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Rabbiting is a pursuit that has been practiced for centuries. Rabbits are common in the wild, and there is a long history of hunting them as game. Rabbiting today still involves chasing rabbits out of their burrows, but it can be difficult to catch them once they’ve gone underground.

That’s where the ferret comes in! Ferrets have an uncanny ability to sniff out these little creatures and flush them from their hiding spots.

This article will cover how you can get started with rabbiting plus some tips on using ferrets effectively!

After being used for hunting purposes for over 4.000 years ferrets have slowly become a popular pet and companion animal. They are small, playful, and intelligent animals that can be trained to do a variety of tricks.

But ferrets are still used for hunting rabbits today. Ferret ownership is not without its challenges though; it’s important to be aware of the risks and responsibilities that come with caring ferrety friends before you take on this new responsibility!

Rabbits are common prey for many hunters, and ferrets can be an effective tool in catching them.

Ferret hunting is still practiced today by some people in the UK as it has been done since the Middle Ages when they were used to hunt rabbits out of their holes or burrows with little effort on behalf of humans.


The Ferret

Well yes. Obviously, you need a ferret! Find a reputable breeder – Go and visit them – see how the ferrets are kept.

Ferrets for rabbit hunting are typically bred for this task and come from a number of generations, selected specifically to hunt rabbits.

They may have slightly different physics and hunting instincts than their ancestors, but they are still capable to hunt rabbits.

Kits are born over the summer. You should not buy kits outside of the natural season. You are looking for a healthy, alert, and playful kit.

Hobs or Jills for Rabbit Hunting

The thing about ferreting is that all hunters have their preferences based on their animal’s size and strength.

For example, some hunters prefer jills over hobs because they feel like the stronger hobs are more likely to kill a rabbit and then stay in its burrow for a nap!

A Ferret Locator

When your ferret is in the rabbit’s burrow and has caught the rabbit, or chased into a sop end. Now you’ll want to get the ferret out of there. That´s when you use a locator to find the spot where you should start digging.

You need a Spade

In case your ferret and the rabbit end in a dead-end: you will need a spade to dig your ferret out. We recommend The Bulldog rabbiting spade

A Net

Yes. A net. You will need a net when your ferret is chasing the rabbit out of its burrow. The net will help you to catch the rabbit and also protect your ferret from getting injured.

You place the net (purse net) over the holes of a burrow to catch the rabbits when they come out. The net should be placed at the entrance of a burrow, not in it – otherwise, you’ll catch nothing but dirt and stones!

A Ferrets’ Hunting Instincts

The hunting instincts of the modern-day rabbit hunter are not much different from those who hunted rabbits in ancient times, but they have been bred for this task and come out with some slight differences than their ancestors had before them.

Why are Ferrets good Rabbit Hunters?

Their unique body structure is more suited for hunting rabbits than other animals.

They have a long, slender body with short legs and their flexible spine allows them to enter narrow spaces that humans cannot fit into easily or at all without the use of tools such as shovels for digging out burrows.

They are also small enough in size so it’ll be easier to carry them around with you. Additionally, ferrets have a very good sense of smell and got eyesight in the dark.

How Long Before The Rabbits Are Flushed Out?

Once the ferret has entered the borrow it could easily take 10-20 minutes before things start to happen. Once the ferret has started chasing the rabbits, they’ll be flushed out of their burrows in no time!

Is Ferreting Legal?

Definitely check the hunting laws in your state! It won’t be allowed in most states – But there might be exemptions for orchards to control rabbits.

Rabbiting is practiced in the UK – but not allowed in the US


Rabbiting is still a common practice in the UK today. Many wild rabbits are caught every year, but getting them out of their holes can be difficult and that’s where the ferret comes in! Once they have entered into your burrow it could take up to 20 minutes before anything happens.

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