Can Ferrets eat Dog Biscuits

ferret on a white background looking at some dog biscuits

You are the proud owner of a ferret, but you are wondering if your furry friend could eat dog biscuits? After all, what’s suitable for dogs should be good for ferrets, too, right? So why not give them something else to chew on besides their toys? Well, it depends! Generally speaking, the answer to your …

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Can Ferrets Eat Wet Dog Food

a ferret on a white background walking by aportion of wet dog food

Ferrets are small mammals that belong in the order Carnivora. They’re also known as soricids or mink-like animals. The name “ferret” comes from the Latin word for little thieve, and they look like a cross between a weasel and a polecat. These tiny creatures have been around for almost 2000 years, but their popularity has …

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