Keeping Ferrets Cool in Hot Weather3 min read

The weather is getting warmer, and it’s time to prepare for the heat. Ferrets are susceptible to extreme temperatures, so you must take steps now to keep them comfortable during the hot summer months.

In this article, we will discuss how to cool your ferret off when they get too warm and what materials you can use around your house or apartment to make sure they stay cool throughout the day.

Ferret are prone to heat stress. That´s why it is important to make sure your ferret won´t overheat when you are out. Ferret fur needs airflow for cooling!

Overheating and heatstroke are a serious risk as soon as temperatures reach 85 degrees F and above.

What can You do to Cool your Ferret?

Cooling the Room

Either by air conditioning or if that’s not available by using a fan. Ensure that the cool air is not directed directly onto the ferret cage.

Look out for any openings if you´re using a window-mounted AC!

If you’re using a fan, make sure the ferret cage is at least two feet away from it – and outside of your ferrets curious reach 🙂

What Else

  • Provide a water bowl that is easily accessible to your ferret for drinking.
  • Hanging wet towels in the room.
  • Place a block of ice in a shallow pan – your ferret will love it.

You can also put ice packs or frozen water bottles (wrapped in a towel) over your ferret’s bedding to help them keep cool and comfortable when you are not around!

The ice will melt, and the condensation will cool the towel.

  • Let your ferret take a bath (bathtub, sink or small pool)! Just as with small kids – don´t leave your ferret unattended
  • Give your ferret some ice cubes – a nice combinaton of playing and cooling…

Signs Your Ferret Is Suffering from a Heatstroke

Ferrets are very sensitive to heat, and should be handled with care. And because the symptoms of a ferret having one can vary quite strongly from each animal (due partly for their temperament) it’s important that you know what your pet is telling when they show these signs.

Here are some of the most common signs that your pet is suffering from heatstroke:

  • Increased breathing, panting, or extreme thirst
  • Vomiting and diarrhea (signs can also include a decreased appetite)
  • Extreme lethargy
  • Lying flat on the floor
  • Exessive Mucus coming from nose and mouth
  • Footpads change color to red
  • Seizure
  • Eyes have a “glassy look”

A Heat stroke needs to be treated immediately!

The Following are some Guidelines on How to Deal with a Heat Stroke in Ferrets:

Keep your pet cool by wetting them down or putting ice packs and/or cold towels around the animal.

Be careful not to leave these items unattended, as they can cause frostbite if left for long periods of time!

Let your ferret take a bath, but make sure that the water is not cold! Otherwise youre risking a shock!

And the obvious: after doing the first steps as described above, seek immediate advice from a vet!


Try to keep your ferret cool by cooling the room they are in. Use your AC or a fan – don´t direct the airflow directly at the cage.

As an alternative: wetting them down or putting ice packs and/or cold towels around the animal.

Keep an eye on their paws, nose & mouth, as these are some of the ways they show heat exhaustion! Stay safe this summer with a good air conditioner for those hot days that come up.

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