Will Ferrets Kill Mice and Eat Them?5 min read

Ferrets are natural hunters, so if you have mice in your house, they will most likely try to hunt them down. Ferrets will hunt a lot of things – including any smaller animals that they find. However, ferrets will most likely eat mice only if they are starving or hungry.

They are originally bred for hunting rabbits and other rodents, making sense that they would want small prey like mice too!

My advice is to never leave a ferret alone with mice (or rodents). Your furry furball might be overwhelmed with its instincts and kill the mice.

I also recommend not housing mice and ferrets together in the same cage because you will have a predator and prey playing with each other, which is never fun for either!

So if you own mice or any other animal you ferret would consider prey: I would say that adopting a ferret may not be such a good idea! It is a bad idea, to be precise…

Where do Ferrets Decedent from?

Ferrets are originally said to come from Northern Europe and are mustelids related to stoats, weasels, and otters. They were originally bred to hunt rabbits and other rodents, making sense that they would want small prey like mice too!

Old Picture of Ferrets Hunting alongsife humans

People used to hunt with ferrets as far back as 1500 years. They would typically use ferrets to flush out prey and then use the nets or cages to catch them.

This hunting method is called ferreting. While in most parts of the world, this hunting tactic is forbidden by now, there are still places where it is allowed.

In England, for example, it is still legal to use ferrets for hunting. You need a license and special permit – but there are still people hunting rabbits with their ferrets.

Can Ferrets Eat Mice?

Yes! It’s an instinct as a predator takes over when food is scarce. If you have mice at home, I wouldn’t recommend adopting a ferret unless your willing to take all necessary precautions.

Mice are not rodents, but your ferret will happily kill and consume a mouse if given the opportunity. Well, some ferrets do – not all! Especially if they are fed well, they might just kill the mouse.

They will also take on rats as prey animals too to satisfy their carnivorous appetites or instincts.

Ferrets will have no problem taking down an animal much larger than themselves with all of those sharp teeth, so you can rest be assured that your ferret is capable of making a nice meal out of most other pets.

Can Ferrets Eat Mice in Their Regular Diet?

Yes. You can buy dead and frozen mice. Let them defrost and cut them into smaller pieces.

The chances are that if your ferret has not dealt with a mouse before – you’ll need to it that this is actually food.

You should feed mice as a treat and still rely on other meats and kibble. After all, your furry friend would like some variety in their diet too! Right?

What do Ferrets Eat?

Ferrets are known for being curious, playful creatures who survive on a diet of meat and little else.

Their fast metabolism means they will need to eat at every waking hour, which can be inconvenient for pet owners – but this won’t stop the ferret from trying!

Also, ferrets are obligate carnivores, so they will have to eat meat. They need to be fed a diet of meat and fat.

Ferrets can’t survive off things like fruit, vegetables, grains, beans, or any other vegan-friendly foods because these food sources lack the nutrients ferrets require for their specific dietary needs.

meatgrinder grinding meat_chicken

Sugar, grains, bread, and so on will make your ferret sick! Please do not feed your ferret anything other than meats or dedicated Ferret Proof Food!

Ferrets are carnivores, meaning they eat meat and what meals come from animals. Some ferrets will also eat raw meats like chicken skin, whole chickens/turkey wings (including the bones), beef lungs/hearts/liver).

You would see them eating any animal in the wild that they could get their paws on – with one of their favorite sources being rodents!

Wet Cat Food

Alternatively, you could feed your ferret wet cat food. Kitten food can be sufficient but only as an addition to their regular diet.


If you do not want to feed your ferret meat all the time, you could feed it dry kibble. But only the stuff made, especially for ferrets. No fillers, grains, and so on are allowed!

Do ferrets keep mice away?

Yes. Potentially they will keep mice, rats, and other animals that are considered prey for them away.

But to do so, your ferrets need to be free to roam around your house. If they live in cages, it will be difficult for them to hunt and kill mice.

Do Ferrets Eat Rats?

Ferrets are natural hunters! And ferrets do like meat, so if you have some rats lurking around your home, there is a good chance that the ferret will try hunting those down.

But as long as they are fed well, they probably will kill the rat or mouse – They would eat them if starving or hungry.

Are Ferrets Good with Other Pets?

Ferrets can get along with cats and dogs (and other pets). You would need to introduce them to each other – Step by Step!

Plus, you need to supervise them while playing. Things can get out of hand quickly if you are not around or paying attention.


Ferrets are hunters and will go hunting mice or rats if they live in a house. They can get along with other pets, but you need to supervise them while playing together!

Will ferrets kill mice? Ferrets can hunt down mice. Ferret owners will not find it difficult feeding their ferrets enough food so that killing and eating prey becomes unnecessary for your furry friend.

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