Top 7 Reasons Why Ferrets Are Better Than Cats4 min read

There are many reasons why ferrets make better pets than cats. This article will take you through these reasons and show you how awesome they really are. Ferrets have a ton of personality, which is great for those who regularly play with their pet.

They also require less maintenance than cats because they don’t need to be brushed or bathed as often!

If that’s not enough to convince you, here are the top 7 reasons why Ferrets are better than Cats:

1- They’re more fun to Play with

Ferrets are way more fun to play with than cats. They love to bite and chase things which can be really fun for pet owners who want a more interactive animal. Ferrets love to play with their owners. Cats … well, only sometimes.

They’re also a lot better at playing fetch than cats. A cat is more likely to bat the ball away and then refuse to play with you again for 20 minutes.

On the other hand, Ferrets will keep bringing it back until they get bored or tired of the game!

2 – Ferrets love to cuddle and snuggle while cats want you off their backs most of the time!

It’s so much cuter to watch ferrets cuddle up on your lap and sleep rather than a cat who keeps pushing against you until they get what they want.

Ferrets are also more likely to follow their owner around than a cat who will do its own thing.

Some ferrets even wait until their owners come home and start hopping around and chittering when they see them. Or start rushing towards the front door when their owner comes home.

3 – Ferrets are more intelligent than cats 

Ferrets are more intelligent than cats in many ways. They can learn tricks and are more likely to obey commands or even play a game of fetch with their owner.

Cats will often look at you like they have no idea what you’re talking about, while ferrets would run over the retrieve the toy for you!

Ferrets can actually be trained to do a lot of other tasks! Ferrets can learn their name; ferrets can be potty trained.

Ferrets can learn to come when they are called and even hold onto a toy. Cats never seem interested in any of these activities.

FUN FACT: If cats painted paintings, we can only imagine their boring abstract, monochromatic splatters would be hung in galleries across the world – and nobody would look at them … (just kidding).

4 – Ferret Poop doesn’t Stink like (gross) Cat Poop Does

Let’s face it. Cat poop smells a certain way (ok, so does ferret poop but not as bad as cats). You must know that ferrets are clean animals and usually go in the litter box or potty pad without any problems.

5 – You can take a Ferret on an Airplane, but not a Cat! 

Ok. You got me. That one obviously isn´t true. Sorry … But it would be great if it was. Yes, you can take a ferret (or a cat) on an airplane.

And that is one of the benefits of owning a pet ferret! You can travel with them as long as they’re in their carrier.

FUN FACT: They are making cute little noises that will put a smile on anybody’s face and loving cuddles just like any other animal lover does- so why wouldn’t anyone choose ferret?

6 – Ferrets are much more adorable than cats, even if they don’t know it themselves!

Ferrets are sweet, little creatures. Face it. They are. Just look at them. I mean…. look at these adorable little creatures.

They’re so tiny and fluffy! Plus, ferrets have a lot of vocalizations to show what they are up to. Hissing, docking, barking, Squeaking, Screeching, sneezing …

7 – Ferrets Can do the “Weasle War Dance”

Have you ever seen a ferret do the Weasel War Dance? If not, then you’re missing out. Fidgeting and vibrating their whole body in a circular motion while wiggling their little ferret butt is an act of pure cuteness that cannot be denied.

The Weasle Wardance is a sign of joy and anticipation that pretty much everyone can enjoy. I mean, who doesn’t like a good Weasel Dance? 🙂

And the weasel war dance is not all they do to express themselves! Ferrets are known for their many vocalizations as well. They hiss and make other noises if they’re feeling agitated or uncomfortable with something going on around them.

It’s super easy to identify how your fuzzball feels just by listening closely, and you’ll know what needs adjusting right away!


We hope this article has convinced you that there is no better pet than the adorable little ferret! They have so much personality and are great for people who don’t want to take care of animals with lots of hair or demands.

If you’re looking for companionship without all the fuss, then it doesn’t get any cuter than our fuzzy friends!

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