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You need a proper cage for your ferret friends. We’re going to walk you through the differences between ferret cages, then help you make a selection by evaluating some of the best options available.

Ferrets are spunky, active creatures who need a lot of attention and stimulation to keep from becoming bored and destructive. And they also need a cage for the times that you are not around.

If you use your ferret’s cage is more than just a simple place to put your furry friend, then you’ll want to make sure that it is big enough for your ferret but still convenient for you to use.

A ferret cage needs to provide the right amount of space, comfort, and safety.

Before we get into specific types of ferret cages, let’s examine some fundamental issues in choosing the best one for your pet and your household.

How many ferrets are in a MidWest Ferret Nation cage

Depending on the model you are buying, one or more ferrets would fit in a MidWest Ferret Nation cage.

Ferret Nation Single Unit

The Midwest Ferret Nation Single Unit with a stand ferret cage was designed for one ferret. This cage is specifically designed for ferrets.


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Specifications: Midwest Cage Dimensions for Ferrets

  • Cage dimensions: 25” W x 24.5” H x 36” L
  • Space between bars: 1″
  • Weight: 53.1 lb
  • Lower Storage dimensions: 34.75″ L x 22.75″ W x 9.25″ H


  • No tools required for assembly
  • A lot of room for toys and hammocks
  • Durable slides-in-and-outs trays for easy cleaning.
  • Have solid locks which can’t be unlocked by ferrets,
  • Including wheel casters that allow Ferret Nation cages to be easily moved around
  • Levels and ramps that can be adjusted

Ferret Nation 181 cages are compatible with Ferret Nation 183 cages. If you decide to buy a second level, you can expand to two levels later on.

Ferret Nation 182 Double Level Cage


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The Midwest Ferret Nation Double Unit with a stand ferret cage was designed for two ferrets. This cage is made to be safe, flexible, and easy to clean.

The Ferret Nation double cage has two levels that can be separated by latching one ramp up. That enables you to have to ferrets separately but in one cage.

The cabinet-style doors latch securely, and the double-level design makes it easy to clean.

Specifications: Midwest Cage Dimensions for Ferrets

  • Cage dimensions: 36″ W x 25″ H x 63.25 ” H
  • Space between bars: 1”
  • Weight: 93 lbs
  • Lower Storage dimensions: 34.75” L x 22.75” W x 9.25” H


  • Solid locks that cannot be unlocked by ferrets
  • The hard plastic trays are very easy to clean.
  • Including wheel casters that allow the cage to be easily moved around
  • Ramps and levels are adjustable

All bars and wires have been arranged specifically for ferrets. Not too wide and not too small. I regard cleaning; MidWest states that the trays slide out for easy access to all of the corners of the cage. Plus, the double cabinet door allows easy access to all areas.

An add-on-unit is available too – So if you choose to buy the double story 182 cages, you could, together with the add-on unit, create more than 7 feet of space, including storage.

While this is not the cheapest solution around, it is definitely one of the best solutions available!

How much do MidWest Ferret Nation Cages Cost?

Well, obviously, this depends on the model you’re looking for. But I will say that cages start between $55 for a one-size-fits-all type and $400+ for one made by MidWest that fits more than one ferret.

And if you are looking for something on a budget, you can always check out eBay or Craigslist as an option.

Finally, the animal store can be another good place to look for cheap cages. You may even find that a local pet store or hobby shop is willing to sell you a used cage for a better price than what they can get if they sell it online.

In some cases, you may be better off purchasing a used cage that is the right size and in good condition than paying full retail for an unused one.

read.. best cage covers

You know that thing where you hear that “all ferrets are the same,” and we always follow up with “except when they’re not”? So make sure you get a cage that your furry friends have enough room in.

I know that they take up some space, but they are usually pretty compact. The top cage I bought my girls is not big enough for the two of them together.

So I have to get a bigger one so they can both be in it simultaneously. Apart, they love to play in their smaller cages.

I also looked at cages for small pets like rabbits or guinea pigs, but I found those not ideals for ferrets…

Where Can I get a MidWest Ferret Cage?

Many places sell MidWest ferret cages. Online or at a pet store. Which ones you buy may depend on how much time you have available to pick up a cage and whether you have access to a car that can be used as a moving truck.

  • Amazon.com
  • Wayfair
  • midwesthomes4pets.com
  • Walmart
  • Petco
  • eBay

It is worth taking your time to research these online sources. Compare prices, reviews, options for delivery, order fulfillment, and so on before making your purchase decision.

