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Ferrets are obligate carnivores which means that their diet is based on meat only. Ferrets are known to be picky eaters, and some ferrets don’t like kibble, especially when they are ill or recovering from surgery.

When it’s time to switch from dry to soft ferret food, pet food manufacturers provide few options for quality meat-based protein diets

This article will help you decide what to feed your ferret when it is a picky eater!

Besides giving them raw fresh meat, you could also try a soft ferret food. There are few options for quality protein-based diets available in pet stores and supermarkets currently.

Without further ado, here are our Top Picks for Soft Ferret Foods:

BEST OVERALL – Wysong Epigen Beef Canned Food: Contains No Starches, Grains, Fillers, Or Artificial Additives. Highly Palatable And Delicious. High Moisture, use as a supplement only.

RUNNER UP – Marshall Uncle Jims Original Duk Soup: Uncle Jim’s Original Duk Soup mix is a dietary supplement designed for finicky eaters.

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Grains and carbohydrates are bad for your furry friend – Ferrets can develop severe health problems when they are put on a diet that includes grains, so ferret owners should be careful to avoid this.

New Form Of Kibble

If you’re looking for the easiest way to keep your ferret fed, dry food is definitely your best bet. It’s a stable option that can be left out at all times without going bad, as canned foods might do after too much time in storage.

When it comes to ferret treats or supplements, though, canned goods are perfect!

If your ferret is sick or has problems with its teeth, you could water the kibbles to make them softer. Some ferrets won´t eat food they haven´t tried before, so you should offer various food to your ferret while it is young.

Also, read our article about the “best ferret foods“.

For an active ferret that needs more meat proteins in their diet there´s also the option to add raw ground beef or lamb (with no fat) into kibbles as well! The moisture of the meat will soften the kibble as well.

Best Overall – Wysong Epigen Beef Canned Pet Food

Epigen canned food is a great option for ferrets who live largely on dry kibbles. It’s made of high-grade, USDA-approved beef and is full of natural goodness such as vitamins, minerals, and essential amino acids.

Epigen beef canned food doesn’t contain any starches or grains, nor does it have any artificial additives like sugar, salt, or flavor enhancers – just lots of meat that is tasty in its own right!

The amount of water is relatively high – Hence the amount of protein is only at 10%. Ferrets do need 35- 45% protein plus 15 – 20% of fat from animals.

Therefore use this product only occasionally to supplement dry foods.

Runner Up – Marshall Uncle Jims Original Duk Soup

Uncle Jim’s Original Duk Soup mixes (aka ferret food) is a dietary supplement designed to improve and stimulate appetite and boost your ferrets’ immune systems.

Use it to mix into dry kibble for variety on top of the daily diet regime. The duk soup recipe is 3 teaspoons of hot water with 1/4 tsp of the soup powder stirred until it dissolves; check that it feels warm to touch without burning before serving!

Add less or more water depending on your ferrets’ preference. Use as a supplement – It is not intended to replace ferrets’ daily diet regime

Home Made Soup – Bobs Chicken Gravy

We have an article on our site about Bobs Chicken Gravy and how to prepare this treat for your ferret. It´s a highly nutritious gravy containing everything your ferret needs in an easy and ferret-friendly way to eat.

It comes very handy when your furball is ill or recovering from surgery and need extra care.

You can cook multiple servings and store them in a freezer until needed! Make sure you are using the right storage containers. I like the little Zip-Loc containers

If you’re like me, then your pet’s comfort while recovering will matter just as much – I prefer this gravy because it seems more gentle for their system.

Raw Diet

Ferrets are obligate carnivores. That means their diet is based on meat only: no vegetables, fruits, or grains whatsoever!

Done properly, a ferret can receive complete nutrition from raw food; it’s just not for everyone because of the mess and risk to human health (you have heard about salmonella?)

Many people are uncomfortable with the idea and worry that their ferrets will not get enough nutrients. I can assure you this is absolutely untrue!

Raw meat contains all necessary amino acids and omega-fatty acid DHA, which supports brain function in humans. The main thing to look for is quality meat – it has to be fresh.

Some examples of the meats that are goood for your ferret are:

  • Beef
  • Chicken
  • Turkey
  • Lamb
  • Organs

Occasionally you could feed an egg (raw or boiled) to your ferret too.

A raw ferret food might be the best option for you if your pet has an aversion against kibble textures like some do – it´s way more gentle on their digestive system than any other type of food.


If your ferret dislikes kibble, you could always try one of the recommeded soft ferret foods we mentioned abve. It is also a good idea to offer your ferret from a young age on other soft foods such as home made soup or bobs chicken gravy.

Alternatively, a raw meat diet is also something to consider. So, if you want your ferret to live a long and healthy life – it´s time for them to go on the raw meat diet!

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