Here is all You Need To Know Before Keeping A Ferret As A Pet!7 min read

If you are reading this, then it is because you are considering getting a ferret as a pet and want to know if it is a venture worth taking. That is understandable given that ferrets are not so common in households like other regular pets.

An Incredibly playful and friendly animal, a ferret may turn out to be the best pet you could ever have in your home.

With its furry and weasel-like body, this cute animal has continued to grow popular in households and for good reasons. It is an extremely sociable animal and can bond well with its owner as long as it is shown great care and affection. 

 You should know that owning a ferret will spark up your life into a great buzz of activities, which is great if that is what you are looking for.

Ferrets possess a high intellectual capacity and can learn to do basic things such as locate their beds, use the toilet and eat from their bowls. They are also super curious, extremely playful, and love to exercise.

If you are going to keep a ferret as a pet, you should know that they are fragile animals and can be very sensitive, and a little bit of complacency on your part can hold drastic consequences. 

This article is met to act as a guide that can help you avoid any possible ferret-related complications.

By the time you get to the end of this guide, you will be equipped with enough information to get yourself kicking the moment our hairy friend comes into its new home.   


While there are many things to consider when planning to get a ferret, the ability to take great care of them should top the list as it has a very significant correlation to their comfort and general well-being.  

You would want to take note of the following care tips before bringing in your new pet. 


Choosing the right home for your ferret will play a significant role in how it behaves. Ferrets are happy animals that love to be comfortable, so providing the right home in the right environment is very important.

Ferrets can live in indoor cages with a temperature of up to 27 degrees Celsius. Your cage choice should come with multi-level shelves and enough space for playing as ferrets are great climbers and enjoy roaming.

Also, the cage should come with a solid floor panel. These prevent their paws from getting stuck on softer fabric that could lead to injuries.

Also, the cage should incorporate a conducive toilet area and space for toys. A ferret run can also be attached to the cage to promote an active lifestyle for the ferret.

 While various items can be included in a ferret cage, there are some essential items that must be included to keep your pet comfortable and happy. These includes 

  •  A hammock. If this is too expensive, then a blanket or large towel will provide the needed comfort.
  • A food bowl. A water bowl should also be included.
  • Toys, pipes, and ramps.


The old ferret eats dry food from its cup

Ferrets are carnivores, and their recommended diet should contain 80% of meat and 20% of fat. Dog and cat’s food are not a great recommendation for these furry animals as they do not contain enough calorie and fats.

Feeding them with these types of food has drastic effects, including causing a shortened lifespan.

Turkey, Fresh chicken, and ducks are good diet choices for ferrets as they meet their minimum nutrient requirement.

Ferrets are anti tolerant to vegetables and grains and should not be fed with fruits except on rare occasions as they can suffer from Insulinoma.

Many commercial ferret’s foods you can purchase from grocery stores, but most are not suitable as they contain grains and fruits.

It is advised that you research the ingredients of food brands before purchase.


The hygiene of ferrets is extremely important, and if you want your soon-to-be pet to live a healthy and long life, there are some things you will have to put in place.

Ferrets are sensitive and are allergic to certain things, so you have to make sure that the cage is always kept clean and dust-free. This also applies to their litters. 

Laundry detergents with a strong smell could also be hazardous to ferrets, so it is ideal to use fragrance-free detergents and fabric softeners.

Bathing your ferret should not be overdone despite the temptation of wanting to wash off its odor.

Over shampooing would only lead to the ferret developing dry and itchy skin. Also, your effort of trying to get rid of the odor may be counterproductive as the body will go on overdrive to produce more oil, leading to a more pungent odor. 

Ferrets are naturally clean animals who spend significant time cleaning up themselves. They also shed twice a year.


I’m sure you must have heard of the famous adage, ‘for every advantage, there is an equal disadvantage.’ Well, that is pretty much how it goes with ferrets.

Okay, maybe the benefits of owning one outdo the troubles, but there might still be some things you might want to look up before getting one. 


I know we have stated this before, but we just need to restate it; ferrets smell. 

Their body emits a kind of oil that creates a smell most people will find offensive. Some animal lovers describe this odor as musky, while others describe it as similar to artificial chocolate.

The smell from Males is stronger than that of females, while neutered ones are milder.  

Crowding them makes the smell worst, which could pose a problem as you may need to purchase a couple due to their sociable nature.


two Ferrets eating messy

They can do it up to 15 times a day! They can leave it at ten if they want to be kind. That is how bad it can be.

Ferrets have shorts digestive tracts, which means they defecate a lot. Also, not all understand the workings of litter, so they defecate a lot and can also be messy about it.

You may need to own several trays set up at different corners of the cage as these animals like going about their business in more than one corner.


Ferrets are natural bitters. They play with their teeth, and these are really sharp. They can be trained not to bite, and many lovers of ferret claim that these pets would never hurt a human except they feel frightened.

Still, there have been many recorded cases where ferrets turn on owners with their teeth, and it wasn’t for fun. You may want to watch out for this before purchasing one.


Ferrets are classified as EXOTIC pets and require exotic vet bills to treat their related illness. If you do not have a great budget plan for their care, it is advisable to hold back on getting one.

While growing increasingly popular as pets, Ferrets are still relatively uncommon in households and are not placed among common pet lists in most vet centers making their treatments costly. 

Also, given their fragile nature, ferrets are vulnerable to diseases like cancer, and it takes a lot of cash to treat these ailments.  

Getting a ferret can be a great decision once you have all the hinges on how to take care of one. With the information provided in this article, you now have all it takes to properly care for a ferret while ready for the challenges it brings.

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