I found that Amazon is a convenient way to shop for MidWest ferret cages online. Shipping costs are reasonable, and you can always get a good deal on shipping by signing up for Amazon Prime if you haven’t already.

How big is the MidWest Ferret Nation Ferret Cage

The size of the cage depends on what model you are looking at. There are different models available.

Singel Unit

Cage dimensions: 25” W x 24.5” H x 36” L

Double Unit

Cage dimensions: 36″ W x 25″ H x 63.25 ” H

How to use the Midwest Ferret Cage Add On


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The Ferret Nation 183 is an add-cage that sits on top of either the single- or the double cage. Make sure that you own the newer FN 181 or FN 182 models. The add-on won’t fit and lock into earlier Ferret Nation Cages!!

Other than that, the installation is pretty easy and can be done without tools. It uses interlocking panels to securely attach the top cage to the bottom cage.

This allows you to create a third floor or story on your ferret cage. It is nice to add levels when you find that your ferrets will need more space for themselves.

Midwest Ferret Nation Cage Accessories

There are tons of accessories to add to your MidWest ferret nation cages. From hammocks, tunnels, and wheels to play stations and benches for when your ferrets get tired of playing.

Midwest Ferret Nation offers several cage replacement parts:

  • Bottom Pan Cover
  • Bottum Unit Replacement Pan
  • Busybody Blanket
  • Cozy Cube
  • Hanging Shelf Replacement
  • Lower Scatter Guard
  • Nation Privacy Cage Cover
  • Shelf Cover
  • Top Pan Cover
  • Top Unit Replacement Pan
  • Upper Scatter Guard
  • Cozy Cube
  • Large Hammock
  • Play Tunnel
  • Small Hammock
  • Ramp Covers

Check the prices here

What do Ferrets Need in their Cage

Cages should have plenty of soft bedding, water bottles, food crocks, and litter boxes. Toys and accessories to sleep, hide, climb, etc. Mounts like ramps or steps help them get around their cage easier.

The litter can be paper-based or wood-based. Make sure not to use pine, cedar, and aspen shavings; rabbit pellets made of alfalfa hay or oat straw instead of paper-based litter.

Ferrets require a minimum of four hours per day out of their cage, at least two of which should include human connections.

Prevue Hendryx Feisty Ferret Home vs. Midwest Deluxe Ferret Nation Cage

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Both cages offer enough room for more than one ferret. But the MidWest Ferret Nation Cage makes it easier on you because you can expand and even add an extra unit.

The Prevue Hendryx Feisty Ferret Home cage doesn’t provide the opportunity to expand it later on.

To me, the MidWest Ferret Nation model looks like a more durable cage that is better suited for ferrets. I recommend the Midwest Cage over the Prevue Hendryx Feisty Ferret Home because of its easy expandability and proven design.

In my opinion, the Midwest Ferret Nation Double Level Cage is one of the best cages on the market that provides room and space for two ferrets.

If you are more on a budget, the Prevue Hendryx Feisty will be the perfect solution. Overall good value for a good price.

Midwest Ferret Nation Cage Shelves

You can easily buy separate shelves for your midwest cage. It’s an efficient option. It is a hanging shelf, so you can easily remove the shelves and place them somewhere else.

Midwest Ferret Nation Cage Guards

If you want to keep the scattering of litter around your ferret cage to a minimum, MidWest sells a set of guards for your ferret cage.

These, at first glance, may feel like they are pricey for what you receive, but after I used them now, I can see how much more work they help you keep your home clean and tidy.

It is effortless to use them, and your ferrets will not notice them. You hardly even see them!

Cheap Midwest Ferret Nation Single Unit Ferret Cage

The cages from MidWest are not the cheapest. Quality has its price. So your best chances to find a cheap single-unit cage are eBay or maybe Craigslist.

Midwest Ferret Nation Cage Directions

The assembly is not so complex, but in case you lost your instructions. Here we go:

Ferret Nation 181 Assembly Instructions
Ferret Nation 182 Assembly Instructions
Ferret Nation 183 Assembly Instructions

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Critter Nation 161 Assembly Instructions
Critter Nation 162 Assembly Instructions
Critter Nation 163 Assembly Instructions

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Nation Accessories Lower Scatter Guard Assembly Instructions
Nation Accessories Upper Scatter Guard Assembly Instructions

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