Can Ferrets Eat Cottage Cheese?

a ferret on a white background walking by a bowl of cottage cheese

Cottage cheese is not a ferret’s favorite treat, and it’s not their fault. Ferrets are a member of the weasel family, which includes skunks and minks. Ferrets are strict meat-eaters and are lactose intolerant. Giving ferrets cottage cheese can result in diarrhea and vomiting, so it’s essential to give your pet only the safe foods …

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Can Ferrets Eat Cheese?

cheese on a white background crossed out with a red cross

Ferrets are curious and spontaneous animals. They will do anything they’re able to, which can be good or bad depending on the situation. Since these little creatures are carnivorous, their bodies aren’t meant to deal with anything but meat. Grains, fruits, and vegetables can also be harmful. Now the question is, “Can ferrets eat cheese?” …

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