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When do you think of ferrets? What comes to your mind? Do they make you think about their intelligence, or how much fun they have played with toys? If so, then you are not alone. Ferrets are a great pet and provide companionship for many people. But what are ferrets known for?

Here are some beliefs about ferrets, but not all of them are true!

They are Wild Animals, not Pets.

The most common misconception about ferrets is that they can’t be kept as pets. This is false. They are amongst the most popular pets in the US. They do decent from the European Polecat and have been domesticated for quite some time.

Ferrets are Rodents

Another mistake is people believing that ferrets are like mice or rats and should be kept away from the house. This couldn’t be more wrong! Ferrets were kept to hunt rodents – Furry little pest control Ferrets love to explore their surroundings, including your home.

They are Aggressive Animals

Ferrets have a reputation as being extremely aggressive animals, but this is not true at all. In actuality, they make perfect companions and playmates because of their gentle nature. They do, however, need lots of socializing from an early age.

Their Intelligence

Yes. Ferrets are smart. Very smart. They learn their name. They learn to come if you call them and can even be potty-trained.

Playing with Toys

Ferrets love to play! In fact, it’s their favorite activity – so much so that they will get bored if they can´t play.

Ferrets love to Dig

It comes naturally. They love to dig and bury themselves in piles of blankets or towels! However, it´s not just a game. It helps them explore their surroundings to learn where everything is around them… ok, I lied. It is a game for them 🙂

Ferrets are very Comfortable with Humans.

It’s true! Ferrets don’t have the same instincts as cats when it comes to being around humans. They have been domesticated a long time ago and can have a comfortable relationship with humans

Ferrets Smell

Here, I said it. Yes, it is true! In case you don´t own a ferret. Be prepared for a musky smell. They might not stink, but they sure do smell.

This odor will be most prominent in male ferrets regardless of whether or not neutered due to them being able to release this glandular fluid without any physiological changes.

Ferrets Can eat Fruits.

No. Ferrets are obligate carnivores. They should eat a diet that consists of at least 70% meat and 30% fat. NO fruit, NO grains, NO sugar. Just raw meat!

Ferret Can Dance

True. Ferrets do the “Weasel War Dance.” Often, they will do this when they are so excited that they can´t help but “dance.” They jump around, leap, roll. It´s absolutely gorgeous to watch them.

Ferrets Give You Rabies

Unvaccinated ferrets are at risk for rabies and can spread rabies to you if they become infected. Actually, this does not only account for ferrets but all animals because rabies is extremely contagious.

Ferrets Will Bite You

That is true to some extend. They might nibble a little bit, but they are not normally out to hurt you. They will often bite when playing or being a little too excited and perhaps jumpy.

Ferrets Can Eat Cat Food

No! Not entirely true. Ferrets can´t eat ANY cat food because it does contain the ingredients that ferrets should not eat. But there are certain cat foods that can be fed to a ferret.

Ferrets Are Known For Their Fur Coloration And Patterning

True – there are many different colors and patterns on ferret fur, such as black-tipped ears, white chests with brown faces, and so on…

Ferrets Are Dirty Animals

That is certainly not true! Ferrets are actually spotless animals, and they love to keep their fur nice. They can be potty trained – just like cats!

Ferrets can Live with Dogs.

That is not entirely true. While you could have a hard time introducing a ferret as a new family member to your dog, it is possible to do so! We wrote an article about this topic. Check it out here.

Ferrets Are Nocturnal Animals

False. Ferrets can be active at any time of the day, depending on what they are used to or allowed to do in their environment. They can sleep during both daytime, and nighttime hours, though usually, (most)ferrets prefer sleeping during nighttime..

Ferrets are Illegal In Most Counties in the United States of America

False again. While some counties do prohibit ferret ownership for various reasons, many states and counties will allow ferrets as a pet.

Ferrets like to Sneak Off and Hide in Random Places

True. Ferrets are natural-born escape artists who enjoy exploring their environment. They may find themselves hiding out of sight, but they will make a lot of noise when they do so!

This can help you locate your ferret quickly if it is not within easy reach or view. It’s okay – this behavior means that he is happy with his home and family members!


They do have a few habits that might be unexpected or even bothersome. The best way to find out if this pet is right for you is by reading our article on what ferrets need, as well as

So, the next time you’re considering getting yourself or someone else an animal companion, why not give ferrets a chance? They might be perfect for you!

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