to you.

Ferrets that trust you roll all over, search for you everywhere, nap on you and even cry, like when they are sad. If the ferret is hiding on your lap or sleeping on you it means that it trusts you.

How to hold your Ferrets in a Safe Way

You can cuddle your ferret once you feel confident. Until then, it’s important to learn how to pick your ferret up in a healthy way.

Never pick your ferret up from your ears, legs, or side.

  • Keep your ferret above your belly, but under your chest, and then place one of your arms under your armpits.
  • By holding the ferret under his armpits with one arm, you ensure you protect his legs with the other arm.
  • You should pick them up by carrying them from their back hair, or you may scruff, and that’s their mom carry because they’re familiar with it.
  • If you’ve picked up your ferret, hold it tight to your body. This is a great way to bond.
  • I would carry them around in kangaroo pouches since they feel snuggled.
  • While you’re putting them down, pay extra attention so they don’t squirm out of your arms in the middle of the air as they could hurt themselves.

It’s important to read the signals your ferret is sending out. It’s not intended to deter you and just means that you haven’t reached that stage in your friendship.

Exercise and Playtime

Playtime is the next priority after feeding. Games and training are a perfect way to get to know your ferret. If you want to enjoy your ferret, you can play daily for at least 4 hours.

If you plan to let your ferret out, ensure the environment is secure. For playtime, you can invest in ferret toys—study toys for ferrets—from an online pet store or a pet store near you.

Final Words

In order to establish a lasting bond with your ferret, you should do the following:

Be sure to always look out for their basic needs, like cleanliness, nutrition, and a place to rest.

Keep in mind the more you do for a ferret, the more likely it will show affection and trust you.

Play games and do exercise with them. It stimulates their minds, enriches their lives, and creates quality bonding.

Finally, it’ll be best to have fun gaming times with them, get tunnels and toys for them to play with. You can also boost their chances if you just hold them close to you and pet them.

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