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Ferrets are a lot of fun and they make excellent pets. But with any pet, you need to provide them with the right things in their cage or living quarters. In this article we will go through what ferrets need in their cages so that they can be happy and healthy!

Here is a list of the things ferrets need in their cage:

  • A suitable bed or beds (ferrets love to snuggle into hammocks)
  • Litter tray/toileting area with litter chosen for safety and odor control.
  • Ferret owners should also provide a water bottle, a bowl, or a fountain of fresh drinking water at all times
  • Enough Toys
  • Tunnel and/or pipes
  • Maybe a cave

How Should a Ferret Cage look like?

A ferret cage should be spacious and have enough room for a bed, litter tray/toilet area with the right type of littler chosen. It also needs to provide access to tunnels or pipes so that they can explore their environment safely as well!

Ferrets are very active animals who need plenty of space in order not to get bored easily.

Ideally, they have several levels to roam around. You should avoid a ferret cage that is too small as this will lead to boredom and stress. Also, make sure to avoid mesh-based cages as ferrets can easily hurt their little feet.

Be sure to avoid mesh-based enclosures for your ferret, as their claws can get caught in the netting and lead to sores or infections known as Bumblefoot.

What do Ferrets like to Sleep on?

Ferrets like to sleep on a bed, but they also enjoy sleeping in hammocks. Ferrets also enjoy it when they’re in a nice warm sleep sack.

They really enjoy the feeling of being snug and cozy, so you’ll want to always make sure that your ferret has plenty of room for some snuggles!

You can also use old towels or clothes instead if you don’t have any sacks handy, which works just as well.

Ferrets love Hammocks

ferret in its hammock weaking up

Ferrets love to sleep and snuggle into a hammock. You can buy a hammock for your ferret or you could make one yourself. Ferrets love to sleep in the warm and cozy feeling of being wrapped uptight.

Heated Bed for Your Ferret

Knowing that ferrets love it nice and cozy, there are also heated beds available for them to sleep on. Some ferrets like the feeling of a heated bed, while others may not be so keen about it!

It’s important that you know your pet before making any decisions for him or her as they all have different preferences when sleeping in general.

Disposable Ferret Beds

We love our ferrets and the musky smell that comes with them may not bother us so much.

But if you want to reduce the smell in your home, you can use disposable ferret beds. You’ll want to make sure that the bed is made of a material like paper or cardboard so it’s easy for them and us when we need to change out their bed!

Cage Blanket

Another thing to consider regarding the cage is a cage blanket. A cage blanket is a great way to make your ferret feel more comfortable and cozy in their home.

What you do is you basically cover parts of the cage with a blanket.

You can also use an old t-shirt, but make sure it doesn’t have any buttons because they could be dangerous if swallowed by accident when your ferrets are playing around with it.

The blankets are usually made of fleece or cotton, which will help keep them warm during the winter months! They’re also easy for you because they can be washed with ease when needed without any fuss at all.

Nest Box

Another great thing your ferrets will love is a nest box. A nest box is a great way to make your ferrets feel more comfortable and cozy in their home.

A nest box is a place where they can go if it’s too cold for them outside, or just because you want some peace of mind that the little ones are safe from danger when out exploring!

The best thing about these boxes? You could easily make one yourself. Nest boxes can be made from cardboard if you cut a hole in the end. Wooden or plastic nestboxes are also an option.

Play Tubes

You should have some play tubes in your ferret’s cage. Ferrets just love to explore and play in tubes. Tubes are a great way to keep your ferret entertained, as well!

They can be used for hours on end without getting bored of them or the game they’re playing with their friends inside it – which is always good news if you want some peace while doing other things around the home too.

A Tube to Explore

An “exploration tube” can act as an alternative to a dig box (which would not fit into a ferret cage). It’s a tube filled with paper, hay, or beans and your ferret can dig through it to its heart’s content.

An exploration tube is also a good idea for an older, arthritic pet because they are easier on the joints than digging in the litter!

Objects to Chew on

Yes! Very important. You need to have chewing objects in the cage, ferrets will chew on anything they can find. Ferrets need to chew because it helps them keep their teeth in good condition and also keeps boredom at bay too!

It’s important that the chewing objects are safe for your ferret, so make sure you get ones made from natural materials like wood or sisal rope.

Toys to Play with

Balls and other small objcts are ideal for your ferret. They love to move stuff around. You could just buy them some ping pong balls or ball pit balls. Don´t give them tennis balls – They chew them and ingest the material!

Water Supply (Bowl or Bottle)

Your ferrets need constant access to water. You could either use a sturdy ceramic bowl – which they might tip over when playing or a water bottle.

Ferret water bottles are made from tough plastic and come in various sizes, so you should be able to find one for your cage size too!

The best thing about the bottle is it doesn’t spill or leak like bowls do when playing around them – which means less mess.

Ferrets need to drink water (can ferrets have coffee?) all the time, so make sure you have a constant supply.

Litter Box

You should have a small dedicated area for your ferret to do íts business. A litterbox could also be placed outside of the cage (in a certain area of your house).

But you need to supply your ferrets with a litterbox. If they don’t have one, this can lead your house to smell like ferret poop!


It is not too hard to make sure your ferret has everything it needs in its cage. Just make sure you have a suitable bed or bed, litter tray, and water bottle/bowl!

Ferrets love to snuggle into hammocks too – so if they are feeling lonely this is the perfect way for them not to be bored anymore.

One thing you should keep in mind. No matter how comfortable you make it for your ferret in its cage, don’t leave them in there for more than a few hours.

Ferrets are not meant to be caged up all day, and they need time outside of their cage too!

Ferrets are joyfully and playfully animal. They want to explore and play and be with their family. So make sure you spend time outside of the cage to play, explore or just snuggle with them.

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