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There are many different types of ferret backpacks on the market. When deciding which one to purchase, it is important to consider a few different factors such as size, storage capacity, and what materials they are made out of.

In this post, we will explore some of the best options available in 2021 for all your needs!

Here are our Top Picks of Ferret Backpacks in 2021:

BEST OVERALL – Lollimeow Pet Carrier Backpack. This backpack is airline-approved and has excellent ventilation.

RUNNER UP – XZKING Pet Bubble Mesh. Airline-approved this backpack has not only air holes but also mesh windows for good air circulation.

BEST FABRIC – PetAmi Pet Carrier. Available in 9 different colors. Well ventilated design for optimal airflow. The only fabric backpack on our list!

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Bubble Backpacks vs. Fabric Backpacks

Bubble Backpacks

Bubble Backpacks are called Bubble Backpack because they are made out of durable, hard plastic material with bubble-like lookouts. Some models have an entire half of the backpack made of clear plastic.

Ferrets that have a hard time with traveling in carriers may enjoy this type of backpack because they get to see what is going around them while also being able to use their natural instincts as hunters by looking out through holes or watching from your back.


  • Easy to clean
  • Durable
  • Smaller than regular fabric bags


  • Less ventilation
  • Possible issues with overheating
  • Harder to store
  • Material can be noisy when moving

Fabric Backpacks

Fabric Backpacks are made of durable, water-resistant fabric with netting for ventilation. The backpack is often padded on the inside to provide more comfort for your ferret and also has a zipper opening at one end of it so you can easily get access.

The backpacks are usually made in different sizes, which means that they will fit most ferrets.


  • Durable and water-resistant fabric
  • Netting for ventilation
  • Available in different sizes
  • More styling options


  • Harder to clean
  • Not “Ferret-Proof” (destroy mesh)
  • Bigger with less stability

Are Ferret Backpacks Safe?

This mostly comes down to heating and ventilation. Ferret backpacks are safe if they have a good ventilation system and your ferret can’t overheat in them.

Bubble Backpacks are naturally more prone to heating issues. The clear plastic is beside the “bubble” openings, not breathable.

Plus, with the sun shining on the plastic – you almost achieve something like a greenhouse effect.

Fabric backpacks are more likely to be safe because they naturally have better ventilation.

If you are traveling with a ferret backpack, make sure to stop regularly and check the temperature inside!

This is especially important with temperatures above 65F or when you´re traveling on a sunny bright day – with no shadows or clouds around!

You could carry one of those small infrared thermometers with you and do an additional check (read.. best greyhound type ferret carrier).

If it´s too hot inside, you should stop and let your ferret out for a while to cool down!

If the temperature is below 65 F – then just keep going as usual with frequent checks of course 🙂 It’s important that they don’t get cold either.

Potty Pads

Do not forget to bring some potty pads with you. You can also use newspaper, but it’s not as good for the environment and they don’t like to walk on them either!

Make sure your ferrets are comfortable in their new backpack before going out into public or traveling long distances by car

The Perfect Ferret Backpack

Sorry, there is no such thing as the perfect ferret backpack. It’s all about what you need and the size of your pet (or pets?)


How many ferrets do you have? Or how many ferrets do you want to transport? Well, depending on your answer, you will need a different size ferret backpack.

The most common sizes are:

  • Small (for one or two small pets) and
  • Medium which can be used by up to three medium-sized pets and
  • Large for more than three animals

The best way to know which size you need is by measuring your pet.

You can do this with a cloth tape measure, or if they are not too squirmy and have their head up high enough for the measurement then use an inch ruler (or something similar).


If your ferret is not potty-trained, you are going to want a ferret backpack that’s easy to clean!

Bubble backpacks are easy to clean – fabric backpacks could go into the washer as a whole. Basically, both have their advantages.

If your ferret loves to dig, scratch, and bite a backpack with mesh windows could obviously be the wrong choice 🙂

Ventilation, Air, and Heat

If the sun is shining and temperatures are rising, the bubble backpack is not the best solution!

As said above “greenhouse” effect!

Your furry friend is in danger of overheating. As long as temperatures are around / below 65F your ferrets will LOVE the peek-out bubbles (you still need to check on them regularly).

The fabric backpack lets the airflow through and keeps your pet cool. And in the winter, you may want to use an insulated fabric backpack with fleece lining for warmth.

How to Make your Ferret Love its New Backpack

You bought the backpack. You´re all existed, you clearly love it, and can´t wait to finally go on a tour with your pet.

But: how do you get your ferret comfortable with the backpack?

  • Unbox with your ferret
  • Let them get used to it by placing the backpack in “its” room for 5-7 days
  • Place some old clothes of yours inside
  • Give them treats and praise when they go near the backpack
  • Let your ferret explore it on their own terms, without forcing anything!
  • Try to put some of its favorite toys inside so that they will be more likely to go in there willingly!


It doesn´t matter if you decide on a bubble backpack or a fabric backpack, make sure to get one that is the right size for your ferret, and make sure to get one that is safe for your ferret.

Ferrets are very curious animals, so it´s important not only the backpack be comfortable but also interesting!

And remember: a backpack should be used only when it´s necessary, and not as a permanent solution!

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