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Alright. A lot of people are wondering what they can give their ferrets to eat. I thought it´s a good idea to put together a post where I list a lot of stuff you should NOT feed your ferret with.

Just to be clear. Ferrets are obligate carnivores. That means they should ONLY eat meat-based food. Will they eat apples, bananas, bread, cookies … you name it … ? Yes, they probably will – But that does not mean that it is good for them!

In fact, the opposite is the case! You could severely damage your ferrets’ health by giving them the wrong food.

Ferrets have short digestive systems and quick metabolism, so they need to eat frequently. Make sure your little friends have regular access to appropriate food.

Can I give my Ferret Bananna as a Treat?

Answer: No, never, don´t ever give your ferret bananas! Same goes for the question “can I give my ferret dried bananas?” NO! If you don´t want to kill your ferret – DONT feed bananas. No matter if dried, raw, cooked … whatever … just don´t!

Can I give my Ferret Cheerios?

Answer: No, nada, never ever feed your ferret Cheerios! Carbohydrates are dangerous for your ferret! So – NO don´t – unless you want to kill it …

Can I give my Ferret a Rabbit?

Answer: Well, you could – but be prepared that your ferret might hunt, kill, and eat the rabbit!

Can I give my Ferret a Canned Cat Food?

Answer: Yes, you could. But it has to be WET CAT FOOD, high in protein, grain-free, no sugar, salt, fish, or veggies added. However, it´s not recommended on a daily basis!

Can I give my Ferret Cat Food?

Answer: Depends. See the answer above ↑ – You could, but only wet cat food and best would be kitten food…

Can I give Coconut Oil to my Ferret?

Answer: Occasionally, you could add a little coconut oil to your ferrets’ food. But rather feed them some home-made gravy.

Can I give my Ferret Fish Oil?

Answer: Yes. Once in a while, it´s ok to give your ferret fish oil. Use Salmon Oil as it is high in Omega-3.

Can I give my Ferret a Slice of Ham?

Answer: NO! It´s waaaay too salty for them! Unhealthy and not good for ferrets! Don´t do it – even if they are begging you …

Can I give my Ferret a Cranberry Juice?

Answer: NO!! DONT! Dangerous! – Cranberry Juice has complex carbohydrates and is high in sugar; it is dangerous to give your ferret Cranberry Juice!

Can I give my Ferret Raisins?

Answer: NO, no, no! No raisins for your ferret! Never! Raisins may produce diarrhea and unhealthy swings in blood sugar…

Can I give my Ferret Animal Crackers?

Answer: No! No bread, no cereal, no crackers. Their digestive system is not made to handle any of those things. So: NO CRACKERS FOR YOUR FERRET!

Can I give my Ferret Scrambled Eggs?

Answer: Yes! Every once in a while, you can give your ferret scrambled eggs (or a boiled egg, or a raw egg). No salt, no pepper, nothing added – plain eggs. Maybe add a little salmon oil. That’s it. ONE egg per week!

Can I give my Ferret Cheese?

Answer: NO! Nope – never – Ferrets should not eat dairy products. They lack the enzyme required to digest lactose!

Can I give my Ferret Marrow Bones?

Answer: Yes. Your ferret can eat bones, and it´s ok to feed raw whole meat with bones. Keep it raw – cooked bones splinter easier and might cause problems …

Can I give my Ferret Raw Hamburger?

Answer: Yes – Absolutely! No salt, pepper, … just raw meat. Ground meats like ground turkey, chicken, and beef are fine. But actually, they don’t need the stuff to be minced. Their teeth are more than capable to handle meat.

Can I give my Ferret Cooked Hamburger?

Answer: If it’s just the meat you cooked – no salt, pepper, no seasonings… Yes. You could feed your ferret cooked hamburger. But I would not recommend overdue it. Maybe every 6 months – Better is plain and raw ground meat…

Can I give my Ferret Chicken?

Answer: Yes! You can feed your ferret cooked, boiled or raw chicken along with the pellets.

Can I give my Ferret Chicken Bones?

Answer: Yes. It´s fine to give your ferret chicken wings, necks and other soft poultry bones.

Can I give my Ferret Nutri Cal?

Answer: Yes. It´s made for ferrets – Why not? But as always when you are modifying your ferrets diet: consult with your vet beforehand.

Can I give my Ferret CBD Oil?

Answer: Yes – Is it necessary? I don´t know. Talk to your vet! (But I would advise you to drink that stuff yourself…)

Can I give my Ferret Flea Pills?

Answer: Go and talk to your vet! Flea medication for ferrets is different from what you would give your cat or dog! Flea medication labeled for use in ferrets: Advantage®

Can I give my Ferret Natrol Liquid Melatonin?

Answer: Glad you´re asking. NO!! Before you are poisoning your ferret with some self-prescribed medication- go and talk to a vet!!

Can I give my Ferret Live Mice?

Answer: Yes. Just keep in mind that if your ferret never had to deal with live mice – they might not really know what to do with them… Play? Chase? Eat?? Chances are the mice will take off – and you´ll end up looking for them all over your place – while your ferret chills in its cage 🙂

Can I give my Ferret Carne Asada?

Answer: NO. Carne Asada is marinated – Don´t feed your ferret marinated stuff. No salt, no pepper, no seasoning … nothing but pure meat!

Can I give my Ferret Whiskas Purrfectly Chicken?

Answer: Yes. It is ok to feed your ferret wet cat food. Just don´t feed it all the time.

Can I give my Ferret Electrolytes?

Answer: Yes – there is an electrolyte made especially for ferrets. It´s called Ferret-Aide Electrolyte/Hydration Concentrate (don´t give your ferret Gatorade … or any other drink made for humans). But as always – consult your veterinarian first!

Can I give my Ferret Taurin Supplements?

Answer: When your veterinarian approves – YES!

Can I give my Ferret Calcium Supplements?

Answer: Yes, but as with any supplement, you must consult with your veterinarian first! Please don´t mess around with your ferrets’ diet or try to cure it based on some advice given in the internet! Talk to your vet!

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