How To Keep A Single Ferret Happy6 min read

There is a huge difference between living and existing in this world. This statement is true for ferrets the same way it applies to people. Lots of people know the source of their happiness and are free to go for these things. Ferrets don’t have the same freedom as people to chase their happiness. 

They depend on their owners to make them happy by providing them things that can make their existence satisfying. Therefore, as a ferret owner, what can you do to make them happy?  Look at the tips we provided below. 

The best is to start with simple things. It is the necessities, which are simple and often forget things. 

Play With Your Ferret 

a ferret on a medow

Ferrets are social creatures that get along well alone or in groups. Ferrets are smart animals. Without ferret friends around, you will have to spend some time with them. 

Provide your ferrets with toys like bins, play games with them, and schedule time daily to play with your ferrets. This will help keep them occupied and prevent stress and sickness.

As an intelligent and active species, ferrets need to play frequently. That’s especially necessary for a single ferret who easily gets bored in the absence of a companion

It doesn’t have to be anything fancy; a towel will do. Wiggle it around the ferret to make them interested. Your pet will run after the towel until it catches an edge of it.

You can gently pull your ferret around the room when it catches an edge. Start the session again when they let go. Alternatively, you might use a rope instead of a towel for the same activity.

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The game tag is a good one for single ferrets. Ferrets love to chase and be chased. Hence, it is a great activity for single ferrets. 

Chase your ferret around the house and lightly tug on its head or body to tag it. Then you should run from it and let it catch up with you, then repeat the game as many times as possible. Be careful and watch your steps! 

Get on your hands and knees to even the playing field. It makes the game more interesting for them and makes them feel closer. However, cover your toes since ferrets are prone to toe bites.

When you don’t have time to play with them, you should have lots of toys around the house. Ferrets like toys as much as any other pet (even more). However, ensure these toys are made of hard rubber, which they cannot chew. 

These toys don’t have to be made especially for ferrets, as any ordinary dog toy will do.

A first be sure to watch them when they play with these toys.

Food and Drinks 

Good, nourishing food and clean water are essential to keep your ferret happy and in good health. Ferrets love treats, and they’re just like us, so we’re not crazy about seeing them hungry. 

Ferrets are natural carnivores, so their diets consist mainly of meat.

They do not require vegetable, fruits, bits, or grains.

They have a high metabolism, so they need a lot of protein and a moderate amount of fat. 

Consequently, as an owner, you should give your cute friend a balanced diet that includes shopping for and preparing food.

Please ensure that your ferrets are fed good quality food since cheap food will be harmful as it contains mostly plant protein. 

Foods consumed by cats and dogs are not good for ferrets. An exemption is high-quality cat food. It is best to let baby ferrets rely mostly on their mother in their first 6 months of life.

Afterwards, it is okay to give them the same food used by their mother.

Introducing different foods when your ferret is young will make them more accustomed to a diverse diet and prevent sickness.

It will also prevent you from having a sick ferret when you change the food later.

Drinks from a bottle or bowl should be clean. Ensure that the bowl is heavy enough so that it doesn’t tip over and spill water on your floor.

It is best if the water wasn’t near the litter-box so that it won’t become contaminated.

Build a Ferret Hideout 

The cage (read.. best ferret cages) should have room for them to play and exercise. Ferret bins usually have two or more levels with a dark enclosure to keep them quiet while they sleep.

Adding a hammock to the cage will give them something to climb on while it’s comfortable.

Ferrets like a soft surface while sleeping. For example, you can use shredded paper or high-quality hay as a bedding material.

However, if you prefer extra comfort for your pet, you should use a towel, small blanket, or nesting box.

You should change the settings regularly and wash them too. However, it would help if you used only soap because regular detergent may harm your ferret.

Regular cleaning is essential to your ferret’s happiness. And since it also helps to reduce the typical musky smell, it is also beneficial for you 🙂  

Your ferret needs a clean environment, too. However, you have the option of changing your environment, and your ferret doesn’t.

Therefore, it is your responsibility to help your ferret live in a clean environment.

Dirty bins are a breeding ground for bacteria, so you need to keep them clean and hygienic.

Comfortable Temperature

Ferrets like cool environments. That´s why you should not place your ferret’s cage in a hot environment or cold drafts.

If your ferret’s cage is placed by a window, you should use a towel to block sunlight. 

Let Your Ferret Out of Its Cage Daily

a ferret looking out if its cage

If possible at all, you should let your ferrets outdoors for a couple of hours every day. Did you know that you can teach your ferret to walk on a leash?

This is critical for single ferrets, who do not have someone to play with throughout the day.

The more time you can spend with your ferret outside, the better for them.


Ferrets are great companions. However, you ought to make them happy when they are single. Ferrets deserve happiness just as other living creatures do. It is your duty as the owners to care for them. And should include plenty of fun and playtime in addition to proper feeding.

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