Reasons Why Ferrets Are So Cute!6 min read

Ferrets are adorable creatures. They are highly sentient animals with a very distinct language. Ferrets have very possible intelligence beyond that of even dogs.

But what makes ferrets, without a doubt, the most fun animals to have?

Why are they among the cutest and adorable creatures known in the universe? Let us explain.

First – Ferrets are inquisitive. What is interesting always fascinates ferrets. When something happens, a ferret will always be in the crossfire to witness, try to understand, and make sense of the situation.

Second – The ferrets are very loving. They have a very unique and captivating affection. Ferrets are highly lovable creatures. Some would even go to the extent of saying that ferrets are talented lovers.

Ferret Are Special Because

It’s not even that many people are unaware of their intelligence and allow their ferret pets to roam the household like dogs.

It’s how they act and play and snuggle with each other or their human. Yes, ferrets are more fun and are more loving than other animals that are more commonly kept in households.

However, with all that said, these couldn’t possibly be the most surprising qualities about ferrets, as anyone who keeps them as pets will always be amused and in shock to see how their ferrets act and how they interact with others.

The Way They Are Playing with Their Toys

First of all, ferrets are incredibly playful with their toys and are always curious about playing with new toys.

Yes. Ferrets tend to be harder on their toys than cats, for example, are. Cats spend most of their time sleeping and playing with their toys. A ferret may destroy the toy in a minute, every single time it sees it.

But for a reason, while cats are not really smart and can not play with their toys, ferrets tend to literally use their toys and run with them for hours of fun.

The amount of times a ferret will play with their toys is definitely ridiculous and made it sometimes hard for me to comprehend.

brown ferret in front of white background

Buy Durable toys

When you buy toys for your furry friend, the first thing you have to understand is that ferrets are not munchkins. Yes, we know they’re cute, but they are also adventurous, sharp, and bright little critters. They’ll get bored with the toys very quickly.

If you buy them one of those cute, little, furry chew toys, your ferret is just going to tear it up in 5 minutes.

So whatever toy you plan to buy, look for something durable. Plus, there shouldn’t be parts that could quickly come off. You know, stuff that they could swallow – we want to avoid any blockage of their intestines!

Also, it should be something that would take your ferrets some time to get through. I personally like the Kong brand; some of their toys are out of this world!

Provide a Variety of Toys

Ferrets are intelligent. That’s why they get bored after a while with only one toy. You should provide a variety of toys to keep them entertained. A good idea is to put away the toys they have been playing with a lot.

If you bring them back out after 2 weeks or so, you give them a pleasant surprise. Just don’t put out a huge variety in one batch.

Ferrets make Cute Noises and Sounds.

Ferrets are vocal animals. They growl, hiss, snort, grunt, growl, squeak and make other noises.

The thing is that many people say ferrets make cute noises and sounds. These vocalizations may be to express pleasure and pain, or they may be social or territorial.


Your ferret may occasionally make clicking noises that are unfamiliar to you. There is no need for you to fret about your ferret’s well-being and happiness.

It is called “dooking” when this behavior occurs. And it means that your ferret is happy and relaxed!

Your ferret’s body language will likely match the noise that he is making and may also appear to say, “keep going.”

They will often be jumping up and down or running around wildly while dooking.

Some believe that dooking means that your ferret is happy, excited, or just agitated. It could also be that your ferret lets you know something is wrong like that something is not right in the room.


The most unmistakable sound to understand is hissing. It’s not the cat’s hiss, as it’s low. Obviously, your ferret is not in the mood to laugh when he or she is hissing.

Ferrets hiss when they are angry, scared, or trying to protect themselves. But they also hiss when they playfully wrestle each other. If an owner hears a high-pitched sound that sounds like a hiss, and if the owner agrees that it is cute, then the ferret’s sound is probably a playful hiss.

However, take your ferret aside and reassure it for a few minutes if you think he is hissing out of fear or anger.


Ferrets also bark, although their bark sounds more like chirping than a traditional woof.

If a ferret barks, it usually means that it is incredibly excited about something; depending on the ferret and the situation, this excitement can be good or bad.

Ferrets can make even more sounds such as squeaking, screeching, whimpering, sneezing, whining, coughing, snoring – some ferrets even grind their teeth!

Ferrets do The Weasel War Dance

The weasel war dance is a ferret behavior that is often confused with the frenzy of the ferret. It is when the ferrets jump around and squeak loudly to make a scene. This behavior can happen in 2 scenarios: when they are very happy or angry.

A few things that could make them jump about like this would be if your pet has just had some food, you can roam his cage freely, or if he was trying to escape from something but got trapped somewhere else in your house.

Or if ferrets are playing together and are overwhelmed with joy and happiness.

Ferrets Love To Cuddle

Ferrets often snuggle with each other, but they also love to cuddle with humans. Your ferret may sneak up to you only to cuddle with you.

They Love To Give Kisses

Ferrets love to give kisses! They are incredibly affectionate animals and love nothing better than to wrap themselves around you tightly.

Ferrets lick and kiss their owners’ faces – eyes, ears, lips, hands, and arms – to show they are happy to see them.


Ferrets are adorable, lovable creatures. They make cute sounds, do the weasel war dance, and love to give kisses. When your ferret kisses you or makes a pretty noise, your ferret is showing its love for you.

Ferrets can do so many cute things! And learning about them can make you fall more in love with them! Make sure to read about the history of ferrets, learn how to take care of one, and share this article with everyone that loves these furry creatures!

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