Will My Ferret Ever Calm Down?5 min read

Ferrets are known for their energy and playfulness. They love to run around, jump up on your leg, and try to get into anything they can find in the house. Will ferrets calm down when they are older? Or will this behavior continue forever?

In this article, we’ll discuss how your ferret’s behavior changes as it ages so that you can make a more educated decision about what to expect.

Here is the answer: It depends. 

Not what you were looking for? Well, it’s just like with us humans. Some older people are very active – others are not so…

Sorry but all I can say is that they “should” get a little calmer down the line, but it’s not guaranteed.

Ferrets are growth hormones-driven creatures, so they will always be energetic in some form or another!

What To Expect When a Ferret Gets Older?

When a ferret first starts to age, you may notice that it slows down. Ferrets in their retirement years will often sleep more than usual and have less energy.

But obviously, this depends a lot on the individual ferret. Some ferrets will have more energy when they are older, and others may sleep most of the day.

The occasional tipsy or lazy behavior is typical for an aging ferret–but some problems can happen if it starts to change its sleeping habits drastically.

If you notice that your senior pet has been sleeping a lot longer than usual, then something could be wrong!

Be sure to take him in as soon as possible for an examination to get relief from his pain and enjoy his retirement years with joy instead of discomfort.

Ferrets who still want to play also continue into their golden years because playing aids them in controlling their weight.

Ferrets Sometimes Can Be Like Little Devils on Speed!

Ferrets are naturally active animals that want to play every hour of the day if possible!

They love exploring new areas like your closet shelves or in-between couch cushions looking for crumbs from last night’s dinner, which makes them excited about life all around us!

That is why it is essential to make sure we give our ferret plenty of time. If we don’t, your ferret will get bored and look for ways to entertain themselves. 

It is crucial because ferrets are inquisitive creatures tempted to explore other parts of the house, searching for excitement!

What do Ferrets like?

We all know that ferrets love things that move quickly (like their prey!) but what else can make a ferret happy?

Owners have found success with keeping their naughty pets under control by playing games with them.

How To Calm Down A Super Excited Ferret?

Is your ferret going bonkers? Here are some tips to help calm him down:

Holding your ferret close and stroke its back simultaneously can calm its nerves and make them feel more comfortable. By giving belly rubs and soft scratches, you can show affection. 

There are times when ferrets need to be handled and scuffed by the neck when they are wrong.

When they are distracted, they are less likely to bite you. However, never hit your ferret! They love you (in their own ways), and you should treat them like a baby.

If they are getting onto your nerves: You should try to calm down yourself.

Enjoy their playfulness – embrace it … (I know, sometimes that’s hard) 

Ferrets are lovable and energetic creatures, but sometimes they can get overstimulated. Ferrets do have their calmer moments when they will go off on little naps here and there or relax with you.


Ferrets are lovable and energetic creatures, but sometimes they can get overstimulated. Ferrets do have their calmer moments when they will go off on little naps here and there or relax with you.

When your ferret is excited, it’s almost unstoppable. The question is, will that ever change? Or are ferrets super excited and full of energy for their whole life? Or do ferrets calm down when they are older?

There is no set answer to this since every animal has its own personality, which may dictate how much adrenaline the body produces at any given time.

That being said, some ferrets seem to be naturally more mellow than others while others live in a constant state of high-energy blissfulness! If


How do I establish a good relationship with my ferret?

It is vital that you interact with your ferret in a way they understand when you want to establish a good relationship.

What can you do to help them lose some of that excess energy?

If they need to burn off energy, you might introduce games or gimmicks.

How do I keep my ferret calm?

You can calm your ferret’s nerves by holding it close to your chest and stroke its back simultaneously.

What is the best music for ferrets?

Play relaxing music (e.g., You Tube has playlists dedicated specifically to ferrets yikes) while holding the ferret and walking around the house.

What Causes Stressed Ferrets?

Often, a pet’s fellow pet will cause the problem, but it could also be an issue with food, water, or litter.

What if your ferret chews on a toy?

Check whatever your ferret likes to chew on to be sure it’s safe and won’t cause a choking hazard.

What should I do if my ferret gets bored by their toys?

Keep them hooked by replacing their toys regularly.

What Are Ferret Sleep Time?

The average ferret sleeps between 14 and 18 hours a day, but they are hyperactive when awake.

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