Can Ferrets Eat Dried Fruits

a young ferret looking at the camera, on a white background, some dried fruits next to it

Ferrets are small mammals of the genus Mustela. They are related to weasels, minks, and polecats. These animals are found in Europe and Asia. For centuries, ferrets have long been kept by humans for their role in rodent control, but today they are domestic pets that may be seen as companion animals or show animals. …

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Can Ferrets eat Strawberries?

a ferret on a white background looking at some strawberries

Ferrets are getting more and more popular among pet owners. Ferrets are cute, and you can train them to do tricks like fetching a ball or playing dead. But did you know that the little guys also love eating? Ferret food should contain high-quality protein for the proper growth and development of your furry friend. …

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Can Ferrets Eat Tangerines

tangerines on a white background crossed out with with a red cross

Ferrets are strict meat-eater. That means they can’t eat anything that is not meat. They are obligate carnivores, and they need to eat meat-based products. Tangerines are citrus fruits that come from a plant, and they contain a lot of sugar. Sugar is something ferrets do not need, and it can make them really sick, …

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