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We love our ferrets. We love them so much that we want to take them everywhere with us. Unfortunately, the bag of tricks that every good pet owner carries in their vehicle just isn’t equipped to handle a ferret.

If you need to travel with your bulldog-type ferret, you need a slightly more robust and spacier carrier.

We put together a list of the 5 best pet carriers for your bulldog-type ferret.

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Bulldog-type ferrets are the largest of all ferrets. They are very social and love to be around humans. Although they require a little more space than other ferrets, they are still easy to care for and love to play games such as keep away with both their toys and their owners’ feet!

Sherpa Travel Original Airline Approved Pet Carrier

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A Sherpa Carrier helps to ensure a pet will have a comfortable and safe ride. Traveling in style, this durable animal carrier has a patented spring wire frame that allows the rear of the carrier to be pushed down several inches to conform to under-seat requirements.

A locking zipper system allows the carrier to be locked and/or secured for car travel or traveling in an aircraft.

This product is approved for use on most airlines and included in Sherpa’s Guaranteed On Board program. Size medium is compatible with pets up to 16″ L x 10″ H and up to 16 lbs.

Marshall Pet Pack-N-Go

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The Pack-N-Go is a great way to take your pet anywhere with you. It’s compact and lightweight but still features 4 Vents for maximum airflow, a bottom pocket for toys, food, treats, accessories, and a zippered top to keep your pet safe. The padded shoulder straps make it a great backpack for pets up to 30 lbs. The Pack-N-Go is a comfortable way to travel with your pet.

I love taking my ferret with me when I go out of town, but I hated carrying the traditional metal cage everywhere. The Pack-N-Go is incredibly comfortable and lightweight.

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The Pack N Go is also a regular backpack. It is made of durable nylon material that ensures your pet always feels comfortable while traveling with you.

Aspen Pet Porter Travel Kennel

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Professional heavy-duty plastic shell and metal screws ensure a long-lasting and sturdy product—lightweight plastic design for easy and secure transport. Ventilation openings in the kennel provide improved visibility and ample fresh air for pets.

This product is designed to allow you to transport and assemble in a short amount of time conveniently. If you’re looking for an elevated, durable design with plenty of ventilation, this carrier is what you’re after.

With one-hand opening, ventilation on all four sides, and an easy-open door, this carrier can answer every need for your pet ferret. This pet carrier meets most airline cargo specifications and is best suited for pets up to 10 pounds.

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Mancro Pet Carrier Airline Approved, Soft-Sided Pet Travel Bag

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This is a portable carrier for pets up to 20 pounds. There are 4 mesh windows so your ferret can have access to fresh air and see what’s going on around them, while the padded adjustable straps ensure they’re comfortable.

The metal frame is protective when you’re carrying your bulldog ferret. There is a velcro-enclosed carrying handle for easy transport and an adjustable shoulder strap to make it easy to carry. The side pocket makes it easy to store treats, toys, and other belongings you might need while traveling with your pet.

This portable ferret travel carrier is very simple and convenient to use.

Henkelion Carrier for Pets up to 5 Lbs, TSA Airline Approved

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The silhouette of this pet carrier is made from durable, lightweight, and waterproof polyester fabric. The four-side mesh will not only give a safe and comfortable journey for your ferret but also easy for you to check on your pet.

The portable cat carrier comes with two connecting loop handles for balanced carrying as a dual seat belt or luggage strap to secure transportation. The shoulder strap is adjustable to provide hands-free carrying and the most convenient and safest pet carrier bag for your travel.

This carrier is designed with a fleece pet bed that can be completely removed and machine-washed, which is easy to carry and store. It has a padded shoulder strap and handles for comfortable transporting.

Buying Guide

Before buying a carrier for your ferret, you need to think first about your pet’s size, age, and health. It would be pointless to get a carrier that is too small for your ferret or one in which they can escape.

A plastic bottom carrier is generally the easiest carrier to carry around with you because it weighs less than metal ones and has a flat bottom. Carriers with holes in the side allow for more access to your ferret and make it easier for them to see what is going on around them, which can reduce stress.

Is your Ferret a “Digger”?

If your furry friend loves to dig, a carrier made of fabric may not be the best option for you. A ferret that gets nervous or bored may attempt to dig their way out, which will result in a big mess and probably some very upset people.

If you are planning on traveling with your ferret, it is also good to check with the airline before purchasing your carrier. Different airlines have different rules for pets and carriers, so always give yourself plenty of time before departing for the airport.

Comparsion Table

Check out this comparison table so you can easily compare the different models from above:

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