Should You Get Ferrets in Pairs?5 min read

Do you have a ferret? If so, do they seem to be lonely at times or can’t find anything to play with? It might be time for you to get another ferret and introduce it into your home. Ferrets are social creatures that need companionship to thrive and feel content.

Whether you’re thinking about getting another ferret because yours seems lonely or want a second one as an addition to the family, this article will go over some of the reasons why adding another ferret would be beneficial!

Does Your Ferret Seem Lonely?

First, if your ferret does seem lonely and doesn’t have anything to play with or interact with, a new friend will be great for them. Not only are they more likely to remain healthy when interacting socially, but studies also show that their lifespan can increase by up to two years!

If you’re worried about getting another one because of the potential costs involved, you are on the right track. Ferrets are expensive – Don´t get a second one if you can´t afford it!!

Another reason why adding in a new pet would be good is that both animals could keep each other company even when you, as the owner, may not be at home.

Ferrets love to play and interact. And even though you as a human might not always have time to give them the attention they deserve, you can still provide a new friend for their fun times.

What do Ferrets Need?

They need company and stimulation to remain happy and healthy! This also means that while they may spend some of the day nappings, there are plenty of opportunities when your furry friend wants to be active and playing.

Humans can’t play the way ferrets play with each other. A ferret with a playmate can have more opportunities to explore its surroundings and get all of those natural fine motor skills.

Should you get Ferrets in Pairs?

This might seem like an obvious answer initially, but maybe your pet has grown accustomed to being alone. Adding company is the best thing you could do!

Make sure that before purchasing any additional animals, your furry friend is social enough to accept another ferret around.

This normally will not pose a problem (more the opposite – they will LOVE it), but if you have a shy ferret, be wary of certain behaviors that they may display as distress.

Ferrets are less aggressive than dogs and cats, so you should not have to worry about them attacking the new ferret.

Be careful when introducing a new ferret. If they start biting or acting more aggressively towards their new cage mate, then it’s probably time for some extra playtime with you.

They will learn very quickly that a new companion means more fun, and the change in routine may be exactly what they need to put them back into a good mood.

Ferrets are social animals that enjoy interacting with their humans or other ferrets. They don’t do well when left alone for long periods of time because this can cause stress-related issues.

If you feel like it’s necessary to find another buddy for your four-legged pal, considers adopting one from shelters rather than buying one.

Can Ferrets be Kept in Same Sex-Pairs?

Yes, Ferrets can be kept in same sex-pairs. They do not have a strong territorial instinct, so they should be fine with being in a same-sex-pair.

Ferrets cuddle together and enjoy the company of other ferrets. They can be kept in same-sex pairs or with a male and a female. Make sure the male is neutered, as the ferret’s instinct is to mate.

A female and male can be kept in the same cage together without much fighting if neutered or spayed (they can get along with no problems).

As female ferrets stay in heat when not mated, a neutered male ferret would be company and solve this problem too.

Some people had reported that their ferret seemed to do better when they got another one, and this will probably work out well for everyone.

In most cases, you’ll want to wait until your single ferret shows signs of loneliness or if you can´t spend enough time with them.

The best way is to make research on ferrets and the best recommendations for your situation. That will give you a better idea of whether or not your ferret would enjoy the company.

Think about how much time you have BEFORE adopting a Ferret!

If they’re alone most of the day and are kept in one room, it is time to get another! But of course, this is something you should have thought of before you got them.

Ferrets are social animals that can become depressed or anxious if they don´t have a companion. It is important to consider how often they will spend time alone and in what conditions before deciding to get a ferret.

They should be able to run around outside of their cage and play with other pets.

Signs your Ferret Feels Lonely

When your ferret is lonely, it might start misusing its litter box or start acting more aggressively.

Another sign could be if your pet is lethargic – this could mean the animal is too stressed to move around, and adding another ferret would only cause more stress for them.

If your furry friend avoids interaction with other animals or humans, it can also be caused by an underlying health condition, so always make sure that all their needs are met before seeking out a new companion.

If you have another ferret of the opposite sex, they show no signs of aggression towards, then introducing a new one may be something to try.


In conclusion, yes-ferrets do better in pairs, and bringing in an additional animal into your life should always make things more interesting and provide companionship and love when needed most.

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