What is a Group of Ferrets Called?2 min read

Ferret fanciers the world over know that there is no such thing as an ordinary ferret. They can be timid or bold, aggressive or docile, but one thing is for certain: they are always playful and fun.

Ferrets are also very social, so keep that in mind before you bring one home, because they will expect to be the center of attention. Conversely, a group of ferrets is called a “business”.

A Male Ferret Is Calles A Hob

A male ferret is called a hob. The male ferret has a strong body, and it is one of the largest of the weasel family. Male ferrets are generally a good deal larger than females, though any size variation is usually subtle.

A Neutered Male Ferret Is Called A Gib

A little-known fact amongst those that are no ferret owners is that the neutered male is called the gib. This is true for all the weasel family members, not just those cute little critters that are the domesticated ferret.

A Vasectomised Male Is Called A Hoblet

Many people don’t know that a vasectomized male is called a hoblet. It is quite a well-known fact that a male ferret is called a hob. However, a hoblet is a bit more unknown term.

A Spayed Female Ferret Is Called A Sprite

A spayed female ferret is called a sprite. A ferret is an animal that is a domesticated carnivorous mammal. Ferrets are still used for hunting rabbits and rats in some parts of the world

Baby Ferrets Under One Year of Age Are Called Kits

Ferret kits are young ferrets under one year of age. Also known as baby ferrets, they are defined by age, not by their size, so a one-year-old ferret is not a kit. Ferret kits are typically not sexually mature.

However, if kept with a male ferret between one and two years old, a female ferret under a year may produce a litter.

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Do Ferrets Make Good Pets

A ferret is a common name for a domesticated animal that has the scientific name Mustela putorius furo, which comes from the Latin word “Mustela,” meaning “weasel,” and the Latin word “putorius,” meaning “smelly.”

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Ferrets are wonderful pets. They are highly energetic and playful, and they tend to bond with one particular person in the household.

However, this means that they are usually pretty unfriendly to people they don’t know.

They can also be very destructive, and if they aren’t regularly given a lot of attention, they can get pretty grumpy.

Since ferrets are domesticated animals, we call them “domesticated ferrets” or “domestic ferrets,” and they are related to other animals that we humans call “weasels.”

People often use the term “ferret” as a general term for the genus Mustela members, which includes weasels, minks, and polecats.

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